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Member's Exhibit

January 13 - February 11, 2024

Exhibition Juror:

Leanne Fink

Reid, Anne, Chickens

Best in Show Chickens Pastel 11 x 14 $525 Anne Reid

Kopec, Waiting

Second Place I love barn animals and these had great personalities. I love how the light was behind them. Painted on location. Waiting Oil 9 x 12 $250 Laurie Kopec

Weed, The Goat's Pasture

Third Place The Goat's Pasture Oil 9 x 12 $500 Peggy Weed

Stan Bysshe, Sibling Rivalry

Honorable Mention Young Oystercatcher sibling chicks fighting over who gets the next feeding from a parent about to bring in a snack. Sibling Rivalry Photography 10 x 15 $180 Stan Bysshe

Furneaux, Two Pears[10]

Honorable Mention Two Pears Oil 8 x 10 $350 Pam Furneaux

Padilla, Chito-Birch Lake[14]

Honorable Mention Birch Lake Image Acrylic 8.5 x 11 $295 Chito Padilla

Wilson, Sara's_Barn_150dpi[24]

Honorable Mention Each year, this grand old bank barn reliably welcomes the fresh colors of Spring. Sara's Barn Oil on Canvas 12 x 12 $450 Jessica Wilson

Arndt, Sabine-BreakingTheFlow2 (002)

This vessel is coiled and adorned with clay beads. Fired to cone 6 in electric kiln. It can be used as tall vase or as a stand-alone sculptural piece. Inspired by the harmony and symbiosis between things organic and the need for water to sustain life. Breaking The Flow Clay, Ceramic 19.5 x 9 x 9 $300 Sabine Arndt

Arndt, Sabine-.DeeplyRooted (002)

I came upon this root on one of my nature walks in Loudoun County. Took it home, cleaned it, dried it, sanded it, oiled it and united it with a ceramic mask. It embodies the union between man and nature and the bond that ensues from it. The mask is fired to cone 6 and with a cold finish of wax and acrylic. The Root of It All Ceramic, Wood 17.5 x 13 x 7.5 $400 Sabine Arndt

Arndt. Sabiine-RaisingEyebrows (002)

Coiled and sculpted ceramic figure; fired to cone 6; cold finish with acrylic. My intent was to portrait a strange, but somewhat comical friendship of two characters who couldn't not be more different. The moral of the depiction is: Opposites attract. (Or so they say) An Eyebrow Raising Situation Clay 12.5 x 7 x 10 $800 Sabine Arndt

Baker Michelle-My Dahlia (002)

My Dahlia is like a burst of color reaching out to the one who stops to notice. The purple in the corner gave a nice juxtaposition. My Dahlia Photography 8 x 10 $75 Michelle Baker

Baker Michelle- Mountain Range (002)

Mountain Range is named for what I saw when I finished this work. My work tends to lean to the abstract which gives others a chance to interact with my paintings. Viewers see many images in this ink painting-some see people, some see faces, some see a horse. What do you see? Mountain Range Ink 14 x 11 $220 Michelle Baker

Bannan, Davie-Reaching for the  Light #1

One of my favorite types of photography is macro. This picture was taken with an 80mm macro lens with diffused light coming from a nearby window. I thought the way the subtle soft light was hitting the pistil and stigma made it appear as if it were reaching for the light. Reaching For the Light (#1) Digital Photography 16 x 16 $185 David Bannan

Bohn, Theresa-HomeOnTheHillORIG (002)

I was inspired by this image of a New Zealand country property, the inviting pathway to the house, and the intense colors and shapes of the outdoor landscape. Home On The Hill Pastels 11 x 14 $695 Theresa Bohn

Brabant, Jill-vineyard view

Soft pastel colors show atmospheric perspective in this high-key painting. Vineyard View Oil 8 x 10 $395 Jill Brabant

Brabant, Jill-AugustPasture (002)

Plein air painting with my palette knife… remembrance of a beautiful August day. August Pasture Oil 6 x 8 $295 Jill Brabant

Bysshe, Stan-Angel in the Morning

Common Tern in flight captured with a pan blur slow shutter speed technique. Angel of the Morning Photography 10 x 15 $180 Stan Bysshe

Bysshe, Stan-Sibliing Rivalry

Young Oystercatcher sibling chicks fighting over who gets the next feeding from a parent about to bring in a snack. Sibling Rivalry Photography 10 x 15 $180 Stan Bysshe

Calhoun, Anne-The Capuchin's Dream

Recently, I was reading about little monkeys that were kept as pets at the court of Henry VIII. I imagined what it would have been like for them so far away from their native environs. In this painting, the little Capuchin monkey is dreaming of a warm tropical climate and the lush abundance of the tropics. The Capuchin's Dream Oil on Canvas 24 X 24 $925 Anne Calhoun

Carroll, Margaret-Egret

Egret Oil 12 x 9 $300 Margaret Carroll

Cheuk, Amelia-Great Falls

Great Falls is like a national treasure. This is painted en Plein Air. There are various views of the falls. I like this view best as it shows the grand splendor of the falls with its raging water. Great Falls Oil 11 x 14 $350 Amelia Cheuk

Cockett, Shannon-Kenilworth Gardens

I love the play of light on water an the way that the shoreline reflects back on a body of water. There is something magical about making a painting that captures a moment in time. My painting, "Kenilworth Gardens," was inspired by a trip two years ago when I walked around the huge park admiring the beautiful water lilies and the abundant birds and other wildlife. Kenilworth Gardens Oil 24 x 24 $600 Shannon Cockett

Cockett, Shannon-Brittany Boats (002)

"Brittany Boats" was painted from a scene that I photographed in Concorneau on a trip to Brittany in June of 2023. I particularly liked the way that the group of moored boats seemed to be nestled against the dark, forested shoreline, as well as the way that the light bounced back off the boats onto the river creating their wavering reflections. Brittany Boats Oil 18 x 24 $500 Shannon Cockett

Conrad, Marcia-Should I

Exploring the various colors and the unique way they interact on rice paper lent itself to the magical world of birds. Two pine warblers examine a berry in a natural area in Florida before eating it. The warm colors evoke the tropical vegetation surrounding the birds. Should I? Watercolor on Rice Paper 11x13 $250 Marcia Conrad

Coolidge, Cara-Fragrance of Lilacs

Painting these delicate blooms alla prima, I sought to capture the timeless and fleeting elegance of lilacs against a backdrop of radiant gold. Fragrance of Lilacs Oil 8 x 10 $225 Cara Coolidge

Cornish, Mary-Blue Ridge Baby (002)

Blue Ridge Baby"- horses, the Blue Ridge; what else could be more appropriate for this area of the country! Blue Ridge Baby Oil on Canvas 18 X 14 $750 Mary Cornish

Dawkins, Nan-ItReallyIsGoingToBeOk (002)

The last couple of years have been challenging (loss, grief, and a loved one's illness), but things began to shift for me last summer when I visited my daughter in Michigan. Every morning we would walk down to the shore of Lake Superior to watch the water ebb and flow at sunrise. This painting was inspired by those mornings on Lake Superior and the healing power of the water, the sunrise, and the company of my daughter. It Really Is Going To Be Ok Oil on Panel 9 x 12 $295 Nan Dawkins

Dawkins, Nan-BrittanyBlues (002)

I am as drawn to the stillness of the sea as I am to its wildness. As I painted these birds, making their way through the water so gently and quietly, I considered the patterns of my own choices, and those small, seemingly unimportant acts that often reverberate into something massive in the distant future. Brittany Blues Oil on Panel 8 x 8 $175 Nan Dawkins

Didoha, Judy-Sam (002)

Each summer I spent lots of time watching people, I was inspired by the locals who come to fish on St. Simmons Island, GA. Sam Acrylic 18 x24 $500 Judy Didoha

Dobkin, Donn-Flying Machines

A menacing storm brewing in late afternoon above the traveling carnival in Leesburg, 2023. With a flight from Dulles connecting land to sky, and the machines to each other. Flying Machines Photographic Print in Metal box frame, with reveal mount and mat on archival fine art paper 12" x 18" $545 Donn Dobkin

Dodson, Brandon-Shelter from the Storm

Life does not often reduce to a simple smile or frown. My character wears something warm and cozy, for some days are snowy inside and out. Yet snow has accumulated on him. He’s okay with that. Should he be? He tries too hard to smile. I had no story in mind before I got to drawing, but one starts to form as I look back. Maybe there’s something he’s not telling us? Shelter from the Storm Digital Painting and Photography 8 x 8 $245 Brandon Dodson

Drumheller, Barbara-Subway

Artist’s Perspective Subway A burst of color in spiral form. It reminded me of watching a train go by while in the NYC subway. Just the lit windows and car separations. Wall hanging. Subway Cardboard 19 x 21 x 4 $375 Barbara Drumheller

Drumheller, Barbara-One Fish

Green Fish Recycled cardboard in the shape of a fish with a nod to Dr. Seuss. Ready to hang on the wall. One Fish - Green Fish Cadboard 21 x 8 x 4 $175 Barbara Drumheller

Duvall, Peggy-Mallee Interrupted

"Mathematics is the science of patterns & nature exploits just about every pattern there is." - Ian Stewart Peggy Duvall has a particular fascination with natural order and patterns, and the insistent interruptions nature injects on itself. Mallee Interrupted – Organic Patterns Series Watercolor under Wax 12 x 12 $885 Peggy Duvall

Duvall, Peggy-Stones'Throw I (002)

"Everything Changes. Even stone. - Claude Monet Fluidity in life, as in nature, is constant and Peggy Duvall continually explores this theme. Stones' Throw I - Organic Patterns Series Watercolor under Wax 12 x 12 $885 Peggy Duvall

Duval, Peggy-Stones' Throw II (002)

"Balance is not something you find. It is something you create." - Jana Kingsford Stones' Throw II - Organic Patterns Series Watercolor under Wax 12 x 12 $885 Peggy Duvall

Ford, Gayle Isabelle-The Gathering (002)

The Gathering Oil 12 x 9 $1,350 Gayle Isabelle Ford

Furneaux, Pam-White Roses (002)

White Roses Oil 6 x 8 $250 Pam Furneaux

Furneaux, Pam-Two Pears (002)

Two Pears Oil 8 x 10 $350 Pam Furneaux

Gallick, Rosemary-Sun Burst (002)

This vibrant painting with bright splashes explodes with energy and force. While trying to capture the sky or an unknown source of power, the audience is left with a sense of restlessness. Sunburst! Acrylic 16 x 20 $200 Rosemary Gallick

Garcia, Nancy-Cleopatra

CLEOPATRA Colored Pencil 8x10 $200 Nancy Garcia

Garcia, Nancy-Topsy Turvy

TOPSY TURVY Pencil 10 x 14 $185 Nancy Garcia

Garcia, Nancy-Oh No! Not Again

OH NO! NOT AGAIN Colored Pencil 11 x 14 $115 Nancy Garcia

Garity, Jill-Downpour

I wanted to convey extreme weather using unconventional tools. The work was created with fingers, a squeegee, and a palette knife. Downpour Oil 11 x 14 $685 Jill Garity

Garity, Jill-Barnyard Scene

The challenge was trying to render a red barn with a red roof without everything looking the same. Barnyard Scene Oil 11 x 14 $635 Jill Garity

Garity, JIll-Wintery Afternoon

Snow is interesting because the color white is the only color that gets warmer as it recedes in to the distance. The others get cooler. Wintery Afternoon Oil 12 x 16 $735 Jill Garity

Garon, Len-Self Portrait (002)

Portraiture attracted me to painting. Capturing the Spirit and Soul of the subject means I have to paint from the inside out. I captured my Spirit in this painting. Your time to interpret.... Self Portrait Oil 8 x 10 $475 Len Garon

Garon, Len-Blue Vase (002)

I love to paint flowers. I love capturing their energy, poetry, and spirit. Capturing the reflected light on the vase and in the flowers is all abstract design. Blue Vase Acrylic 16 x 20 $650 Len Garon

Geiger, Mark-State Route 522 (002)

The elements of this peaceful scene have an invigorating feeling. The tree lined road and diagonal furrows and rows of corn stubble create a tension with the horizontal sky and clouds. Route 522 Watercolor 13.5 x 10.5 $420 Mark Geiger

Geiger, Mark-Autumn on the Lake Framed (002)

The lake reflects the sky and trees on a clear autumn day. Masses of color emerge to form a whole. Autumn on the Lake Watercolor 14 x 10 $565 Mark Geiger

Gordon, Nadya-Winter Caabin

Beautiful winter scene with a cabin by the river. Winter Cabin Acrylic 12 x 16 $195 Nadya Gordon

Gordon, Nadya-Ocean Sunrise and Pelicans

Ocean Sunrise is a beautiful seascape featuring birds flying by. Ocean Sunrise Acrylic 12 x 16 $195 Nadya Gordon

Gring, Susan-Barns of Loudoun (002)

A pleasurable experience driving through the rural countryside is seeing the beautiful old barns, sights that are increasingly at risk as more and more land is given over to housing development. Loudoun Barns Acrylic on Paper 13 x 11 $295 Susan Gring

Gring, Susan-Nestled In (002)

Cooler weather and shorter days give way to nestling into warm houses. This painting while not specific to any image is intended to inspire feelings of warmth and contentment. Nestled In Acrylic 20 x 16 $295 Susan Gring

Hengemuhle, Sarah-Curious Calf

My in-laws' family runs a dairy farm in Minnesota and the calf barn is always my favorite. The querulous looks and hopeful expressions inspired this lighthearted piece. Curious Calf Acrylic on Wood 24 x 28 $450 Sarah Hengemuhle

Herman, Lorrie-Pumkin Apple

Capturing plein air color in a still life. Pumpkin Apple Oil 11 x 14 $695 Lorrie Herman

Holz, Patricia Taylor-Purcellville Barn at 300 dpis (002)

Purcellville Barn on the W/OD Trail Oil on Gilded Silver Leaf Canvas Panel 24 x 36 $1,100 Patricia Holz

Holz, Patricia Taylor-Harpers ferry cliffs at 300 dpis (002)

Harpers Ferry Cliffs Acrylics, Dutch Gold Leaf, Oxidized Bronze & Copper on Canvas 24 x 24 $600 Patricia Holz

Hopkins, Laura-Autumn Harmony

Abstract mark making using a variety of tools lends a more contemporary feel to this experimental piece. Autumn Harmony Oil on Stretched Canvas 12 x 16 $750 Laura Hopkins

Hopkins, Laura-Wintry Moonrise

I’m hoping for snow this winter. This painting from my imagination depicts a snowy moonrise at twilight. Wintry Moonrise Oil on Linen Wrapped Board 12 x 16 $750 Laura Hopkins

Hopkins, Laura-Fading Winter Light

This painting from my memory and imagination depicts the mystery and lengthening shadows at the last light of a wintry sunset. Fading Winter Light Oil on Linen Wrapped Board 12 x 16 $750 Laura Hopkins

Huntington, Sarah-The Hanging Out

This was taken on the family farm in Loudoun County on one off those "feels like Ireland" fall mornings. I've always loved clothing hanging on the line, this just happened to be a volley ball net! The Hanging Out Color Photography Archival Print 15x 15 $500 Sarah Huntington

Huyett, Sheila-All About that Bass

The inspiration to paint a rooster and title it “It’s All About That Bass” arose from an encounter with a feathered virtuoso. This particular rooster, with an undeniable flair for the dramatic, possessed tail feathers of unparalleled magnificence. His plumage was a symphony of vibrant colors and extravagant patterns, and he proudly displayed them. All about that Bass Oil 16 x 20 $395 Sheila Huyett

Huyett, Sheila-The Combover

The decision to paint a Highland Cow was an easy one, feuled by an unforgettable encounter that left a mark on my heart. One day, as I strolled through a friend’s farm, I met a Highland cow with a personality as charming as it fluffy exterior. In a surprising display of curiosity, this adorable creature picked up his enclosure and trotted alongside me during my walk, creating a special moment I will never forget. I was honored! The Combover Oil 16 x 20 $395 Sheila Huyett

Javier, Lizzy-Masai Women Tribe

This paintings were inspired by the beautiful colors of the Maasai women dressing and the spectacular colors of the birds and mammals I enjoyed during my 2017 Trip to Africa. Massai Women Tribe Acrylic 12 x 36 $1,500 Lizzy Javier

Javier, Lizzy-King of the Jungle

This paintings were inspired by the beautiful colors of the Maasai women dressing and the spectacular colors of the birds and mammals I enjoyed during my 2017 Trip to Africa. King of the Jungle Watercolor 12 x 9 $265 Lizzy Javier

Kirk, Brian-Patterns

Patterns Acrylic Paint on Rust 36 x 24 $1200 Brian Kirk

Klioze, Marcia-A Jefros Bluesjpg (002)

Jefro's Blues Oil on Paper 22.5 x 18 $950 Marcia Klioze

Klioze, Marica-Apretty in pink (002)

Pretty in Pink Oil on Board 11 x 14 $700 Marcia Klioze

Klioze, Marcia-spotlight (002)

Spotlight Oil on Canvas 36 x 24 $1200 Marcia Klioze

Kopec, Laurie-Take Me Fishing

Painted on a historic farm I found this light coming through the barn and love the cool textures. Take me Fishing Oil 9 x 12 $250 Laurie Kopec

Kopec, Laurie-On a Bright Fall Day

I was passing by this scene and had to paint the light coming through the bright colored trees. On a Bright Fall Day Oil 9 x 12 $250 Laurie Kopec

Lancaster, Roger-Springhouse at Goodstone Farm

Goodstone Farm is one of my favorite locations for photography. This spring house together with the old winding road give a taste as to the historical significance of the farm. Springhouse at Goodstone Farm Photography 12 x 18 $150 Roger Lancaster

Lancaster, Roger-Abandoned on Old Wheatland Road

On its last legs this old house near Waterford begged to be photographed in order to have its former glory remembered. Abandoned on Old Wheatland Road Photography 11 x 14 $140 Roger Lancaster

Lancaster, Roger-The Artist's Palette

I took this photo at the studio of an artist. To me it represents the many colors the painter needs to have on hand to complete their art. The Artist' s Palette Photography 8 x 18 $150 Roger Lancaster

Macy, Suzan-Dazzling Spring Dreaming

Dazzling Spring Dreaming Oil 14 x 18 $600 Suzan Macy

Macy, Suzan-Quiet Evening

This is from memory from a place I've sat and daydreamed. Quiet Evening Oil 16 x 20 $650 Suzan Macy

Macy, Suzan-Soft Spring Day

This was inspired by one of those gentle spring days when I came upon some young lambs with their mother. Soft Spring Day Oil 8 x 10 $475 Suzan Macy

MannAmy_MiddleburgWaterTower (002)

I like glimpsing water towers behind a landscape, and when I saw this tower in the background of the view I had chosen to paint in Middleburg on a plein air outing with the Loudoun Sketch Club, I knew it was it was the right choice. Middleburg Water Tower Oils 11 x 14 $350 Amy Mann

MannAmy_YellowBowlwithApples (002)

Being primarily interested in color and how light affects it, I chose this part of the still life setup to focus on the warm yellow bowl, and how its color changed to a beautiful green when the light bounced off the bright blue-green tabletop to illuminate its underside. Yellow Bowl with Apples Oils 12 x 14 $80 Amy Mann

McAdams, Kyle-Durango Barn

Trying to capture the sheer massive beauty of a Colorado ranch I see on a bike ride. Durango Barn Pastel 16 x12 $375 Kyle McAdams

McAdams, Kyke-Silverton Skyscraper

This was the tallest building, an old bank I believe, in the old valley silver mining town of Silverton Colorado. Stunning in bright sun with the looming mountain above. Silverton Skyscraper Pastel $375 12 X 18 Kyle McAdams

McCarty, Ann-River Shallows (002)

There is nothing more beautiful than a valley river. Its shallows invite you to come explore and take in the depth and distance of the tree- filled hills. River Shallows Oil 30 x 24 $850 Ann McCarty

McKinley, Eva-Emerald Lake Rocky Mountain nat. park

Emerald Lake was a lake I will not forget during a hike in Rocky Mountain National Park. Mountains that would make your heart tremble and waters that are as clear as glass- it was a sight to behold. My hope is that I can give you a glimpse of the beauty I saw there. Emerald Lake Rocky Mountain Nat. Park Watercolor 10.5 x 13.5 $250 Eva McKinely

McKinley, Eva-Dancing Waters_

Art description: Dancing waters was inspired by an evening kayak ride in the Bay by Bethany Beach . The colors and vibrant streaks in the waters were mesmerizing. I hope this painting evokes the same feeling of excitement and peace that I experienced then. Dancing Waters Watercolor 10.5 x 13.5 $250 Eva McKinley

MerkinKaren_RibbonsAndBows (002)

During the early stages of Covid when I couldn't leave my home, I looked for things around the house I could paint. I found leftover wrapping paper and ribbons and set up this still life. I love the colors and textures. Ribbons and Bows Oil on Board 16 x 20 $2000 Karen Merkin

MerkinKaren_PeachyT-Bird (002)

I love to paint restored classic cars. Sometimes I find them at car shows, but often they are parked on the street as was this car. I take lots of photos for reference, and paint them in my studio. Peachy T-Bird Oil on Board 12 x 24 $1800 Karen Merkin

MerkinKaren_BowlOfChoices (002)

I set up this still life with all the flavors of Oreos. I like to paint this Waterford glass bowl and the reflections from the light around it. Bowl of Choices Oil on Board 12 x 12 $900 Karen Merkin

Moffat_Sarita_English Bluebell Wood_Oil_16x20_ (002)

There is nothing quite like catching the bluebells when they are at their "bluest"! English Bluebell Wood Oil 16 x 20 $750 Sarita Moffat

Moffat_Sarita_Copeland Cornfield_Oil_30x30 (002)

Quintessential "Loudoun"! Copeland Cornfield Oil 30 x 30 $1,200 Sarita Moffat

Montis-Doreen-Old Irish Cottage-oil (002)

The challenge of this painting for me was to only use 3 colors (Blue, Red and Yellow) + white. A palate knife was utilized to create the broken stucco texture of this abandoned cottage I found in Ireland. Old Irish Cottage Oil 8 x 10 $350 Doreen Montis

Montis - Doreen - Marsh Reflections-oil (002)

This painting is about handling bright reflections in water. I loved painting the sky and the challenge of having the beautiful color reflect on moving water. Marsh Reflections Oil 9 x 12 $450 Doreen Montis

Montis - Doreen - Little Piggy - oil (002)

Capturing personalities in animals thru their expressions is a favorite for me to paint. I loved how happy this little pig looked. Little Piggy Oil 8 x 10 $350 Doreen Montis

Morga, Maria-Precious Peonies (002)

Peonies are a constant inspiration, so many layers in each head that tend to ever so slowly open. Lost and found edges. This painting is acrylic texture with many layers applied before arriving at a balance of detail and abstraction. Copper leaf also added. Precious Peonies Acrylic Texture 6 x 6 $395 Maria Morga

Mudumbai, Sangeetha-Pretty Poppies (002)

Poppies are always a pleasure to paint but what sets this painting apart is the three dimensional effect of the poppies which is achieved by artful application of the paint. the delicate grass in the background is made with decofoil which shines brightly against the dark background. Pretty Poppies Heavy Texture Acrylic Paint On Wooden Panel 10 x 10 $175 Sangeetha Mudumbai

Nicely, Elise-Silverbrook Irises

I attended a paint out at Silverbrook Farm. While photographing interesting scenes around the farmhouse, I came upon the lovely Iris garden by the front porch. My first idea was to paint the porch as a background. I rejected that idea because it became a picture of the porch rather than the Iris bed. By focusing on the Iris bed, I was able to paint the scene that I wanted. Silverbrook Irises Acrylic on Canvas 16 x 20 $650 Elise Nicely

Oliver, Karen-Farm Entrance[61]

I always feel the stone walls are welcoming the farmer home. Farm Entrance Collage 11 × 14 $350 Karen Oliver

Padilla, Chito-Bamboo Grove 495 (002)[9]

Bamboo Grove Acrylic 18 x 24 $495 Chito Padilla

Padilla, Chito-Merchant of Sài Gòn 295 (002)[96]

Merchant of Saigon Acrylic 10.5 x 13.5 $295 Chito Padilla

Parent, Terri-Vintage Type

Vintage Type Digital Photography 8 x 10 $195 Terri Parent

Parent, Terri-Artists' Palette

Artists' Palette Digital Photography 14 x 11 $275 Terri Parent

Pavone, Matthew-Meditations, Red

Meditations (Red and Black) – Diptych Ink on Paper 6.5 x 4 $250 Matthew Pavone

Pavone, Matthew-Meditations, Black

Meditations (Red and Black) – Diptych Ink on Paper 6.5 x 4 $250 Matthew Pavone

Pistochini_Deidre_Flamingo Mother and Chick_Entry 2 (002)

This painting is based on a visit I made to the San Diego Zoo a number of years ago. There were so many flamingos there but this mother perched on a rock with her baby safely tucked under her wing caught my eye. Flamingo Mother and Chick Watercolor 13 x 10 $400 Deidre Pistochini

Pistochini_Deidre_Rehoboth Beach Morning_Entry 3 (002)

This painting is based on an early morning walk I took on Rehoboth Beach. I just had to capture that salt spray on the rocks and the water reflection on the beach. Rehoboth Morning Watercolor 15 x 11 $400 Deidre Pistochini

Potashnik, Michael, The Waterfall (002)

I am an avid landscape artist and a love painting waterfalls for their beauty and power. I couldn't resist this one!!! The Waterfall Watercolors 14.5 x 14 $275 Michael Potashnik

Ramsey, Nancy-Wanderlust, Camino I

Wanderlust: Camino I Acrylic 8 x 10 $250 Nancy Ramsey

Ramsey, Nancy-Wanderlust, Camino II

Wanderlust: Camino II Acrylic 8 x 10 $250 Nancy Ramsey

Ramsey, Nancy-Wanderlust, Camino III

Wanderlust: Camino III Acrylic 8 x 10 $250 Nancy Ramsey

Reid, Anne-Wash Day

Wash Day Pastel 11 x 14 $525 Anne Reid

Richards, Kim-Hidden Treasure_2023_oil_300dpi (002)

Tucked behind the suburban neighborhood that has grown up around it, this farm and its owner are both hidden treasures. Hidden Treasure Oil 11 x 14 $450 Kim T. Richards

Richards, Kim-The Vintner's Place_2023_oil_300dpi (002)

This painting was created almost entirely without brushes. The paint was applied thickly with a palette knife to better express the texture of the landscape and vines. The Vintner's Place Oil 8 x 10 $315 Kim T. Richards

Scala, Amy-Love a Barn (002)

Lovely view of this barn from Blandy Experimental Farm in Boyce, VA. Love a Barn Acrylic 8 x 10 $325 Amy Scala

Schneider, Deb-Yellow Trees in a Row

Along the road in Upperville. This is a combination of two PleinAir oil sketches used to create a studio landscape. Yellow Trees in a Row Oil 12 x 9 $400 Deb Schneider

Schroeder, Frarncie-Late Night Cyclists

These cyclists passed us while we were stopped at a red light. We followed when it turned green and because I was a passenger in the car I managed to shoot a couple frames before they were off and we were once more stopped by a light. Late Night Cyclists Photography 17.5 x 11.7 $425 Francie Schroeder

StewartMargaret_RedHillsandPinon_Oil_8x10 (002)

I painted at Ghost Ranch this past fall and we went down to the road to paint my favorite mountain. That day, however, I was captivated by the red hill looking back at the ranch. Red Hills and Pinon Oil 8 x 10 $380 Margaret Stewart

StewartMargaret_SangrdeCristoMountains-Blue_OIl_8x16 (002)

The Sangre de Cristo Mountains got their name from the red color they often have, but they change color throughout the day, and with the weather. They were visible from the deck of the rental house. I sat out there and painted and painted, capturing all the moods of these gorgeous mountains. Sangre de Cristo Mountains--Blue Oil 8 x 16 $580 Margaret Stewart

Tallarico, Jennifer-Chillin in the Shade

Chillin in the Shade Oil 12 x 16 $750 Jennifer Tallarico

Thompson, Dana Lee-Be Happy (002)

Be Happy Oil 9 x 13 $650 Dana Lee Thompson

Thompson, Dana Lee-lifting fog (002)

Lifting Fog Oil 8 1/2 x 14 $800 Dana Lee Thompson

Thompson, Dana Lee-At The Start (002)

At the Start Oil 11 x 18 $900 Dana Lee Thompson

Tighe, Angel, Meka and  Silas (002)

Mika & Silas Acrylic 48 x 24 $415 Angel Tighe

Ulanowsky, Philip-Empathy National Gallery (002)

Empathy Photography 5.5 x 7.75 $100 Philip Ulanowsky

Ulanowsky, Philip-Inversion National Gallery (002)

Inversion Photography 5 x 8 $100 Philip Ulanowsky

Victory_Josefina_Wisdom (002)

Wisdom Acrylic on Canvas 20 x 24 $450 Josefina Victory

Victory_Josefina_Mischievous (002)

Mischievous Acrylic on Canvas 16 x 20 $420 Josefina Victory

Wallace, Ann-Peonies

Peonies Pastel 14 x 11 $550 Ann Wallace

Wallace, Ann-Sweet Pairings

Sweet Pairing Pastel 11 x 14 $550 Ann Wallace

Wallace, Ann-Morning Light

Morning Light Gouache 11 x 14 $500 Ann Wallace

Weed, Peggy-Blue Tractor

Blue Tractor Oil 10 x 20 $685 Peggy Weed

Weed, Peggy-The Goat's Pasture

The Goat's Pasture Oil 9 x 12 $500 Peggy Weed

Wiese, Allison-Lazy Boy

Iguanas provide endless inspiration with their otherworldly colors and prehistoric physiology. They are gentle herbivores that love sunning, swimming, and decimating gardens. And though they are considered by most an invasive pest, they are fascinating and beautiful to study. Lazy Boy Pastel 12 x 36 $1100 Allison Wiesse

Wiese, Allison-Sunset Fireball

This magnificent sunset took place in the Florida Keys and was inspired by the orange light dancing with the blue/gray clouds. Fireball Sunset Pastel 8 x 10 $225 Allison Wiesse

Wiese, Allison-Cotton Candy Sunrise

This is another Florida Keys sunrise that features various pinks, oranges, blues, and grays. Cotton Candy Sunrise Pastel 7 x 11 $200 Allison Wiesse

Willis, Kirk-Old Virginia Roads

Old Virginia Roads is inspired by driving around on the old farm roads west of Alexandria. In this painting I want to create a strong opposition between the sharp, solid sky and softer blended foreground while maintaining a consistent feel created by the smoothness of the paint on glass. Old Virginia Roads Acrylic on Glass 32 x 32 $2,000 Kirk Willis

Wilson, Barbara-Trumpet Man

My husband’s career in music. Trumpet Man Clay 2 x 4 x 9 $95 Barbara Wilson

Wilson, Barbara-Sax Man

My husband’s career in music. Sax Man Clay 2 x 4 x 9 $95 Barbara Wilson

Wilson, Barbara-Bass Man

My husband’s career in music. Bass Man Clay 2 x 4 x 9 $95 Barbara Wilson

Wilson, Jessica-Daffodils_150dpi (002)

The challenge of building the forms inside a bunch of daffodils invites different approaches. This time the palette knife served a dominant role in creating them. Daffodils Oil on Wood Panel 8 x 10 $300 Jessica Wilson

Wilson Sandy Bouquet in Glass Vase Oil on Board (1) (002)

A recent trip to Amsterdam inspired me to paint a floral bouquet using the dark background preferred by the old Dutch masters while keeping the brushwork lively and expressive. Bouquet in Glass Vase Oil on Board 12 x 12 $250 Sandy Wilson

Wine, Linda-Joy

The richness and depth of magenta has always inspired me. It gets along with any color! Joy Acrylic 16 x 12 $300 Linda Wine

Zhou, Vicky-Warm Autumn Day in Middleburg (002)

PleinAir painting of Red Horse Tavern and beyond... Warm Autumn Day in Middleburg Watercolor 12 x 16 $700 Vicky Zhou

Zhou, Vicky-Community Center (002)

Community Center Watercolor 11 x 14 $550 Vicky Zhou

Zidek, Bryan-Cochran's Historic House

My plein air painting at Bill Cochran's House, Lincoln, VA, captures the vibrant essence of peonies in bloom, embracing the fleeting beauty of nature within the setting of this landscape. Cochran's Historic House Oil on Panel 18 x 14 $850 Bryan Zidek

Zidek, Bryan-Roses and Pears

My still life embraces impressionism, weaving the quiet narrative of pears, a crucifix, white roses, and a tea cup, harmonizing light and color to evoke a serene yet evocative atmosphere within this composition. Roses and Pears Oil on Linen 20 x 16 $850 Bryan Zidek

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