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Michael Bassis

I have been working in oil and acrylics, painting mostly landscapes, cityscapes and sailboats at sea. Have painted only a few portraits (mostly grandchildren of course). I can see gradual improvement but it's clear that I have much to learn. For the last two years I have been taking a two hour class each week with a talented oil painter.  His work is realistic, but my sensibilities run towards more impressionistic and abstract art.  Now I have moved to a new community so I'm actively looking for  another teacher who will further stimulate my development as an artist.

"Humans share an enormous amount of DNA with all living things. Plant and animal cells become part of our cells. My art encourages the viewer to see beyond the form, to see that there are really faces everywhere in nature.

My inspiration comes from nature and creativity comes from the unconscious. I spread the paints without forethought. Feelings flow through my hand and the paint strokes set the stage. I finish by finding beings in the strokes and the story emerges."

Alex Carr

"I'm drawn in by the beauty of the botanical world. I love to observe trees and plants as they grow and change with the seasons. Their irregular symmetry, the play of sunlight on their leaves and their vibrant, shifting, translucent colors are an enormous inspiration for my art.

Watercolor is whimsical by nature. It needs to be handled lightly and given lots of freedom to move about. The fluid movement and organic patters that watercolor creates as it swims, creeps, and dances through the water on the paper can result in the most elegant, unexpected, and breathtakingly beautiful effects.

Watercolor opens up by imagination. Watching the paint move across wet paper reminds me of jewl-like tropic fish -- bright splashes of color floating forward, delightfully unpredictable, brillantly translucent... and absolutely magical.

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Julie Fischer

For the past two years AiM has partnered with foxcroft school to display an exhibtion of their students' works in celebation of National Youth Art Month.

The Fine Arts at Foxcroft paint the hallways in Schoolhouse, capture moments of everyday life, and showcase the passion and creativity of our students. Courses include drawing and design, painting, ceramics, photography, and digital graphics, with advanced studio and independent study options as well.

"I've been drawing and painting since childhood.  Although my degrees are in environmental sciences and engineering, I've been fortunate enough to pursue academic and studio arts education on a regular basis.  Common themes have included landscapes, local scenery and still life drawing/ painting in varied drawing media, water color, pastels and oils.


The impressionists appeal to me because they combined a love of nature with current developments in sciences, cultural outreach and emerging technology, such as those enabling on site (Plein Air) oil painting."

Patricia Taylor Holz

"I have been painting all my life, but have expanded my canvas to the digital, decorative, commercial and all performing arts stages. I still find beauty in insignificant, but visually stimulating details in the most unexpected places that surround me every day. I work on several pieces simultaneously, always trying new commissions, techniques, media and subjects. I love rendering people and animals in particular because besides the challenge they present me in capturing their likeness, I struggle to also capture their personal life spark, what DaVinci called their 'Moti Mentali' or the 'motions of their minds'."

Sarah Huntington

Sarah Huntington is a portrait photographer in the Norther Virginia / Washington DC area. Her studio is in purcellville Virginia, an hour west of Washington. In a readers' poll, she's been voted "Best Photographer in Loudoun Country" for 10 consecuative years by Leesburg Today. Sarah is a native of South Carolina and a graduate of the Corcoran College of Art In Washington DC. With a strong background in fine art she also shoots documentary and fine art photography. She shows and sells her works in her studio and at various galleries in the metropolitan area.

My journey began in the beautiful port of Acapulco, Mexico where I was born to an artistic family and raised with an appreciation of music, literature and art. I learned early to explore colors and patterns in a variety of formats.

I have worked in many mediums, including painting on Silk, Batik, Oils, Pastels, Watercolors, Ceramics, Collage, and for the past 12 years, in Acrylics and Mixed Media.

Experimenting with Mixed Media that makes you want to touch the surface or explore beneath is my passion. I love "change" and painting with texture, combined with "the unexpected" in this medium, offers unlimited possibilities.

My inspiration comes from the simplest, most beautiful reflection of nature, people and landscape, from Portraits to Abstract. I began doing portraits after falling in love with Rembrandt's paintings at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, where I lived for over 30 years, and visiting his original studio in Amsterdam. The exposure and appreciation of Art, from the Modern to the Old Masters, instilled in me the desire to create my own style.

Doris Jenkins

"I draw inspiration from nature, music, animals and color, all of which help me in conveying my feelings to the canvas. I paints landscapes and seascapes that have been described by many as “peaceful”.


Many of my paintings are done from photographs taken from my travels, such as Middleburg, the Shenandoah Valley and Highland County, Virginia. Some of her works are from photos taken in her travels to San Francisco, the Carmel Valley, San Diego and La Jolla, California and Maui, Hawaii. I am especially drawn to the rugged coastline and terrain of Northern California, such as Big Sur and the 17 Mile Drive."

In my practice of expressive photography, I let mindful awareness of emotion lead the creative process. I’m guided to find color, shapes, light and texture that express my internal landscape and intuitive vision. This quiet and intentional practice inevitably lands me in a place of harmony and refuge.

As a psychotherapist and photographer, I blend my talents to find creative ways to use photography as a tool for personal transformation. In my clinical practice, I incorporate the use of therapeutic photography to assist clients with personal growth through creative expression. I have developed a series of workshops for teens and adults, blending the art of expressive photography with essential wellness tools such as self-compassion and mindfulness. This year, I look forward to leading corporate photography  workshops/retreats centered on leadership, stress reduction and balanced

Bethany Widom

 After moving to Leesburg, she discovered painting classes at Loudoun Academy of Arts. Drawn to the luminous work of the Old Dutch Masters, she studied under Michael Davis for several years, learning techniques  used by Rembrandt, Jean Baptiste Chardin, and   Pieter Claesz. 

 She is intrigued by the  glimpse into someone's everyday life, illustrated in Old World paintings, and the subject matter of her own still life paintings reflect that intrigue. However, unlike many artist who seek to emulate the old masters, Bethany turns to a more recent past for her  subject matter: objects that were a part of her own life and that of her family, things well-used and well-loved.   Sometimes, she is also inspired to paint modern things, like her son's origami, or her daughter's nail polish bottles. Reminisce as you view nostalgic still life oil paintings.


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