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Light and Shadow:
The Essential Elements Exhibit

February 17 - March 17, 2024

Exhibition Jurors:

Marcia Klioze and Elaine Nunnally


Best in Show Overlooking the fields of a battlefield that once saw death, I feel such an incredible sense of peace. Capturing the sun as it sets over the mountains I enjoy the warmth of the summer night air. Pondering the contrast of peace and war, I had to visual portray the conflict in my soul by playing the cool greens and blues against the warm fields. The Day is Done Oil 16x16 $950 Christine Raymond

Weed, Peggy-Late Summer [45]

Second Place Late Summer Oil 10 x 20 $700 Peggy Weed

McAdams, Kyle-San Diegeo Lunch Crowd [77]

Third Place Tried to capture the diffused noon time light I enjoyed in this San Diego restaurant. San Diego Lunch Crowd Pastels on Paper 18 X 12 $325 Kyle McAdams

Boc, Ray-Quaintance Road #1 [22]

Honorable Mention Quaintance Road #1 Archival Inks and Fine Art Paper 13x19 $400 Ray Boc

Chandler, Sage-Lady Svetlana [27]

Honorable Mention Lady Svetlana Oil on Canvas 24 x 30 $5,000 Sage Chandler

Donn.Dobkin__Deep-Red-Forest [84]

Honorable Mention Infrared image of a forest in the Rockies between Victor, ID and Jackson, WY. The piece is part of a Color Study series. Deep Red Forest Photo on Canvas 24” x 36” $265 Donn Dobkin

Ansaldo, Teresa-Stillness

The unique and fascinating tranquility of the countryside in Córdoba, Argentina. Stillness Photograph 8 x 12 $420 Teresa Ansaldo

Ansaldo, Teresa-Follow

Captured during a cavalcade, where the guide led us to explore the stunning landscapes of Córdoba, Argentina. Follow Photograph 8 x 12 $420 Teresa Ansaldo

Ansaldo, Teresa-Dawn

Horses being guided back to their corral after a day in the open in Mechongué, Argentina. Dawn Photograph 8 x 12 $420 Teresa Ansaldo

Arndt, Sabine-GlowingCeramicCone (002)

Whimsical ceramic fish which can be illuminated by light source (i.e. candle; battery operated candle) I will cast spots of light and shadow, which in turn will make for a soft and ambient light. One of a kind, hand-built piece. Inspired by the warmth of natural light and the shadows it will cast. Glowing Cone Clay, Mixed Media 17 x 5 x 5 $120 Sabine Arndt

Arndt, Sabine-GlowingOrb (002)

Coiled, cone-shaped vessel with wire bead attachments. Will cast warm light patterns with burning candle inside. Decorative piece which has been created using the coiling technique. The warm glow of the candle will help achieve a certain tranquility. Glowing Orb Ceramic 5.5 x 5.5 x 5.5 $90 Sabine Arndt

Baker Michelle The Fisherman print (002)

As the sun set, he stood there by the water's edge-rod in hand. I watched him as the sun and shadows cast around him. He did not see me. I was mesmerized by the afternoon glow and could not stop myself from taking his photo. He did not catch a fish but I caught the moment. The Fisherman Photography 8 x 14 $250 Michelle Baker

Baker Michelle Cloud Shadows photography (002)

The Sun can create light or cause darkness by casting shadows. Elevating the everyday is my passion. I love to find hearts in photographs I take. Clouds Shadows Photography 8 x 14 $250 Michelle Baker

Bannon, David-Light, Shadows, Music!

I come from a family of musicians that play a variety of instruments. I carefully positioned the lighting on each instrument to create sharp contrast, expose the details and capture the textures of the well played instruments. Light, Shadows, Music! Photography 4 - 4x6 11.5 x 24 frame $165 David Bannan

Bannan, David-IWOJIMA_03-DSCF1880v1v1 (002)

On a recent trip to Washington DC, I saw the potential starburst while trying to capture a unique perspective on this famous statue. I loved the detail in the shadows and purposely left the grain in the photo to create the black and white film effect. IWO JIMA Digital Photography on Canvas 16x16 $175 David Bannan

Barker, Heather-light reading (002)

The contrast of a silk dress, its charcoal pleats highlighted by eraser pencil, and a delicate nightgown needing the white of the paper for its effect, alludes here to the friendship of two areas of life: hurry and rest. The sister on the left stops by momentarily, sharing a few thoughts, and the sister on the right chooses to rest, intentional and at ease. Light Reading Graphite 8x10 $290 Heather Barker

Block, Anne-Taos-Longhorn (002)

I viewed this longhorn in the early morning hours along the banks of the Rio Grande near Taos, New Mexico. Taos Bighorn Oil on Linen 12 x 12 $399 Anne Block

Block, Anne-Fiji (002)

This Fiji sunrise was photographed by my daughter and sent to me. Because of its beauty and tranquility and its unusual array of colors, I was inspired to paint it. This oil is of the south Pacific Ocean. Fiji Oil on Linen 16 x 20 $700 Anne Block

Block, Anne-Sisters (002)

African Lions are one of the most beloved animals in the world. They are a vulnerable and endangered species. Unfortunately, due to poachers, trophy hunters, and reduction of wildlife habitat, these lions are disappearing at an alarming rate. For this reason, I photographed these sisters and painted them in my home studio. They were seen at the Washington Zoo. Sisters Oil on Linen 36 x 48 $2000 Anne Block

Boc, Ray-Sunset Buddies

‘Sunset Buddies’ was taken as we arrived at our holiday residence in Cornwall, UK late in the afternoon. It was one of those moments where we were unpacking our car and I turned around and saw this scene. Sunset Buddies Archival Photographic Inks and Paper 13x19 $400 Ray Boc

Brabant, Jill-Candlelight

The soft glow of a candle on a table top illuminates this evening still life. Candlelight Oil 8x10 $375 Jill Brabant

Brabant, Jill-SurfandSun

A memory from early morning walks on Virginia Beach. . . the sun illuminated the sea and backlit the waves. Surf and Sun Oil 6x6 $295 Jill Brabant

Brady, Kay- The Soul of a Music Box

This painting of the interior workings of the music box is done using an oil color glazing technique. I used multiple layers of glazed transparent colors that are applied on top of each other to create a Chiaroscuro effect with a glossy strong contrast of light and shade. The feel of this painting is to look like the masters of the Renaissance Period where the background fades deeply into the abyss. The Soul of a Music Box Oil on Canvas 11.5” x 9.5” $550 Kay Brady

Bridgman, Cindy-Sacred Light, Sacred Coeur

Atop Montmartre in Paris...standing on the imposing front portico of Sacre Coeur in late afternoon sunlight. The imposing architecture created slashing light and deep shadows that demanded to be painted. Sacred Light, Sacred Coeur Oil 24 x 30 $750 Cindy Bridgman

Brunini Noreen-ShadowTimeWaiting (002)

Inspired by dogs at the studio door waiting one patiently, another not; for a walk. Shadow Time:Waiting Watercolor 34 x 26 $1700 Noreen Brunini

Brunini, Noreen-StartWithSky (002)

Painted En Plein Air, Upperville, Virginia. Start with Sky Watercolor 35 x 29 $650 Noreen Brunini

Button, Sima-Under the Light of the Crescent Moon (002)

Under the Light of the Crescent Moon Charcoal on Bristol 11 x 14 $150 Sima Button

Bysshe, Stan-Absaroka

We waited for about an hour at sunrise for the valley clouds to clear. And then we were rewarded with this view of the mountains. Absaroka Photography 10x15 $180 Stan Bysshe

Bysshe, Stan-Sand Storm

Standing on a sand dune in White Sands NM a sand storm rolled in with 40 mph winds. There was time for just a few images. Sand Storm Photography 10x15 $180 Stan Bysshe

Chandler, Sage-Seriane's Dilemma

Seriane's Dilemma Oil on Canvas 32 x 26 $5,700 Sage Chandler

Cockett_Shannon-Wine andCheeseStillLife

I loved the play of shadows on the wall cast by the wine bottle, glass bowl, and wine glass, as well as the shadow cast by the green serving dish holding the cheese on the tablecloth. It was fun to put this still life together using my collection of green depression glass. Wine and Cheese Oil on Canvas 16 x 20 $350 Shannon Cockett

Connell, Patti-Off Season

Painted on a chilly November day in Crisfield en Plein Air. The Oyster gatherers unloaded crates of oysters while I worked. Off Season Oil 12 x 16 $500 Patti Connell

Conrad, Marcia-Violet Fog (002)

In the fog, the landscape mysteriously changes, or is it a pond scape? In the fog, who can tell for sure? Violet Fog Acrylic 16x20 $350 Marcia Conrad

Foster, Michelle-Light on the Bridge

On a gloomy day in Rome, just before Christmas, the skies opened for just a moment. Light on the Bridge, Rome Oil on Linen Panel 11 x 14 $375 Michelle Foster

Garcia, Nancy-In the Marina

IN THE MARINA Colored Pencil 8x10 $175 Nancy Garcia

Garity, Jill-A Lightt In Darknesss (002)

I have always been enchanted by walking in the deep woods and coming upon a waterfall. This one was inspired by the woods and streams near Skyline Drive where the cool dark summer leaves are highlighted by peeks of sunlit foliage and the bright flash of moving water. Light In Darkness Oil 9x12 $485 Jill Garity

Garity, Jill-Last Light Over The Bay (002)

Is there anything more calming to the soul than a sunset over the water? Here I used layers of paint and glazes to contrast the cool water with the warm light that happens at the end of the day. Last Light Over The Bay Oil 9x12 $485 Jill Garity

Garity, Jill-Shade Of Sunset (002)

Rich tones of saturated color were used to render the feel of sunset on foliage. These contrasting layers were composed with thick vs. thin, warm vs. cool, and sharp vs. muted edges to give the effect. Shades Of Sunset Oil 8x10 $435 Jill Garity

Giraldi, Angela-View in Philomont (002)

View from our home to the horse farm across the gravel road. The buildings are clearly seen in the winter whereas in the summer they are blocked by foliage. View in Philomont Watercolor 8" x 10" $300 Angela Giraldi

Gordon, Nadya-Sailboaats at Sunset

This painting depicts 3 sailboats in the ocean. Calm water with reflection of the boats set against orange and blue colors of a beautiful sunset. Sailboats at Sunset Acrylic 12x16 $195 Nadya Gordon

Gring Susan      Any City USA (002)

Eyes are always drawn to the color red. Red inspires excitement and energy, so it is little wonder that cityscapes capture red in roofs, doors and buildings that then are so beautifully reflected in the water. Any City USA Acrylic on Canvas 20 x 24 x 3/4 $395 Susan Gring

Harleman, Melinda-Sunflowers in a Blue Vase

What happens when you put a bunch of sunflowers in a cobalt blue vase next to a sunny window? You create fascinating shadows and and an explosion of colorful reflections on the wall. Draw it on Japanese handmade paper that peals off as you apply the color and its magic. Sunflowers in Blue Vase Pastel 25” x 18” $1,500 Melinda Harleman

Herman, Lorrie-_Red_Ladies (002)

Trying to capture the bright sun on these luscious red geraniums! Finding the colors of light and shadow. Red Ladies Oil 11" x 14" $650 Lorrie Herman

Herman, Lorrie_BloomsAtTheMansion_oil2 (002)

Plein air painting at the Oatlands Plantation. Pushing the colors of light and shadow and working on brushwork and texture. Blooms at the Mansion Oil 11" x 14" $650 Lorrie Herman

Hindle, Stuart-Autumn Trail and Blue sky (002)

We were walking near the river as the morning light reflected off the water and intensified the warm colors of the leaves. The contrast of the yellows against the blue of the sky was very striking. Autumn Trail and Blue Sky Oil on canvas 16 x 12 $575 Stuart Hindle

Hindle, Stuart-Birches and Bluebells sml (002)

The light in the latitudes where the birches grow is very intense in the spring. In this case, I was in England and lucky enough to have a sunny day where the bluebells were out with other wildflowers among a grove of birches. The angle of the sun highlighted the bright colors against the dark undergrowth and lit up the birch trees. Birches and Bluebells Oil on Canvas 20 x 16 $725 Stuart Hindle

Hopkins, Laura-Lengthening Shadows

As a painter in the American Tonalist tradition, I try in my work to suggest the feeling or mood of a place. This painting from my imagination is a traditional Tonalist motif, a bit of woods and meadow alongside a stream at twilight. It is my hope that this quiet scene offers you a respite from our fast moving and turbulent world. Lengthening Shadows Oil on canvas 12x16 $750 Laura Hopkins

Hopkins, Laura-Rising Moon

As a painter of Tonalist landscapes, I have a special affinity for the seasons of autumn and winter, and focus my work on portraying mood and emotion in scenes of dawn, twilight, and evening. Rising Moon Oil on linen wrapped panel 8x10 $425 Laura Hopkins

Hopkins, Laura-The Still of the Evening

I paint in the tradition of the American Tonalists of the 19th century whose contemplative and poetic works were thought to provide solace and respite from a war torn and increasingly industrial world. It is my hope that viewers of my work find a place where they can rest a moment. The Still of Evening Oil on canvas 12x16 $750 Laura Hopkins

Howard, Jessa -unconditional no1

Unconditional No. 1 Oil 11x14 $850 Jessa Howard

Huntington, Sarah-Winchester Skyline

I just moved to Winchester Virginia and this is the view outside my studio window in the morning. I love the monochromatic feeling of many shades and shadows in the winter light. Winchester Skyline Black and White Photography 11x14 $250 Sarah Huntington

Huyett, Sheila-Frenzy

Inspired by their beautiful chaos, I painted the daisies spilling from the compote vase, capturing their wild energy and intricate intertwining with each deliberate brushstroke. Frenzy Oil 18" x 24" $395 Sheila Huyett

Huyett, Sheila-Spring Vibes

In Spring Vibes, a glorious peony commands center stage with its captivating presence, its velvety petals unfurling in a radiant display of natural beauty and grace. Spring Vibes Oil 16 x 20 $395 Sheila Huyett

Keirce, Debra-destiny-and-its-ripples

Seeing all the boats lined up in a marina, like soldiers destined to escort people into fun and fulfilling adventures - One of their ripple effects is how they make me feel when I am amongst them. It's like there are endless possibilities for exciting experiences we just haven't embarked upon yet. Destiny & Its Ripples Charcoal on Paper 15.5 x 11.5 $725 Debra Keirce

Keirce, Debra-finding-time

It would be nice to have 48 hours each day, wouldn't it? But where does it stop? After I filled those, I'd want 96 hours, and soon I'd have a whole Fibonacci spiral of universes to fill. I wonder when I would run out? Finding Time Oil on Panel 14 x 21 $2,375 Debra Keirce

Kleck, Nancy-Into The Fog Photograph

An eyecatcher: a single grey horse among a field of dark coats moving to the woods through an early morning fog. Into the Fog Photograph 30" x 40" $2,500 Nancy Kleck

Kleck, Nancy-The Grey Pony

Leaving the field after the polo match, the rider and his grey pony walked through a strong beam of light in just the right direction, highlighting just the right places. Underexposing the image, I saturated the darks and mid-tones and enhanced the whites. The essence of these white shapes still easily identify the subjects in a minimalistic approach. The Grey Pony Photograph 30" x 24" $1,250 Nancy Kleck

Kopec, Laurie-Coppery

After painting the last layer of thick paint for the light areas, I deconstructed the painting by swiping over areas with a pallet knife. I was striving to loosen up the painting. Coppery Oil 9x12 $350 Laurie Kopec

Lancaster, Rogerr-heron on the james river

I go often to the James River near Richmond to photograph birds. Arriving just as the sun was rising I spotted this heron with the sun acting almost as a spotlight. It took off just as I took the shot. Heron on the James Photography 12x18 $135 Roger Lancaster

Lemasters, Dorian-Cerebus

Cerebus is Hell's three-headed guard dog. What better breed to represent this mythical creature than a Doberman. The achromatic hues are well suited to the shadowy Underworld. Cerebus Oil 24 x 30 $800 Dorian Lemasters

Lewis, Lynn-Touch of Winter (002)

This was painted plein air for the Strada Easel Challenge 2024 after a rare snowfall on a January afternoon by Rock Creek, Maryland. The scene was extraordinarily beautiful and if it hadn't been so cold I would have tried many more that day. Touch of Winter Acrylic 11 x 15 $600 Lynn Lewis

Macy, Suzan-Golden Evening

Golden Evening Oil 12 x 24 $650 Suzan Macy

Macy, Suzan-Follow the Leader[46]

Follow the Leader Oil 16 x 20 $650 Suzan Macy

Mann, Amy-Azaleas at Green Spring Gardens (002)

Green Spring Gardens in Alexandria, Virginia, has an abundance of mature azaleas, and I painted them last spring near the end of their peak bloom. I chose a view that included the luminous shadows, bright sunlight on grass, and forest in the background. Delightful weather for painting! Azaleas at Green Spring Gardens Oils 10" x 10" $275 Amy Mann

McManus, Laurie-Harlem River at Nightfall (002)

My painting is adapted from a photograph my son took. I liked the juxtaposition of natural and man-made light. I liked the contrast between the between the cityscape and the river and night sky. Finally, I liked the contrast between the looming apartment building and its soft and mysterious reflection in the water. Harlem River at Nightfall Oil 11 x 14 $250 Laurie McManus

Meister, Christiane-AfternoonSun (002)

With this painting, I wanted to capture the peaceful companionship among horses in a field. I love how the light glows on their chestnut coats. The cool shadows and subtle coat color changes define each of the horses one from the other. Afternoon Sun Oil on Canvas 11 x 14 $500 Christiane Meister

MerkinKaren_WaterfrontReflections (002)

While walking along the waterfront in Alexandria, I saw the reflections of the harbor in the window of this restaurant and decided to paint it. I liked the light reflecting from the scene behind me onto the window and the inside of the restaurant showing through. Waterfront Reflections Oil 16 x 20 $1800 Karen Merkin

MerkinKaren_SantaFeBackyard (002)

When visiting Santa Fe, New Mexico, we had lunch on the outdoor patio of a restaurant and this was the view from our table. I was inspired to paint the scene with the light playing on the stone wall. Santa Fe Backyard Oil 24 x 30 $2500 Karen Merkin

Merkin, Ray_Yellow1

Realist style painting done as a workshop project. Yellow 1 Oil 8 x 10 $850 Raymond Merkin

MIller, Cynthia-Strutten My Stuff

There are days when self-doubt gets blown from the shadows with bursts of energy, creativity and a desire to experiment with color and movement. This painting exudes one of those positive "Strutten" My Stuff Acrylic on Paper 14 x 11 $275 Cynthia Miller

Montis-Doreen-Baby It's Cold Outside (002)

Cloudy winter light creates subtle shadows and highlights. Shadows are created by using quick dry white over dark wool to create texture and depth in the wool. Light from the sky is painted in cool white and very light blue tones. Baby, It's Cold Outside Oil 14 x 11 $575 Doreen Montis

Moon, Danuta-Sunday Morning

When taking a Sunday morning walk in a quiet part of Sarajevo (Bosnia), I came across a man sitting at a table outside a little cafe, sipping coffee, and enjoying his newspaper. I wanted to capture this moment of a calm and quiet morning before the rest of the city wakes up. Sunday Morning Watercolor 9" x 12" NFS Danuta Moon

Moon, Danuta-When Life Gives You Lemmons

18th century Dutch paintings featuring exotic goods, often include lemons. They were often peeled which was intended to show their nature to those who might have never touched or tasted lemons, as only the richest could have aford them. This inspired me to take on a challenge to showcase lemons and try to capture their essence. When Life Gives You Lemons Oil 10 x 20 NFS Danuta Moon

Nadler, Marci-Old Barn, Blue Ridge Mountains

I have always loved old weathered barns...the colors of the wood, light peeping through the cracks and openings, visual symbols of the passage of time and endurance to withstand all sorts of weather. I painted this one many years ago but my love of the subject hasn't faltered. Old Barn, Blue Ridge Mountains Watercolor and Ink on Paper 18.5 x 23.5 $1800 Marci Nadler

Nicely, Elise-Quick Draw (002)

Quick Draw Watercolor on Paper 21 x 21 $1325 Eilse Nicely

Palmer, Rachel Garcia-In Naples

From my photograph of a home in Naples, close to the airport. I was drawn to the the juxtaposition of bright colors against the stone and stucco, the small signs of life amidst shuttered windows and darkened doorways. In Naples Oil on Canvas 12 x 16 $450 Rachel Garcia Palmer

Parent, Terri-Sunny Day in Bunny's Garden

A lovely morning in the garden created by Bunny Mellon and now maintained by the Oak Spring Garden Foundation. The sun illuminated the poppy highlighting the exterior petals and the interior stamen. Sunny Day in Bunny's Garden Digital Photography 14 x 11 $275 Terri Parent

Parent, Terri-I Woke Up Mad

The moon before dawn cast light and shadows creating a stormy ominous feeling. Or was Mother Nature a bit ornery that morning? I Woke Up Mad Digital Photography 14 x 11 $275 Terri Parent

Pistochini, Deidre-Bountiful Harvest

The sun had created some wonderful, bright reflections on the tops of pumpkins for sale at a local farm. The contrast between the intense light and the shadows behind the pumpkins really caught my eye. And, I took great liberty in my use of color. Don’t you wish pumpkins were that color?! Bountiful Harvest Watercolor 14 x 11 $500 Deidre Pistochini

Pistochini, Deidre-Chokeberries

Snow can appear as many colors, from the intense white and pale blue on a snow-laden branch of chokeberries catching the light, to the darker blues and shades of purple of the snow in the background. Chokeberries Watercolor 10 x 12 $450 Diedre Pistochini

Plazibat, Antonia-Shady Grove (002)

The coastal redwoods in Northern California offering shade from the warm sunshine. Shady Grove Watercolor 8 x 10 $200 Antonia Plazibat

PowellMandy_Back Bowls (002)

"Back Bowls" shows the beauty of night light from a cabin reflecting onto the snow. It is inspired by the black diamond ski slopes and the Back Bowls of Vail. It evokes the feeling of relaxing by the fire in a cabin after a long day of skiing the thrilling terrain. Back Bowls Acrylic 16x20 $500 Mandy Powell

Pyles Gomer-Reflections of Faith

I noticed the gravestones reflecting on the window and wondered if anyone buried there sat in the same pew they were reflecting on when they attended church.. Reflection of Faith Photography 11 x 14 $180 Gomer Pyles

Pyles Gomer-Winter Twilight

I love the temporary portals and mirrors that snow melt provides.. Winter Twilight Photography 11 x 14 $180 Gomer Pyles

Pyles Gomer-My Shadow

I enjoyed comparing my shadow with the puddle... It's the little things... My Shadow Photography 11 x 14 $180 Gomer Pyles

Ramsey, Nancy-Barn Reflections-Memories in Shadow

Layers of shadows glimpsed in memories are rearranged and reflected on the canvas. Barn Reflection: Memories in Shadow Acrylic 10”x10” $275 Nancy Ramsey

RaymondChristine_SummerNight_12x12 (002)

I love heading to southern Maryland to visit my artist friend on the river. Her dock has a straight view of sunset. In this piece I wanted to capture the incredibly warm summer evening as we watched the sunset over the Potomac River. By mixing cold wax with my oils, I was able to capture the sparkle and texture I felt in the humid evening illuminating all the beautiful colors of that evening. Summer Night Oil and Cold Wax 12x12 $575 Christine Raymond

RaymondChristine_LetThereBeLight_8x16 (002)

"Let There Be Light!" My vision of creation on the first day was gloriously portrayed this evening while sitting on my sisters deck overlooking her pond. The sun setting in the west throwing color everywhere like an explosion I just had to visually captured it in all its glory! Let There Be Light Oil and Cold Wax 16x8 $520 Christine Raymond

Salvatori, Stephanie-Strength in Solitude

Strength in Solitude Photography 20 x 16 $285 Stephanie Salvatori

Salvatori, Stephanie-Partners in Time

Partners in Time Photography 20 x 16 $285 Stephanie Salvatori

Scala, Amy-Yucca at Chanticleer (002)

The sky was a beautiful background and the sun highlighted the elevated yucca plant. Picture perfect. Yucca at Chanticleer Acrylic 9x12 $300 Amy Scala

Schroeder. Francie-RedTailed Hawk Albino copy (002)

This rare and beautiful albino bird lives safely and well cared for in captivity. Albino Red Tail Hawk Archival Photography 10.25 x 15.65 $345 Francie Schroeder

ShakirovaRamziya_SunnyDayAtGreatFallsPark (002)

Impressionistic oil painting done en plein air in May, 2023. Oil on linen panel. Sunny Day at Great Falls Park Oil 9x12 $600 Ramziya Shakirova

Shervin, Cheri-Sunrise in Death Valley

The beauty of Death Valley in California is best captured at sunrise and sunset. Light and shadow are on full display here in the dunes on a beautiful March morning. Sunrise in Death Valley Photography 16x24 $180 Cheri Shervin

Shervin, Cheri-Sunset in Death Valley

The landscape of Death Valley is varied with rock and mountains and sand dunes. Here the sun is setting over the magnificent dunes on a March evening. The interplay of light and shadow is on full display. Sunset in Death Valley Photography 16x24 $180 Cheri Shervin

Snyder, Bea-Goose Creek Meets the Potomac at Sunrise

On my morning walk I happened upon the beautiful scene of Mother Nature in all her glory. I knew it had to be painted and took a photograph to use as a reference to try to capture it back in my studio. Goose Creek Meets the Potomac at Sunrise Oil on Linen 16" x 20" $550 Bea Snyder

Thompson, Dana Lee-killin time

I love the woods and trees and have decided to teach myself landscapes,,,I hope my efforts are paying off! Killin' Time Oil 11x8 $450 Dana Lee Thompson

Ulanowsky, Philip-Play of Light (002)

Direct sun refracting and reflecting at my work table led me to arrange the scene a bit for a photograph. Made on 4x5-inch film with the view camera. Play of Light Analog Photograph 8 x 10 $100 Philip Ulanowsky

Ulanowsky, Philip-Man with Journal (002)

The subject of light and shadow suggested to me an image such as this, adding metaphor to the physical-visual arrangement. Made on 4x5-inch film with the view camera. Man with Journal Analog Photograph 11 x 14 $150 Philip Ulanowsky

Victory_Josefina_Elegant (002)

Elegant Acrylic on paper 11 x 14 $490 Josefina Victory

Wallace, Ann-Spring Blooms

Spring Blooms Pastel 14 x 11 $550 Ann Wallace

Wallace, Ann-Fresh Picks

Fresh Picks Pastel 14 x 11 $550 Ann Wallace

Wallis, Jill-Forest Dance

This piece was done in plein air near Madison, Virginia. This gesture of this magnificent tree immediately brought dancing to mind. Its light bark commanded attention as its limbs peeked in and out of the dark foliage of the forest canopy. Forest Dance oil on canvas board 11 x 14 $200 Jill Wallis

Weed, Peggy-Black Welsh Mountain Sheep

Black Welsh Mountain Sheep Oil 12 x 16 $685 Peggy Weed

Weed, Peggy-Little White Sheep

Little White Sheep Barn Oil 14 x 18 $720 Peggy Weed

Willis, Kirk-Monologue[13]

Monologue is about conflict inside oneself. The art is painted on the back of glass “floating” over empty space so that the shadows can exist, enhance and change the art depending on its lighting. Monologue Acrylic on Glass 11” x 9” $150 Kirk Willis

Willis, Kirk-Distance[56]

Distance Acrylic on Glass 23 x 18.5 $350 Kirk Willis

Wine, Liinda-Mud Puddles[9]

Where do you think robins get the mud to build their nests? Or mud daubers? Mud puddles! Mud Puddles Acrylic 24 x 18 $300 Linda Wine

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