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A new addition to AiM's class schedule

Drawing with Jim



Come along and learn techniques on how to visualize, draw and explore the relationship of lines in art! In this class, Jim will guide you through exercises and thought processes to help you understand the relationship that lines have with drawing as a whole. Class discussion on the work, what went well, what was difficult, why you liked what you saw, how to improve and more will be included.


Looking is an integral part of drawing. Really seeing the line or multiple lines, shapes, light, dark that is in front of you so you can represent it on paper. How many different kinds of lines can one make?


Class Information



When: Once a month, dates will vary 


             Next class July 11th  

Time: 6:00 - 8:00 pm

Cost: $10.00

Where: AiM Gallery

             102 W. Washington Street

             Middleburg 20117

*We may meet outside periodically for the class to do outdoor sketching. We will notify all registrants if we do. Please bring your usual drawing supplies, a chair, and a clipboard. We will meet in the gallery as usual if the weather is bad.

Class Size: 4+

Ages: 15+

Materials Needed: 


  1. Drawing paper, pads, butcher paper, newsprint (your choice)  

  2. A variety of pencils and pens suggested H and B pencils

  3. Erasers

  4. Tortillions (stumps for blending)

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About Jim


Jim has always been artistic and enjoys creating art work of many kinds from drawing and painting to pottery and projects with his hands. He graduated from Denver University with a BA in Art Education. He taught art in at the high school level in Denver for several years before moving home to the DC area. He taught Art in Montgomery County for seven years, while selling drawings, paintings and running a framing business from his home. Jim then transitioned to the business world while raising a family and as Jim says, "not doing too much art". Currently, Jim draws for fun and relaxation often drawing peoples homes!

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