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Southwestern Sand Painting


Navajo Inspired Sand Painting


  • Cardboard, mat-board, card-stock, strong craft paper

  • Elmer's liquid glue

  • Paintbrush or foam brush

  • Colored sand bag or tub (can be found at craft stores)

    • Red

    • Black

    • Tan

    • White

    • Yellow 

    • Turquoise

    • Whatever colors you like!

Sketch out a design or silhouette of an animal on the piece of paper. 

Use glue bottle to re-draw over sketched lines and use paintbrush or foam brush to blend in the solid areas. Be careful when drawing lines, the glue often flows out too fast or slow, and bubbles can disrupt the line quality. 

Pinch a small amount of sand between your fingers and slowly allow the sand to trickle out by decreasing the pressure between your fingers. Move your hand along the direction that you would like to deposit the color on top of the glue and start to create your design. Select a different color and continue with your design with the other colors. When you are finished with your design, tip the picture on the side and lightly tap it so that the excess sand falls away. 

Allow your piece to dry and put your art on the wall or in a frame!  

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