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Autumn Leaves: A One Day Watercolor Workshop

Taught by Alex Carr


This workshop will focus on painting the warm, rich colors of autumn foliage in red, orange and gold, against textured tree bark and a distant pine grove. Participants learn soft-focus technique for the background, create texture with salt, and have a wonderfully relaxing and fun afternoon exploring the beautiful and whimsical creative possibilities of vibrant, elegant, fluid watercolor.

Alex Carr will provide step by step guidance and lots of demonstrations so all levels are able to follow along and enjoy exploring and experimenting. Botanical subjects are ideal for learning watercolor because they allow so much flexibility with form, color and individual interpretation.Learning skills and technique are always part of our process, but the main focus is on relaxing, having fun and tapping into the calming influence of our own, unique creative energy so everyone can:

~learn about watercolor's soft fluidity, transparent colors, and organic patterns

~learn ways to simplify forms so they are easier to sketch and paint

~learn to sidestep perfectionist tendencies and venture beyond literal interpretation

~learn to enjoy the process of painting and practice creativity as a way of disengaging from stress, anxiety and mind-clutter

~learn to quiet the inner critic and detach from preconceived ideas and arbitrary perceptions of what is "good" or "right" in creating art

~learn to find the emotional component in art, build confidence through experimentation, and explore your own, unique creative voice

Space is limited to 7 people so register today!


Sunday, October 21st, 2018

11:00 AM - 4:00 PM


Alex Carr Art Studio

19989 Colchester Road in Purcellville, VA


$125 for Non-Members

$112 for Members

(no supplies fee, will be provided by instructor)

Non Members


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