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Past Exhibition:
MORE Things Considered
March 7, 2020 - TBA

Summer Kitchen Oil 16 x 20 $675 Barbara Sharp

Dugas Angela-Nuvole bianche-oil on panel

For this work, I stretched myself to focus on capturing light and texture to share my own experience of viewing the sky. Finally, I gave a nod to one of my favorite composers, Ludovico Einaudi, in titling it Nuvole bianche or "White clouds." Hopefully, I captured that same ethereal, yet ephemeral, beauty found in his work. Nuvole Blanche 13 7/8 x 25 7/8 Oil on panel $650 Angela Dugas

Spring Lane Oil on canvas 22 x 22 $800 Jessica Wilson

Storey, Maureen-My Little Chickadee 2

My Little Chickadee Kiln-formed glass 12 Diameter x .75 Deep $190 w/stand Maureen Storey

Storey, Maureen-Gone Bananas

Gone Bananas Kiln-combed fused glass 8 Diameter x .25 Deep $150 including stand Maureen Storey

Storey, Maureen-Pebbles on the Side 2

Pebbles on the Side Kiln-formed glass 8 x 10 $150 Maureen Storey

As I was walking through the streets and neighborhoods of Key West, this singular palm tree leaf grabbed my eye. The amazing colors of something as simple as a palm leaf nearing the end of its life cycle amongst the luscious greens of newer leaves was incredibly striking. Rainbow Palm Photography 21 x 15 $125 Mike Chirieleison

Padilla, Chito-Harvest

Harvest Acrylic 21 x 27 $195 Chito Padllia

Ruddy Buddies Oil on canvas 28 x 20 $1,900 Alan Rubin

I often go geometric with my compositions. This one has the vertical sectioning of the canvas. I used here both crisp edge separations (right side) and ragged edge (left side). The floating comet is textured and highlighted with olive green fissures. The catenary curve ties the elements together. Orange Comet Acrylic on canvas 30 x 24 $475 Kay Layne


Magic Tree Fine art photography 16 x 20 $395 Marketa Jirouskova

Rhapsody in Red Photograph, Archival quality Giclee print 16 x 20 $395 Marketa Jirouskova

Pink Hydrangeas Oil 10x8 $450 Sarita Moffat

Beautiful sunrise view on gold course from my home. Pink hue on the sand traps reflecting from the sky. My View Watercolor 16 x 20 $200 Amy Scala

Morrow, Deb-Hennessey and Quinn, mixed m

Hennessy and Quinn Mixed media 24 x 24 $360 Deborah Morrow

This wash day scene was on a movie set near Tuscan, AZ. Out to Dry Oil on linen 10 x 10 $329 Anne Marshall Block

Orchids in Bloom Oil on linen 42 x 36 $10,400 Miquel Diaz

Flourish Oil 12 x 15 $850 Dana Lee Thompson

Skyline Drive Acrylic 20.75 x 24.75 $590 William Walsh

Cows on the Hill Oil 11 x 14 $485 Peggy Weed

The Themes I choose are derived from an external starting point, interpreted through imagination and notes in my studio, and result in a painted surface. The finished work is intended to draw the observer into a meditative magical space where light and colour merge into visceral sensations and the viewer is encouraged to finish the story however they choose. From the Chateau Roussan in Provence Oil 38x51 $9,000 Lindsay Mullen

Peacocks Acrylic 16x16 $400 Maribe Gardiner

Gypsy Knitter Oil 25x19 $400 Maribe Gardiner

This painting is focused on the quiet drama of the sky and lengthening shadows at the close of the day. It is a combination of a photo of a local scene, memories, and imagination. Twilight Shadows Oil on canvas 16 x 21 $625 Laura Hopkins

This painting from my imagination is a result of much time spent observing nature and studying the paintings of the American Tonalists, whose poetic and contemplative works have been described as helping to heal our nation during the tumultuous years following the end of the civil war. I hope my work offers a quiet respite from our high-pressure, rushed, day-to-day world. A Memory of Twilight Oil on canvas 12 x 15 $325 Laura Hopkins

MOC Beagle Acrylic 26x30 $350 Debbie Cadenas

Father and Son in the Wild Photograph 12 x 16 $125 Pamela Miller

This painting from my imagination is in the style of the American Tonalists of the 19th century. I begin with gestural dark marks to establish the composition and then I stand back and see where the painting takes me. Working from memory and imagination is one of my favorite ways to work as it allows for experimentation and surprises. A Remembered Sunset Oil on canvas 12 x 15 $325 Laura Hopkins

Emmling, Charles-River Mist, oil

River Mist Oil 12 x 14 $175 Charles Emmling

Block, Anne Marshall -Lily_Ponds, oil on

Lily Ponds Oil on linen 8 x 10 $225 Anne Marshall Block

Don’t Dare Oil on linen 20 x 20 $2,800 Miquel Diaz

Padilla, Chito-Totem Poles (2)

I used a monotype printing technique to create the image by inking a non-absorbent surface with a solid color, laying over it a piece of paper. The result has a chance element, often random and irregular which gives the print a certain charm. In this piece, the forms are articulated by giving depth to them through layers of horizontal lines and variegated textures. The ceremonial forms are upright but not rigid. Totem Poles Mixed Media 21x27 $195 Chito Padilla

Every year an extraordinary natural event occurs as millions of Monarch butterflies migrate to the state of Michoacan, Mexico. This tree symbolizes the arrival of the first butterflies to their welcoming overwintering grounds. In this painting I used acrylic with light to applications, gold, silver and copper leaf gilding and natural Acer palmatum leaves from a magnificent tree in my garden. Butterfly Tree Acrylic collage-gold, silver and copper leaf application. 48x24 $4,500 Sylvia Scherer

English Pastoral Oil 24x30 $800 Sarita Moffat

Country Retreat Oil 12 x 14 $295 Jill Garity

Two Sheds Mixed Media 17 x 20 $395 Anne Reid

Recently I’ve been working on a series of paintings of restored classic cars. When an artist friend saw my car paintings, she called them “Car Portraits”, and that is exactly how I think of them. Each car has its own unique beauty, design and character that I try to capture with my oil paints. It is impacted by the environment around it, especially the chrome and glass surfaces. Black T-Bird Oil 18 x 30 $800 Karen Merkin

Starting in 1999, I have photographed the sidesaddle riders at Upperville, showcasing the beauty of the rider with their unique dress. Upperville Sidesaddle Photography 20x18 $150 Deborah Morrow

The Black Frenchie Oil 11 x 14 $485 Peggy Weed

Mother’s Nature P’o Mo Chinese Painting 16 x 17 $350 Jean Seelig

I have always been fascinated with the use of color, and the subtlety of light and shadow on those colors. I am intrigued by the reflections and patterns of light on glass in windows and doorways—particularly to see the distortion of objects reflected back to the eye. To paint everyday objects with attention to fine detail, I often set up still lifes in my studio and also use photos to accurately capture the light. Tea Party Oil 18 x 22 $900 Karen Merkin

Equinox (Fire) Photograph, printed on aluminum 36 x 24 $800 Larr Kelly

Ruffled Bearded Iris, Showing Off Oil on canvas 24 x 20 $675 Barbara Sharp

Moving Out Oil on canvas 15.25 x 12.75 $300 Jessica Wilson

Walking Path Acrylic 18 x 24 $850 Deborah Schneider

The Soloist Oil 12x10 $850 Dana Lee Thompson

Resting After a Cold Night Digital Photography 8 x 10 $335 Paul Schneider

Raven’s Roost is one of my all-time favorite vistas along the Blue Ridge Mountains. The time-tested singular pine with strong roots overlooking the cliffs makes me wonder how many storms it’s endured or how many majestic sunsets it’s witnessed over its many years. Raven’s Roost Photography 23 x 33 $300 Mike Chirieleison

Fearless Ink calligraphy 12 x 13 $75 Don Woodward

Understand Ink calligraphy 12 x 13 $75 Don Woodward

Radiance Ink calligraphy 12 x 13 $75 Don Woodward

In my free time, I like to go to cities and take photographs. It’s fun and exciting as I don’t know what’s around the corner. Could it be my next competition image? Maybe. This photograph is a perfect example of that. As I rounded the corner, I stumbled upon a construction site with pipes just lying about. It was, in my opinion, a very fun fluke. Pipe Dream Photograph 8 x 10 $100 Joseph Pifel

As a photographer, I like simple images. Images where I just glance at it and I understand it. This was another perfect example. It’s just a nice grass field. That’s it. Nothing else. I enjoy this photograph just because of it’s calming simplicity. It’s relaxing, and so was the shoot. I was taking a day trip and couldn’t help noticing how nice it was. Water Field Photograph 8 x 10 $100 Joseph Pifel

Photography is just one of my hobbies. I am also a car enthusiast. During one of my trips to Middleburg, I ran into a car show (pun intended). As I walked around, the cars seemed to get older and older. I spotted a 1970’s MGB. I loved it, I loved its shiny, forest green paint, and added my passion for cars to my photography list. Speed Green Photograph 8 x 10 $100 Joseph Pifel

Hope it Don’t Rain Watercolor 21 x 22 $375 Danny Mulvena

Our two girls each had a rooster. Two or three times a week I’d find them in the horse’s wood chip stall establishing the pecking order for the day. Standoff Watercolor 22 x 26 $500 Danny Mulvena

Always love discovering and painting small lovely stone buildings with so much history and character. Upperville Library Watercolor 6 x 9.5 $150 Amy Scala

A homesickness for somewhere you cannot return to; the nostalgia and grief for the lost places of your past, places that never were. Marcie Mueller Hiraeth Photography 8 x10 $125 Dorothy Kray

Winter Wren Photograph 12 x 16 $125 Pamela Miller

Waiting for Mischief Oil 10 x 8 $375 Barbara Sharp

Passing Clouds Oil 7x9 $295 Jill Garity

Creekside Oil 13 x 16 $525 Jill Garity

Blue Coast Acrylic 10.5x13.5 $400 Betty Baumgartner,

Dugas Angela-Partly cloudy-oil on canvas

For this work, I set out to capture the awesome experience of watching a summer storm roll across the Blue Ridge Mountains, an occurrence often observed from my childhood home in Madison. I particularly enjoyed the challenge of painting sweeping sheets of rain, caught in the wind and dramatically back-lit. Partly Cloudy Oil on canvas 13 5/8 x 25 5/8 $700 Angela Dugas

Dream Catcher Photograph, printed on aluminum 36 x 24 $800 Larr Kelly

In ancient cultures the peacock's elaborate iridescent train of extravagent plumage symbolized the eyes of the stars in the cosmos also dotted by the sun and the moon. Gilding this painting was complicated by the use of diverse metal leaves to create harmonious balance with the delicate acrylic background and the gold frame, highlighted by ethereal floating feathers throughout. Eye of the Stars Acrylic, collage-gold, silver and copper leaf application 48x24 $4,500 Sylvia Scherer

Foxy Ladies Oil on canvas 28 x 24 $2,200 Alan Rubin

The Marsh at Sunset Oil 13 x 16 $400 Suzanne Scheer

Winter Peace Oil 13 x 16 $400 Suzanne Scheer

Old Rusty Roof Watercolor 18x18 $200 Dick Ragold

Captured Moment Oil 26.25 x 20.25 $485 Cathy Suitor

Lantern with Cider Jug Oil 18.5 x 14.5 $380 Cathy Suitor

This piece began as a pouring experiment. In progressive layers, the paint settled and dried mid-motion. White and pthalo blue added contrast to this loose interpretation of cool, tumbling water. Eddies Acrylic 9 x 11 $125 Anne Marie Paquette

Wilsons warbler

This piece is inspired by a 1930’s Audubon print in my collection. Native to Northern and western Canada, these birds flit from tree to tree, picking insects from conifers and undergrowth. Here, layers of translucent paint, paper, and other media reveal pattern and light dancing around two Wilson’s Warblers. Audubon Study 2: Wilson’s Warbler Acrylic and mixed media 15 x 12 $450 Anne Marie Paquette

My current journey is to find a balance between detailed realism and bold impressionism. I don’t want my work to look like a photograph, nor do I want it to look like something I might have done in the third grade. To accurately render an object with an optimum number of brush strokes is my goal in landscape, still life and portraiture. Russian River II Acrylic on canvas 15 x 18 $280 Steve Myles

Chincoteague Morning Oil on canvas 24 x 32 $880 Steve Myles

First Snow Acrylic 15.75 x 18.75 $280 William Walsh

This is Old Town Fredericksburg, Virginia. There is history and unique buildings everywhere you walk, each having a story of their own. What first captured my attention to create this painting were the lines of the fire escape. Using shadows to add interest to my paintings, I saw and captured a good shadow opportunity to bring the eye from the buildings around to the car. Street Scene Mixed Media-Watercolor, Casein 14 x 20 $350 Mark Parmelee

Ode to Watership Down Mixed Media 23 x 23 $800 Robyn Ryan

Fields of Gold Mixed Media Collage 23 x 30 $800 Robyn Ryan

Sunrise Acrylic 15 x 19 $225 Heather Gradison

Seelig, Jean-Ah, Sweet Spring

Ah Sweet Spring Chinese Brush Painting 30 x 18 $375 Jean Seelig

The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you. Don’t go back to sleep. You must ask for what you really want. Don’t go back to sleep. Rumi Aube Photography 8 x 10 $125 Dorothy Kray

Rocks on Water Oil on panel 12 x 12 $445 Deborah Schneider

Quilted Rooster Mixed Media 10 x 8 $135 Kasha Turner

Blue Mountain Oil 36 x 24 $485 Jennifer MacDonald

This Iconic Old Town Alexandria building fascinated me with its textures and aged weathered look. Such character with different layers of painting showing through. It not only calls to you to come inside to explore, but to imagine the stories it has held through the years. The Christmas Store Watercolor 14 x 20 $350 Mark Parmelee

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