Special Topic Gallery

We are opening a new special virtual gallery for members of all communities to share their personal experiences through their art.  We encourage artists and community members of all ages and artistic levels to submit their art to this virtual only gallery.


Submit your art work to christina@theartistsinmiddleburg.org for review. Please include a .jpg image of your pieces, the title of the piece, a short description (150 words or less)  describing  how your piece is relevant to the topic and a price if you are interested in selling your piece, 


No fee is required to submit to this special topic online gallery although a $5 donation is much appreciated to help support the gallery. 

Special Topic Virtual Gallery


Coronavirus and Creativity

Many of us have had our lives completely changed during this pandemic. Months spent in home giving many the opportunity to explore old or new artistic hobbies.  We encourage you to submit art that you have created during this Coronavirus Pandemic. 

Upcoming Exhibitions:

Culture and Community

we encourage artists and community members to express themselves and their community experience during the Coronavirus Pandemic through art. 

Upcoming Exhibitions:

Art tells a Story 


This month we are focusing on art that tells a story. Using color, movement, and creative elements, we would love to see art that communicates a narrative. A Childhood memory, an element of local lore, or even a life lesson you've learned that can be expressed creatively!

Upcoming Exhibitions:

Pay it forward

This month we are focusing on using art to spread creativity an encouragement to the community. Submit work you have created and shared to the world to brighten their day. 

Upcoming Exhibitions:

Inspirations from Nature

This month we are highlighting art that incorporates elements of the natural world.  Think sand art, stones, shells or beach glass placed in a beautiful pattern, cloud shapes that look like something else, or even leaves arranged into a "mosaic". The potential ideas are endless! Just snap a picture and submit your inspiration from nature 

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