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PAST Exhibition:

Our Beloved Farms:
The Animals, the Land, the buildings and the people
August 15-September 13, 2020

This painting was done from a photo taken by my father of the proud farmer at his farm in Georgia in 1936. “The Farmer” Oil 24x18 $750 Peggy Weed

This painting was inspired by a trip down Route 81 as the fog was rolling into the Shenandoah Valley. I noticed how the fog hovered over the farmland like it was suspended in midair. The technique of creating an appearance of fog using encaustic wax had intrigued me. I am able to create a milky transparent medium with the beeswax that I apply to create the translucent appearance of fog. Fog Rolls In Encaustic 14 x 14 $480 Anne Stine

I stood under the slate colored sky All shades of grey surrounding me Wondering when the ewes would lamb Delighting in the fact, this will be the favorite part of my day Framboise Photography 8 x 10 $125 Dorothy Kray

This painting of a farm near my home is the result of exploring an alkyd painting medium that stiffens oil paint and greatly speeds it’s drying. I used putty knives and large palette knives to apply the first layers of paint. I used a clean bristle brush to soften the hard edges left by the knives. I really like the soft dreamlike quality and abstraction that this technique offers and I am looking forward to using it again. Airmont Farm Oil on muslin panel 12 x 24 $650 Laura Hopkins

Inspiration for this watercolor came from an intense love of abandoned architecture and architectural fragments. With weekends devoted to cycling in Middleburg our group came across our own version of “Bramasole”. Abandoned Watercolor 25 x 34 $2,560 Maria Morga

Peace in the Valley Photography 24 x 36 $125 Sarah Huntington

When I saw the abundance of color and big sunflowers I had to paint it. Farmer’s Market Acrylic on canvas board 14 x 17 $300 Amy Scala

This image exists because I always carry a camera when I am traveling. I was not planning on photography that day. “American Flag Barn” is such a perfect and simple statement about why we love this great country. To me, “American Flag Barn” evokes thoughts of our freedom and the sacrifices made to insure that freedom. American Flag Barn Hamiltonban Township Adams County, Pennsylvania Photography 12.5 x 15 $225 Ron Salmon

Farm and Field Acrylic 24 x 24 $395 Deborah Schneider

Peaceful fields with grazing cows are another favorite subject – Summer Fields Oil 11x14 $525 Peggy Weed

Well Preserved No.2 Oil on canvas 17 x 29 $1,300 Alan Rubin *Buy both Well Preserved for $2,200

Well Preserved No.1 Oil on canvas 17 x 29 $1,300 Alan Rubin

We’re Lost! Acrylic 14 x 17 $400 Maribe Gardiner

Quilted Rooster Mixed Media 10 x 8 $135 Kasha Turner

Love to paint small houses and gardens. Look to capture the love and dedication to their passion. Blooming Hill Lavender Farm Acrylic on canvas board 13.5 x 16.5 $325 Amy Scala

This painting was inspired by two lovely dairy cows that live near my home. I usually don’t paint animals, but when I witnessed these ladies straining to reach the “greener grass” past their fence, it resonated with me my own feelings of containment during the period of pandemic isolation. The question comes to mind, “Is the grass really greener on the other side”? When you witness the same environment every day, it sure seems to be. Contained Encaustic 26 x 26 $1,000 Anne Stine

As a photographer and painter in the Middleburg, Virginia area, the creative inspiration is rich and varied. From one quaint town to the next, from one season to another, and simply from one sunrise to sunset the landscape and its inhabitants are ever-changing. Peaceful Soul Photography 24 x 20 $250 Cheri Shervin

The Red Barn Oil 16 x 20 $400 Susan Sharpe

Trappe Road Oil 11 x 14 $625 Barbara Sharp

Watering Hole Oil 20 x 26 $500 Susan Sharpe

Early autumn, early evening. My favorite time to find material. Steer and Hay Watercolor 14 x22 $325 Danny Mulvena

Harvey’s Rooster Oil 8 x 8 $75 Susan Sharpe

Feeding Shed Oil 8 x 10 $185 Deborah Schneider

Two Horses Acrylic on canvas 30 x40 $850 Eric Lukas

This barn was seen in the fall while on a hike in Old Rag, near Shenandoah Park. I was inspired by the scenery and the vibrant fall colors. Old Rag Barn Oil on linen 16 x 20 $366 Anne Marshall Block

Rambler Oil on canvas 60 x 36 $2,000 Kerry Waters

Capturing the Mountain View, lavender field and sunset. So beautiful and peaceful. Orchard View Lavender Farm Acrylic on canvas board 11 x 13 $300 Amy Scala

The cattle were not the intended subject. The subject was the restored Aeromotor farm windmill. While setting up my camera the cattle became interested in the intrusion to their pasture. After the first animal decided to check me out the rest came and stood in front of the camera. I decided that the unexpected “welcoming committee” would be a more interesting image than the original subject. Red Limousin Cattle, Rosedale Farm Frederick County, Virginia Photography 12.5 x 15 $225 Ron Salmon

Romney ewe and two nursing lambs; Two Spruce Farm; Berryville, Virginia. Lambs are usually on the move; running and jumping. These two lambs were no different until the mother ewe appeared. While nursing, their tails were still in motion. Two Shakes Two Spruce Farm Clarke County, Virginia Photography 12.5 x 15 $225 Ron Salmon

One of my favorite subjects are pigs - especially tiny ones – Mama Pig with Piglets Oil 10x20 $600 Peggy Weed

Pastoral Oil on canvas 22 x 28 $1,250 Alan Rubin

The Committee Photography 14 x 26 $200 Gomer Pyles

Rachel’s Barn Photography 11 x 14 $190 Gomer Pyles

The Gathering Photography 11 x 14 $190 Gomer Pyles

I often pass this field just outside the village or St Louis. The ever changing Mt Weather in the distance is the first thing I look for out my bedroom window each morning and the last thing I see when I take my final glance outside in the evening. Its appearance is constantly changing. I grew up helping neighbors put in hay and I always look forward to haying time and the beauty of the bales in the fields. St. Louis Hayfields Oil on canvas 17 x 21 $575 Laura Hopkins

Such an elegant pose! Filly Oil 12 x 9 $450 Peggy Weed

The simple magic of everyday life in the landscape of the Piedmont are sources of constant inspiration. I am drawn to the work of Albert Pinkham Ryder and Giorgio Morandi, both of whom I believe, and in different ways, appear to have lived and worked very close to the divine in the world around us. Near Blantyre Road Oil on canvas 9 x 12 $300 Joanne Kresic

This foal was seen off Route 50 near the Shenandoah River. I was inspired by its relationship to its mother and the new beginnings it symbolizes. Spring Foal Oil on linen 10 x 20 $266 Anne Marshall Block

As a photographer and painter in the Middleburg, Virginia area, the creative inspiration is rich and varied. From one quaint town to the next, from one season to another, and simply from one sunrise to sunset the landscape and its inhabitants are ever-changing. The East Forty Oil 24 x 36 $2,000 Cheri Shervin

Farmers never seem to throw anything away. Gate Collection Watercolor 20 x 17 $500 Danny Mulvena The painting is mounted permanently with varnish to a suitable backer. Usually 1/4 inch plywood or 5mil foam board depending on the size of the piece. After allowing to dry 2 to 3 coats of a water clear acrylic varnish are applied to the painting. No glass is needed at this point, the painting is UV and moisture protected.

National Sporting Library Polo Match, 2019 Oil on canvas 14.5 x 17.5 $575 Barbara Sharp

When I saw these guys checking each other out I felt like I could read that roosters mind. "Who's gonna be the lucky girl tonight?" Typical male. Yard Birds Watercolor 19 x 24 $575 Danny Mulvena

Which Way Photography 14.5 x 24.5 $225 Sherri Holdridge

Rice is typically grown in hot climates under intense direct sunlight. In this painting, I wanted to capture rice fields in a cooler mood. The colors are subdued and the grid pattern of rice fields become softly blurred under the soothing shadows cast in the moonlight. Rice Paddies in the Pale Moonlight Acrylic/Mixed Media 21 x 27 $395 Chito Padilla

The Herd in Black and White Photography 12.5 x 16.5 $140 Sherri Holdridge

Iowa is a place of fertile soil, traditional values and simple pleasure. It is my adopted home. Many see only endless fields of corn but the honest beauty of its plainness can also inspire. This is “Field of Dreams”, my contemplative rendition of endless cornfields that is now familiar landscape to me. Its title is borrowed from the movie released in 1989 filmed in (Dyersville) Iowa. Field of Dreams Acrylic 21 x 27 $395 Chito Padilla

I took inspiration from the round bales of hay and straw that accentuate the landscape in the countryside. The rolling circular shapes suggest movement that makes an otherwise unwieldy form achieve a certain grace of motion. Straw Bale Farm Acrylic/mixed media 21 x 27 $395 Chito Padilla

Awe Shucks! Watercolor 12 x 18 $145 Heather Gradison

Delaplane Cornfields and Silo Watercolor 13 x 19 $125 Heather Gradison

Shirts and Slip and Sycamore Tree, Paris Virginia Photography 12 x 12 $125 Sarah Huntington

Shirts on Line Photograph on canvas 24 x 36 $225 Sarah Huntington

This field with sheep reminded me of a long ago trip to Ireland. Sheep in Field with Stone Wall Oil 10 x 20 $600 Peggy Weed

Wren Pastel 11 x 14 $185 Kasha Turner

Last September I had some paintings in the Bluemont, Virginia Annual Fair. I drove out with my sisters and one of the last stops was just across the road from the fair. I took several shots of the lovely and peaceful farmland but I actually painted this painting from a photo my sister took that day. I decided to leave out the black cows in the distance that were grazing on their dinner! Bluemont Pasture Oil on canvas 15.5 x 20 $399 Doris Jenkins

My sister, Colleen Hess, took the photo of this red barn in Lovettsville, VA. I loved the complementary red and green in this photo. I enjoyed using the palette knife in the foreground and on the painted over stone or stucco on the side of the barn. The lovely vines growing up the side of the barn were so eye catching against the stark white. “Red Barn” Lovettsville, VA Oil on canvas 10 x 12 $350 Doris Jenkins

To sit in the grass, and watch you bounce in the shadow of light, is a heaven I can only imagine Sparrow Photography 10 x10 $125 Dorothy Kray

Chipmunk Running Watercolor 11 x 14 $95 Kasha Turner

Up on a Hill Photography 16 x 22 $170 Sherri Holdridge

I love doing these small paintings on clear primed linen. I kept chickens for several years until the foxes and raccoons made it too difficult. These little “portraits” allow me to enjoy their beauty again. Sketch of a Grey Hen Oil 6.5 x 6.5 $175 Laura Hopkins

This barn was seen in a mountainous area in early fall. I was inspired to paint it by the valley and mountains behind it which silhouette the building. Barn #1 Oil on linen 12 x 24 $366 Anne Marshall Block

As a photographer and painter in the Middleburg, Virginia area, the creative inspiration is rich and varied. From one quaint town to the next, from one season to another, and simply from one sunrise to sunset the landscape and its inhabitants are ever-changing. Happy Hereford Mixed Media 24 x 18 $1,000 Cheri Shervin

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