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Education in the Arts

The Artists in Middleburg has had the privilege of working with various schools, including Claude Thompson Elementary, Middleburg Community Charter, Banneker Elementary, Foxcroft, and Middleburg Montessori. 


From 2017-today, AiM has supplemented the art program at Claude Thompson Elementary by providing guest instructors and supplies. For the 2019-2020 school year, AiM received a grant from The Path Foundation, Warrenton, to supplement the Thompson art program.


AiM plans to continue our collaboration with these schools to further support the importance of incorporating the arts into every child's education. Art Matters!

AiM has exhibited student's work during the month of March for National Youth Art Month. These exhibitions have featured works from Claude Thompson Elementary School, Foxcroft, and Middleburg Montessori. All sales proceeds of students' work was donated back to the schools.



Cultivates and challenges the development of the brain

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