2019 Exhibitions

Every month a new exhibit is featured in the Artists in Middleburg gallery. 

  • The Horse in Art III

    July 20th - August 18th

    This exhibition was themed to celebrate 

  •                      Sunrise, Sunset

              Landscapes from Dawn to Dusk

                     June 15th - July 14th

    This exhibition was themed to celebrate 

  • Color of Light

    This exhibition was themed to celebrate The color of light is fundamental in all that we observe. Light is made up of wavelengths of light, each a particular color that we see. dramatically different as the day progresses. When we look carefully, the color of light is easily observed.

  • Spring has Sprung

    This exhibition was themed to celebrate the spring weather! Winter is gone, hallelujah! Artists created works inspired by the warm air, longer days, the profusion of color, new growth, and life. 

  • Old Man Winter

    During the winter season, there is beauty and inspiration wherever we look! From the bare, leafless tall trees, to the delicate falling snowflakes, to the roar of the fireplace, and to the furry coat of the fox, splendor of the season surrounds us!

  • Chaos!

    The rear gallery at AiM has always been reserved for our "chaos" themed works--those that do not fit into the monthly theme. To keep in theme with the chaos that new year brings for everyone, the chaos theme will expand to the whole January 2019 exhibition.