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Sarah Huntington

Sarah Huntington is a portrait photographer in the Norther Virginia / Washington DC area. She shows and sells her works in her studio and at various galleries in the metropolitan area.


Julie Fischer

For the past two years AiM has partnered with foxcroft school to display an exhibition of their students' works in celebration of National Youth Art Month.

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Bethany Widom

Bethany looks to a more recent past for her  subject matter: objects that were a part of her own life and that of her family, things well-used and well-loved.


Michael Bassis

Michael works in oils and acrylics,  painting mostly landscapes, cityscapes, and sailboats at sea, as well as portraits of his grandchildren.


Ligia Inra

My inspiration comes from the simplest, most beautiful reflection of nature, people and landscape, from Portraits to Abstract. I began doing portraits after falling in love with Rembrandt's paintings at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. The exposure and appreciation of art instilled in me the desire to create my own style.


Melonia Berezny

My inspiration comes from nature and creativity comes from the unconscious. I spread the paints without forethought. Feelings flow through my hand and the paint strokes set the stage. I finish by finding beings in the strokes and the story emerges."

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Julie McCarter

In my practice of expressive photography, I let mindful awareness of emotion lead the creative process. I’m guided to find color, shapes, light and texture that express my internal landscape and intuitive vision.


Patricia  Holtz

I have been painting all my life, but have expanded my canvas to the digital, decorative, commercial and all performing arts stages.


Mark Geiger

I've been drawing and painting since childhood. Common themes have included landscapes, local scenery and still life drawing/ painting in varied drawing media, water color, pastels and oils.


Melissa Craig

Visit website for more information


Doris Jenkins

I draw inspiration from nature, music, animals and color, all of which help me in conveying my feelings to the canvas. I paints landscapes and seascapes that have been described by many as “peaceful”.

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Alex Carr

Watercolor opens up by imagination. Watching the paint move across wet paper reminds me of jewel-like tropic fish -- bright splashes of color floating forward, delightfully unpredictable, brilliantly translucent... and absolutely magical.


Ann Null

Ann has studied at the Ontario College of Art, The Art League in Alexandria and various workshops from famous artists such as Robert Liberace, Casey Childs, Jonathan Linton, Barbara Nuss and many more.


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