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The History of
the Middleburg Fox

The Middleburg Fox in front of the community center

 A FOXY ADVENTURE by Sylvia Scherer


Every adventure in Life begins with a first step.


On August 2, 2019 the first piece of clay placed on an armature of wire, foam, iron pipe and tape perfectly made by Goksin Carey, sculptress extraordinaire and director of this project, gave life to this exceptional collaborative effort between ARTISTS IN MIDDLEBURG (AIM) and the MIDDLEBURG ARTS COUNCIL with former Chairwoman Debbie Cadenas as leading fundraiser.  A six ft. commissioned sculpture of a FOX for the Town of Middleburg, an original idea of Jamie Gaucher, Business and Economic Development Director, will be the final result.  


Video of the Middeburg Fox in progress.  Sculpted by Goksin Carey and her students. 
Video by Karen Monroe

Days full of shared camaraderie, learning and hands on work between Goksin Carey and her enthusiastic students, honored to be part of this endeavor, who will follow her every directive and method, will succeed one another.  Measurements, observation, use of hands and tools enhancing plasticity, modeling, altering, will gradually give rise to the body and character of this intelligent often mischievous animal, deserving its rightful place in the stories and folklore of the world and the constellation Vulpecula in the Northern Sky.

To position, a sculpture of such size and weight would not have been possible without an ingenious mobile wood base, engineered and designed to perfection exclusively for this purpose by Erju Ackman.  Its height and tool storage allows three to four sculptors to work simultaneously in comfort while shaping some 300lbs of plasticine.  The removable top will facilitate transport to the foundry when the time comes.


The adventure has begun.   We AIM to make the dream a reality!

FullSizeRender (3).jpg

Debbie Cadenas, Bridge Littleton, Goksin Carey
Leslie Husain, Melissa Craig.

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