Artist Spotlight: 

Mary cornish

Mary Cornish is an exceptional artist, capturing the unique and dynamic body language of birds, horses, humans and more. Her work shows an attentiveness to the subtleties of the beautiful, rugged and dynamic landscapes she captures on canvas, the struggles and strength of humans, the beauty and majesty in a condor. Her attention to detail and color makes her work truly unique.

Artist's Statement:

I paint almost exclusively in oils. I find that I enjoy the process of painting as much as the end
result. I’m fascinated with oil paint and the lifetime process of learning all its facets, including
the technical side. I also love to draw, and feel that this has helped me tremendously with my
ability to capture the “likeness” as well as the gesture of my subjects. I make time to draw; in
doctor’s waiting rooms, airport terminals, wherever I happen to find myself.

I also love the challenge of painting a three-dimensional subject on a two-dimensional surface.
Whether it’s the convex feathers of a bird, an evocative pose, or just a challenge with color, my
challenge is to convey that illusion of depth.


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