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Claude Thompson Elementary &

Middleburg Montessori

AiM has been complementing and supplementing the art educational programs at Claude Thompson Elementary and Middleburg Montessori. Our goal is to assist and support the schools by providing an expansion of opportunities for the students by providing guest instructors who teach a variety of subjects/mediums and supplies.


Sadly, arts educational funding has been cut from many schools and AiM wants to help.


Last week, Bob Bernhards introduced a 4th grade class to traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy. A cat and two figures that spelled "small cat" were painted. The class was received with great enthusiasm and AiM plans on continuing to offer like classes!


*We plan to schedule a Chinese painting class with Bob for adults at AiM. Stay tuned!

Students working hard!
Bob teaching the fundamentals
The fnal poduct!

Artists in Middleburg & Middleburg Arts Council

6' Fox Project

Thank you to the Middleburg Museum Board of Directors for letting us showcase our model of the 6 ft. bronze fox we are creating for the town at Bizz Buzz (see our support page for more infomation).

If you would like to support this beautiful project, please click or send your donations to the Artists in Middleburg indicating the funds should go to the MAC bronze Fox.

Artists in Middleburg Partner with the National Sporting Library for an Equine Sculpture Workshop

AiM has partnered with the National Sporting Library and Museum (NSLM) to promote and provide artists for their Sunday Sketch program. We are inviting artists to lead a sketch session at the Museum. 

National Sporting Library and Museum


Artists will receive a $100 honorarium for this session that is open and free to the public. The sketch is held the first Sunday of the month, 2-4 PM.


The following Sundays are available:


July 1

August 5

September 2

November 4


Please contact Anne Marie Barnes for more information or contact AiM


Anne Marie Barnes

Clarice & Robert H. Smith Educator

National Sporting Library and Museum

PO Box 1335/102 The Plains

540-687-6542, ext. 25






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