Artists At AiM

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Maria Gibson

"The process of building up, altering, editing, destroying and rebuilding allows a painting to develop a life and momentum of its own.

Robert Bernhards
Robert Bernhards.jpg

Bob Bernhards

Bob has been teaching traditional East Asian brush painting techniques to students of all ages for many years in the Washington Metro area.

Penny Hauffe

Penny Hauffe

Penny Hauffe is inspired by bold colors, beautiful lighting, contrasting textures and the wonders of nature. She creates two and three dimensional artwork for public art spaces, businesses and private clients using a wide variety of media. Her gallery focus is on realistically painted wildlife and landscapes (in acrylics or oils on canvas) often with a whimsical feel.


Melonia Berezny

My inspiration comes from nature and creativity comes from the unconscious. I spread the paints without forethought. Feelings flow through my hand and the paint strokes set the stage. I finish by finding beings in the strokes and the story emerges."


Julie Fischer

For the past two years AiM has partnered with foxcroft school to display an exhibition of their students' works in celebration of National Youth Art Month.