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GASP: Great Art,
Small Prices Exhibit

November 11 - January 7, 2024

Exhibition Jurors:

Sarita Moffat & Anne Reid

Garon Len - MORNING SAIL_ (002)

Best in Show My eye is drawn to dramatic light and shadow and design in nature. Sailboats especially capture that drama, for me. I love to paint the "spirit" of my subject capturing the drama and emotion of the moment. "Morning Sail" has that emotion, design, and power/ mood of the moment. Morning Sail Oil 8 x 10 $495 Len Garon

Arthur, Suzanne, Peony Bush

Second Place Peony Bush Oil 5 x 7 $350 Suzanne Lago Arthur

Curcio, Jana-May

Third Place As an artist I draw a lot from nature. I’ve recently been considering how nature and beauty are intertwined. This is an ongoing series to produce one image for each month with the goal of capturing the essence of that months beauty and what it means to live and be in nature and of nature as a human form. May Photography and Pastels 16 x 20 $250 Jana Curcio

Bysshe, Stan-Preening

Honorable Mention Snowy Egret male in mating plumage. It's hard not to photograph these birds when they are showing off. Preening Photography 12 x 12 $180 Stanley Bysshe

Macy, Suzan-Winter Flight (002)

Honorable Mention Winter Flight Oil 12 x 12 $495 Suzan Macy

Montis-Doreen - Old Ewe - Oil (002)

Honorable Mention Sheep are a favorite subject of mine to paint and I am always trying new techniques to make capture their beauty. This one was blocked in using a palette knife and finished with brush work. Quick dry white paint helps add the interesting texture to the wool. Old Ewe Oil 12x12 $500 Doreen Montis

Wilson, Barbara-The Blue Note

Honorable Mention A combination of various ceramic classes including; listening to jazz music, experiments with flat figures, and shapes. Inspiration— A evening at The Blue Note in London. The Blue Note Clay 7 x 9 x 7 $325 Barbara Wilson

Arthur, Suzanne Lago - Beneath the Rosse Brambles

In this painting I was playing with the concepts of unity, space & flatness vs rendering of subject. These Rose brambles turned out to be the perfect subject to experiment with. Beneath the Rose Brambles Oil on Linen Panel 5 x 7 $350 Suzanne Lago Arthur

Baird, Lois_Monhegan Harbor_20 x 10_oil_$475 (002)

I felt the magic of Monhegan, Maine the minute I set foot on the island. While painting “en plein air” I was compelled to capture the calm and serenity I felt when I saw this view of the harbor: the gentle lap of the waves, the tide coming in, the boats bobbing in the water. Monhegan Harbor Oil 10 x 20 $475 Lois Baird

Baird, Lois-Route de Saint Orens France_12x9_oil_$325 (002)

On a beautiful summer day I painted alongside a narrow country road in France, in awe of the beauty. Grape vines, rolling fields, cypress trees, and the Pyrenees Mountains, what could be better? Route de Saint Orens, France Oil 9 x 12 $325 Lois Baird

Baker, Michelle-Waves photography (002)

Finding peace whether in the mountains or on the beach is all about being still. In Waves, the cool blue color combination soothes the soul. Waves Photography 11 x 14 $240 Michelle Baker

Baker, Michelle-Water,photograpy (002)

Macrophotography makes you look at an object with a new lens. Texture and color become so much more important when you look closer at an object. Water Photography 11 x 14 $220 Michelle Baker


This photograph of a sunflower was taken with a 105mm macro lens looking at its center from its side. I used a technique called Focus Stacking to capture the center of the sunflower, or disk florets. New Perspectives Photo on Canvas 12 x 20 $185 David Bannan

Baumgartner, Betty-Turmoil

A rough sea is interesting to watch and sometimes it reflects what’s going on in my life. Turmoil Acrylic 8 x 10 $200 Betty Baumgartner

Bezgacheva, Julia-A_good_day

The view of a spirited horse in a sun-kissed autumn field is always a delight, reminding me of the essence of a carefree day in the countryside. I wanted to capture the harmonious relationship between the animal and the changing seasons with this painting. A Good Day Oil 9 x 12 $270 Julia Bezgacheva

Bezgacheva, Julia-At the lake (002)

This local lake always looks different, and I am fascinated by its everchanging but always serene appearance. Oil is a perfect medium to capture this subject as the intricate brushstrokes mimic the play of light and shadow on the lake's surface, mirroring nature's evolving symphony. At the Lake Oil 9 x 12 $260 Julia Bezgacheva

Bleau, Kathleen-Rocke's Place Ashburn (002)

I painted this piece in plein air and just loved watching the animals interacting with each other. It was so delightful to be with the variety of animals and hear all the barnyard sounds while painting. I hope to bring the viewer on a little barnyard experience. Rocke's Place, Ashburn VA Oil 12 x 16 $175 Kathleen Bleau

Bleau, Kathleen-Honeymoon Island State Park FL (002)

Sitting on the beach of this completely natural beach soaking up the beauty of sunset is such a contrast to the hustle and bustle of the busy Clearwater beach in the distance. I want the view to feel the peace of a wonderful end of day. Honeymoon Island State Park, near Clearwater FL Acrylic 12 x 16 $175 Kathleen Bleau

Block, Anne-Afternoon on the Shenandoah (002)

Recently, I set up my oils, chair and painting table for a wonderful afternoon by the Shenandoah. I actually sat on the Rick’s Mud River as the water was low. There was a breeze. Two people were wearing waders and fishing nearby. The river water ripples and flistened in the afternoon sun. It was a day to remember and I am sooo happy to record it on canvas! Autumn on the Shenandoah Oil on Linen 8 x 16 $299 Anne Block

Block, Anne-Fall Colors Nearby (002)

This wonder of fall colors can be seen at McKee Besher’s Wildlife Reserve. Recently I set up with my canvas and paints as I viewed this awe-inspiring landscape en plein air. Fall Colors Nearby Oil on Linen 9 x 12 $299 Anne Block

Brabant, Jill-Whitepeonies (002)

Peonies bloom slowly, but the magnificent blooms are worth the wait. In Christianity, they symbolize that God's timing is perfect ... often we have to wait for the beauty that He reveals to us. White Peonies Oil 8 x 10 $425 Jill Brabant

Bridgman, Cindy-So Hard to Choose

At a local farm's now a tradition to choose a hanging basket each summer, and they are all so beautiful. It is very hard to choose just one! So Hard to Choose Oil on Linen Panel 10 x 20 $485 Cindy Bridgman

Bridgman, Cindy-Due North on a Scenic Highway

I take the scenic highways and byways whenever possible, even after a late winter blizzard when the earth makes peace with the snow from the sky. Due North on a Scenic Highway Oil on Linen Panel 8 x 16 $360 Cindy Bridgman

Brunini, Noreen-Serenity

Serenity Watercolor 16 x 20 $500 Noreen Brunini

Burk, Tracy-Steeplechase Warmup

This painting was started plein air at the Virginia Fall Races. I placed myself in front of the paddock where the horses were warmed up before the race. Steeplechase Warmup Oil 11 x 14 $500 Tracy Burk

Burk, Tracy-Buttercups

Buttercups Oil 11 x 14 $500 Tracy Burk

Button, SIma-Swingin' in Sunflowers

My Gnomes Kept me Company all of last year. Many of them are associated with a month or season of the year. This guy was my partner for August. His concept came partially from the crisis in Ukraine and partially just because I love Sunflowers. I loved returning to my roots a bit with this one with the background pastels texture. Swingin' in Sunflowers Collage/Mixed Media 8.5 x 11 $200 Sima Button

Button, SIma-Da Beach!

Gnomes Kept me Company all of last year. Many of them are associated with a month or season of the year. My family often hits the beach in June so while this lil' guy is relaxing all summer long he was my fun friend in June! These colors are not typical gnomish colors and I love the idea that everyone needs a vacation! Da Beach! Collage/Mixed Media 8.5 x 11 $200 Sima Button

Buytenhuys, Adele-End of Summer

Reference Wen Photos, Facebook group of photographers giving artists permission to use their photographs. Colored Pencil on black paper is my medium of choice. End of Summer Colored Pencil 9 x 12 $295 Adele Buytenhuys

Bysshe, Stan-Sunflower

While known for their color, Sunflowers also have wonderful texture. This is perhaps best seen in Black and White. Sunflower Photography 12 x 12 $180 Stanley Bysshe

Chandler, Sage-Wedgwood with Eggs

Wedgwood with Eggs Oil 12x16 $375 Sage Chandler

Coleman_Karen_Red-shouldered Hawk Breast Feather_2022 (002)

Using iridescent watercolors and colored pencil on black paper, I wanted to capture the softness and beauty of a feather from the breast of a Red-shouldered Hawk. Red-shouldered Hawk Breast Feather Colored Pencil and Watercolor 9 x 7 $250 Karen Coleman

Coleman, Karen_Chasing the Light (002)

I have been experimenting with colored pencil on black paper. The beautiful and varied hues of violets, blues and purples of the hydrangea in my garden gave me the perfect specimen. Chasing the Light Colored Pencil 11x 11 $300 Karen Coleman

Conrad, Marcia-Beauty in Blue

Nothing like a bouquet to chase the blues away. Beauty in Blue Acrylic on Paper 9x11 $200 Marcia Conrad

Conrad, Marcia-Should I

Two birds together but not really. One contemplates a red berry, should I or not? The second stares at something in the distance of more interest - a tasty bug, perhaps. Should I? Watercolor on Rice Paper 11x16 $350 Marcia Conrad

Cornish, Mary-At the Finish (002)

Horses racing for the finish! The size of this a challenge to convey the excitement of horse racing. At The Finish Oil on Panel 2 x 3 $275 Mary Cornish

Curcio, Jana-April

As an artist I draw a lot from nature. I’ve recently been considering how nature and beauty are intertwined. This is an ongoing series to produce one image for each month with the goal of capturing the essence of that months beauty and what it means to live and be in nature and of nature as a human form. April Photography and Pastels 16x20 $250 Jana Curcio

Elgin, Elizabeth-Fuschia Reflections (002)

Fuschia Reflections The organic shapes of flowers are mesmerizing to me, as well as the challenge of all the subtle color shifts within flowers. The bright colors found in fuschia plants immediately brings up happy feelings and so I painted this flower over-sized to make a huge happy statement. Fuschia Reflections Oil 20 x 20 $425 Elizabeth Elgin

Elgin.Hisbiscus Joy[59]

Hibiscus Joy! How many colors can the hibiscus hold? And how they melt and merge with each other! Nature is so amazing and teaches us to stop and observe closely the miracle unfolding right before our eyes. Hibiscus Joy Oil 16 x 20 $375 Elizabeth Elgin

Ferri, Michele-Tidal Pool

Tidal Pool Oil 11 x 14 $400 Michelle Ferri

Ferri, Michele-Santa Maria Maior

Santa Maria Maior Oil on Panel 11 x 14 $450 Michelle Ferri

Ford, Gayle Isabelle-Spring Treasures (002)

One of my favorite flowers in spring. If only they lasted longer! Spring Treasures Oil 5 x 5 $475 Gayle Ford

Foster, Michelle-The Survivor Rose

After Hurricane Katrina, a rose re-emerged after being submerged in dirt and seawater. It is called the "Peggy Martin Rose," and comes with a backstory of loss and hope. After the pandemic, this rose, which flourished in our garden, spoke to me in a different way. The Survivor Rose Oil on Belgian Linen Panel 11 x 14 $375 Michelle Foster

Foster, Michelle-Warm Light

In the winter, with days so short, there is a moment before sunset when things glow. Warm Light, Cool Day Oil on Panel 11.75 x 9 $290 Michelle Foster

Garcia, Nancy-All Chewed Up

ALL CHEWED UP Colored Pencil 5 x 7 $125 Nancy Garcia

Garcia, Nancy-Moo to You Too

MOO TO YOU TOO Oil 6 x 15 $195 Nancy Garcia

Peacocks View Mars

Strut Your Stuff Mixed Media 16 x 16 $350 Maribe Gardiner


Andalusia Acrylic 11 x 11 $350 Maribe Gardiner

Gallick, Rosemary-Musical Explosion (002)

Musical Explosion Mixed Media 28 x 24 $250 Rosemary Gallick

Garfield, Aryn-abovethetram (002)

The bustle of cruisers dies away as you move further up above the port of Juneau. This image reflects the view of the area in summer, on a partly cloudy day. Above the Tram Acrylic 12 x 12 $250 Aryn Garfield

Garon Len - FLOWER SHOP (002)

I believe things happen for reasons. When I moved to Alexandria I was looking for a studio and met a woman at my art show who had a rental. The house was this scene ready to paint. I painted the scene and found another rental. Flower Shop Oil 12 x 16 $495 Len Garon

Gordon, Nadya-Golden Aspen Trees

Fall Landscape depicts glowing aspen trees. Yellow, blue and gray colors in this painting create interest. Golden Aspen Trees Acrylic 12 x 16 $195 Nadya Gordon

Gordon, Nadya-Fall Landscape Path

Fall Landscape depicts tree lined path on a sunny day. Fall Landscape Path Acrylic 12 x 16 $195 Nadya Gordon

Gradison, Heather-The Greens

A curious family that makes the viewer curious about who they are. The cohesive skin color and polka dots add to the curiosity of it all. CURIOUS! The Greens Watercolor 18 x 20 $300 Heather Gradison

Green, Marci-Facing Fears (002)

We all face difficulties and fears, and I have found that at times I feel paralyzed by the trials. This painting reminds me to face my struggles with courage, to put my head down and charge forward into the unknown. There is freedom and beauty in racing towards our goals and facing our fears. Facing Fears Oil 9 x 12 $500 Marci Green

Green, Marci-Don't Blink (002)

The feeling of passing time has been heavy on my mind lately. In one moment I'm feeling frantic to accomplish my goals in life, and in the next I'm wanting to hold on to every minute I have with my children before they've all grown up and started their own adventures. I'm afraid if I blink, I'll miss it all. Don't Blink Oil 9 x 12 $500 Marci Green

Green, Marci-Across the Brandywine (002)

I had the privilege of painting on the grounds of the Brandywine Museum in Pennsylvania a couple months ago. To be surrounded by the beauty that inspired many of Andrew Wyeth's paintings was a special treat. This is my attempt to hold onto the feeling of that day, of the fleeting way the light moves across a landscape that Andrew Wyeth loved. Across the Brandywine Oil 5 x 7 $215 Marci Green

Gring, Susan-Winter in the Woods (002)

Avid hikers and cross- country skiers, our family loved opportunities to enjoy the quiet and pristine beauty of winter. Winter in the Woods Acrylic on Birch Board 16 x 20 $295 Susan Gring

Harleman, Melinda-Orchid Spray

One of my favorite places to visit in Washington, DC is the Botanical Garden. The orchid exhibit is my favorite, and I always find inspiration when I visit. Orchid Spray Oil 18x24 $250 Melinda Harleman

Harleman, Melinda-Pears Reflected on a Pewter Plate

I combined my favorite fruit (pears) with my favorite reflective surface (pewter). I love the liquid, flowing design that it created. Pears Reflected on A Pewter Plate Colored Pencil 18 x 24 $275 Melinda Harleman

Hengemuhle, Sarah-Surprised By

I love texture and enjoy working with oil and palette knife; I started this one sitting on the sidewalk in front of AiM on a particularly hot day. At first I thought this was a mistake - oil paint does not take well to heat - but was instead delighted by the bright, light feeling that resulted. I combined with traditional palette work in studio to finish this memory of the sea in summer. Surprised by Oil and Light Oil 8 x 10 $450 Sarah Hengemuhle

herman, lorrie_WhatsForLunch_wc (002)

I came across "Miss Friendly" asking for lunch. Had fun trying out the textures of the wool coat on this lovely lamb. What's for Lunch? Watercolor 11 x 15 $395 Lorrie Herman

herman, lorrie_TheHouseBeyond_wc (002)

The light filed the field and the charming house beyond was inviting. I liked the way the treed path made a frame for this view. The House Beyond Watercolor 11 x 15 $395 Lorrie Herman

Hindle, Stuart-English Garden Wall

This summer, I searched out gardens in the area of the Cotswolds, England. This is a scene in Hidcote Gardens. English Garden Wall Oil on Panel 7 x 5 $295 Stuart Hindle

Hindle, Stuart-English Thatched Cottage Garden (002)

The historic area of the Cotswolds, England still maintains the unique thatched cottages. This is a scene in Hidcote Gardens. We were lucky to have beautiful weather and a full garden in June. English Thatched Cottage Garden Oil on Panel 12 x 9 $495 Stuart Hindle

Hopkins, Laura - Trees at Dusk

This painting reflects my love of the 19th century Tonalist painters whose work depicted the mood and atmosphere of the marshes and fields of rural New England. I grew up in Connecticut and the autumn palette and the focus on dusk and dawn speaks to my heart. Trees at Dusk Oil on Linen Wrapped Panel 8 x 10 $425 Laura Hopkins

Hopkins, Laura-Landscape Study 158

Small paintings such as this one allow me to experiment with compositions and color harmonies that often lead to large paintings. They serve as something of a playground for me. Their small size makes them easy to hang and they make great gifts! Landscape Study 158 Oil on Linen wrapped Panel 6 x 8 $225 Laura Hopkins

Howsare, Kathleen-Ginko Gold

A yearly visit to the Ginkgo grove at the Virginia Arboretum never disappoints. I am drawn to the light flickering through the greens and golds of these interesting trees and catching a glimpse of the Blue Ridge in the distance. Ginkgo Gold Acrylic 9” x 12” $450 Kathleen Howsare

Howsare, Kathleen-An Autumn Memory

Follow the path through light and shadow to another view of our beloved Blue Ridge. Fall doesn’t last but we always remember the beautiful days. An Autumn Memory Acrylic 8” x 8” $350 Kathleen Howsare

Huntington, Sarah-Girl in Water

Girl in Water BW Print 11 x 14 $125 Sarah Huntington

Huntington, Sarah-Still Life

Still Life BW Print 11 x 14 $125 Sarah Huntington

Huyett, Sheila-Fancy Fall

Fancy Fall Oil 14 x 11 $195 Sheila Huyett

Huyett, Sheila-Doodle Dandy

Doodle Dandy Oil 16 x 20 $350 Sheila Huyett

Jenkins, Doris_SloansCrossingPond (002)

My cousin took a photograph of Sloans Crossing Pond when he and he family visited Mammoth Cave in Kentucky. I really liked the photo with the evening sky reflecting in the water. The beautiful colors in the sky and the textured swampy feel in the back portion of the pond drew me to want to paint this scene. I used a palette knife to create this swampy portion and to lay the leaves and brush in the foreground. Sloan Crossing Pond Oil on Linen 8 x 10 $395 Doris Jenkins

Jenkins, Doris_ThisLittleCow_Oil (002)

One bright Spring about two years ago, I did some exploring off of Oatlands Road in Aldie. I love to go down side roads and find things that I an inspired to paint. This little cow stopped and stared at me as I snapped a photo. The contrasting lights and darks in this picture, plus the sweet cow, made me want to bring this scene to life in oils. Brushes and palette knifes were used in this painting. This Little Cow Oil on Canvas 8 x 10 $395 Doris Jenkins

Kray, Dorothy-Dolce Far Niente

Dolce Far Niente Photography 14 x 9 $200 Dorothy Kray

Kray, Dorothy-Werifesteria

Werifesteria Photography 14 x 9 $150 Dorothy Kray

Lampert, Andreea-Winter Scene

This beautiful winter scene was captured in the lush mountains of Romania. I was mesmerized by the effect created by the clouds on top of the mountain. The little cottage hidden behind the trees creates a great perspective of the vastness of this fascinating land. Winter Scene Oil on Gesso Block 12 x 16 $450 Andreea Lampert

Lancaster, Roger-In for the Catch

This photo of an osprey coming in for a catch was taken on the James River east of Richmond VA. Having the raptor coming in straight at me was a thrilling experience! In for the Catch Photography 13x19 $100 Roger Lancaster

Lancaster, Roger-Shenandoah National Park in Winter

The Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia have beauty in every season of the year. This scene in Shenandoah National Park is taken from Skyline Drive. Digital art from an original photograph. Shenandoah National Park in Winter Digital Art on Canvas 16x20 $150 Roger Lancaster

Macy, Suzan-Winter Glory (002)

Winter Glory Oil 11 x 14 $495 Suzan Macy

Macy, Suzan-Who's hiding there_ (003)

Who’s Hiding There? Oil 9 x 12 $395 Suzan Macy

Mann, Amy-Rose of Sharon Twig (002)

A twig off a tree in my yard. I love how a glass of water refracts whatever you see through it. Rose of Sharon Twig Oil on Linen Panel 12 x 9 $300 Amy Mann

Mann, Amy-Pemaquid Point LIghthouse (002)

Painted last October during a month-long visit to Pemiquid, Maine. How can one visit Maine without painting a lighthouse at least once? Pemiquid Point Lighthouse Oil on Canvas 12 x 16 $475 Amy Mann

McKinley, Eva-Middleburg First Impressions

“Middleburg First Impressions” was inspired by our evening drives in Middleburg. Being new to the area- I'm constantly excited with all the new colors and compositions that live and breathe in this countryside. Middleburg First Impressions Watercolor 10 x 14 $225 Eva Kay McKinley

McKinley, Eva-Yosemite Tuolomne Meadows

“Follow me to Tuolumne” is a painting inspired by the Upper Valley of Yosemite. It was a magical place to visit. The streams and dark woods were just as beautiful as the striking domes. Hope all who view this peace have a glimpse of the magic of Tuolumne. Yosemite Tuolumne Meadows Watercolor 11 x 13 $235 Eva Kay McKinley

MerkinKaren_Eggplant (002)

I was inspired to paint this eggplant seeing the light shining on it in my kitchen. Eggplant Oil on Board 8 x 10 $500 Karen Merkin

Miles, Julie-Green Bean Blossoms

From a series called “In the Garden” inspired by close observations and appreciation of my own garden. Green Bean Blossoms Acrylic and Gold Leaf 12x9 $475 Julie Miles

Miles, Julie-Welfleets

Inspired by close observation of the never ending layer of my favorite oysters. Welfleets Acrylic, Plaster Diptych- 6 x 6 each $350/set Julie Miles

Miles, Julie-Bee Bee Cube

I like the folly of this little bee. And it is always a curious pleasure to use gold leaf in my work. Blue Bee Cube Acrylic, Plaster 6 x 6 $125 Julie Miles

Mindard, Maureen-Our home folded into nature

The sway of a canopy of trees invites me outside. The waving of the wooded giants allows the light to create a sparkling dance, breaking down the barriers between my home and nature. Our home folded into nature. Acrylic and Mixed Media on Canvas 18" x 18" $400 Maureen Minard

Moffat_Sarita_Friends_Oil_18x24 (002)

Friends Oil 18 x 24 $495 Sarita Moffat

Moffat_Sarita_Pears on a Mexican Serape_8x16_ (002)

Pears on a Mexican Serape Oil 8 x16 $425 Sarita Moffat

Moffat_Sarita_I am sure one of these must be for me_Oil_8x10 (002)

All youngsters - even the little critters -are hoping that there is a gaily wrapped package around Christmas time with their name on it. I am sure one of these must be for me. Oil 8 x 10 $325 Sarita Moffat

Montis-Doreen-Little Lamb- oil (002)

Every year, I have the opportunity to visit a friend's sheep farm and spend a day with the lambs. They are curious and gentle creatures. I love capturing their personalities and cuteness in paintings. Little Lamb Oil 6x12 $375 Doreen Montis

Montis-Doreen-Poppy-oil (002)

Hares are another favorite subject of mine and having the opportunity to paint one in poppies was one I could not resist. I love painting eyes on animals. It is what brings them to life. I want the viewer to wonder what they are thinking. Poppy Oil 6x12 $375 Doreen Montis

Morga, Maria-Unfolding

Spring Light of Day, blooms reaching for warmth of sunlight. Painted on reclaimed tin ceiling tiles, antique, the "frame" pictured is part of the painting . UnFolding Acrylic Texture 11 x 11 $450 Maria Morga

Morga, Maria-White Theory

The subtraction of color from the focal point to adjacent shapes. Painted on antique tin architectural ceiling tile. The look of the "frame" is actually part of the painting. White Theory Acrylic Texture 11 x 11 $450 Maria Morga

Morga, Maria-Stony Lonesome

Started this as a plein air sketch completed later in studio. With AIM at a lovely location called Stony Lonesome. Spring 2023. Stony Lonesome Watercolor 8 x 10.5 $325 Maria Morga

Muncy, Abigail - Summer Landscape

This small landscape painting depicts a gravel road winding through Blandy Experimental Farm on a summer day. Summer Landscape Clarke County Oil 5 x 7 $155 Abigail Muncy

Muncy, Abigail-closed peonies in a vase

These fresh, closed peonies were painted in my studio from life in the spring of 2023. Closed Peonies in a Vase Oil 8 x 6 $195 Abigail Muncy

Mussoff, Jody-horn

Being surrounded by hunt country, I can't help but make a tongue-in-cheek play on the fox-hunting sport. All in fun! Horn 3 Colored Pencil 14 x 11 $200 Jody Mussoff

Mussoff, Jody-coxcomb

My friend talked about a rooster with blue feet, so I just had to make this drawing, accenting the coxcomb as well as the feet. Coxcomb Colored Pencil 14 x 11 $200 Jody Mussoff

Mussoff, Jody-possum and money

I love to draw possums. The image of him chowing down on a twenty-dollar bill just popped into my head. Possum and Jackson Colored Pencil 11 x 14 $200 Jody Mussoff

Nicely, Elise-Countryside Path in Autumn

What is it about flaming red orange trees? They take my breath away! I am always trying to capture that ah-ha moment when I see these fall trees. Countryside Path in Autumn Acrylic on Canvas 16 x 12 $350 Elise Nicely

Nunnally, Elaine-The Calm After the Storm

One can almost hear the ocean as the waves break and travel along the edge of the sand, reaching far onto the shore before receding back into the ocean. The Calm After the Storm Watercolor 11 x 15 $500 Elaine Nunnally

Nunnally, Elaine-The Pink House

This pink house, surrounded by all the fauna and flora of the yard, barely gets to view passersby, as it is so couched by the beautiful landscaping. The driveway invites the passerby to come up into the yard and visit!! This was a nice opportunity for me to use masking fluid! The Pink House Watercolor 11 x 15 $500 Elaine Nunnally

Oliver,  Karen-Winter View

A snowy landscape created with wrappers from amaretto cookies, rice papers, and other papers. Winter View Collage 14×18 $400 Karen Oliver

Oliver, Karen-The Reader

A young girl lost in her book over a long bus trip. The Reader Collage 8×10 $300 Karen Oliver

Oliver, Karen-Ella's Dream

Ella Fitzgerald achieves her dream of performing at the Apollo Theater. Ella's Dream Collage 11×14 $350 Karen Oliver

Parent, Terri-Enjoy the Ride

I am married to a man who loves outdoor cycling so I am always looking for interesting bike images to photograph. The elements of the image provided the opportunity to use overlays to create a vintage moody vibe. Enjoy the Ride Digital Photography 14 x 11 $250 Terri Parent

Parent, Terri-Last Poppy

With fresh garden flowers coming to an end, I am reviewing and remembering spring and summer flowers. This was the last poppy blooming in a beautiful backyard garden. Last Poppy Digital Photography 10 x 8 $195 Terri Parent

Patterson, Leslie-The Fox Portrait

I enjoy painting animals because I love the texture that I can recreate. It's my favorite element of design. The Fox Portrait Acrylic 12 x 12 Round $425 Leslie Patterson

Patterson, Leslie-Remember When

I had a beautiful gelding palomino once. This picture reminds me of him and the ripples of strength he had. It always amazed me. Remember When Acrylic 8 x 8 $400 Leslie Patterson

Petrecca, Regina-Around the Bend

A traditional landscape painted in non-traditional colors. Around The Bend Acrylic 16 x 20 $325 Regina Petrecca

Plazibat, Antonia-Gourds Galore!

A colorful harvest of just-picked gourds! Gourds Galore! Watercolor 8 x 10 $250 Antonia Plazibat

Plazibat, Antonia-Surf's Up

A windy day to catch a wave on the Northern California coast. Surf’s Up Watercolor 8 x 10 $200 Antonia Plazibat

Pyles, Gomer-Where's the Hay (002)

At times when wandering the countryside, I sing gibberish to the animals. Sometimes they ignore me, but other times they huddle to get a closer look... Where's the Hay! Photography 11 x 14 $170 Gomer Pyles

Pyles, Gomer-The Zen of Now

One of my less traveled favorite roads almost always awards me with a beautiful energy. The Zen of Now Photography 11x14 $170 Gomer Pyles

Raymond, Christine-Song of the Clouds

Capturing the unique color and vibrancy of the clouds over the Potomac River was the song of my heart this particular plein air day in Alexandria, VA. Songs of the Clouds Oil 8x8 $195 Christine Raymond

Raymond, Christine-The Daily Graze

That deep breath of peace watching cows grazing in an open field with a beautiful cloud covering, this was my goal to capture when I walked up to this scene at Fort Lewis Lodge in Bath County Virginia. The Daily Graze Oil 9x12 $325 Christine Raymond

Raymond, Christine-The Waltz

Oh the dance of the clouds over the mountains! There is simply nothing like it! This piece was created en plein air or "out in the open field." I wanted to capture this breathtaking view from up top of one hill looking at the other hills with the clouds dancing through the air. The Waltz Oil 11x14 $450 Christine Raymond

Reid, Anne-Changing Seasons

Changing Seasons Pastel 16 x 12 $425 Anne Reid

Richards, Kim-The Healing Light

Sunflowers have an inner glow that seems to radiate peace and happiness. Looking at them never fails to brighten my day. Healing Light Oil 7 x 11 $275 Kim T. Richards

Richards, Kim-Goldenrod

Wildflowers are always in motion, growing and changing before your eyes. With thick textural paint, I allow colors to shine through the various layers to capture not just the flower’s beauty, but also its transient existence. Goldenrod Oil 14 x 11 $400 Kim T. Richards

Romeo, Marie-Wildflowers #2

Inspired by the organic lines and texture of wildflowers, I decided to use unconventional recycled materials to enhance the composition. Materials used are recycled tea boxes, paper bags, corrugated cardboard, coffee cup liners and packing materials. India ink and opaque watercolor add to the dimension. Wildflowers No. 2 Collage 12 x 12 $185 Marie Romeo

Scala, Amy-St. Bride's Farm

Plein Air event looking at the Bull Run Mountain in the distance. St. Bride’s Farm View Acrylic 9 x 12 $295 Amy Scala

Scala, Amy-Patch of Green Grass (002)

A patch of green grass caught my eye. Patch of Green Grass Acrylic 11 x 14 $300 Amy Scala

Schroeder, Francie-winter landscapes (002)

There is a haunting beauty to open fields in the winter. Winter Landscape Photography 14.75 x 11.50 $325 Francie Schroeder

Schroeder, Francie-Fall Fields

Reflects weary weight of incoming winter days. Fall Fields Photography 9 x 6 $135 Francie Schroeder

Snyder, Beatrice-Waterlillies

Waterlilies at Giverny Waterlilies Oil 12 x 12 $350 Bea Snyder

Snyder, Beatrice-Flowers from My Garden

Cutting the spring flowers from my garden and bringing them into my home. Flowers from my Garden Oil 12 x 12 $375 Bea Snyder

Stevens, Libby-Corner Sunflowers

This still life was all set up and ready to be painted in a corner of a friend’s house…much to her surprise! Inspiration is everywhere! Corner Sunflowers Pastel 9 x 12 $485 Libby Stevens

Stevens, Libby-Ironweed Jumble

I much prefer to paint a tangled jumble of native weeds, in this case a patch of ironweed, then paint a manicured formal garden. Ironweed Jumble Pastel 9 x 9 $485 Libby Stevens

Suiter-Henry, Cathy-Lantern with Cider Jug (002)

It's amazing what you can find in your garage as subjects for a painting. An antique kerosene lamp and an old salt glazed jug are the stars here. The backdrop is an old army blanket. I need to rummage through the garage more often. Lantern with Cider Jug Oil 12 X 16 $220 Cathy Suiter-Henry

Suiter-Henry, Cathy-Anticipating Alfresco (002)

I should have titled this, "Fun with Color." Anticipating Alfresco Oil 10 X 8 $150 Cathy Suiter-Henry

Tallarico, Jennifer-Breezy Day on the Coast (002)

“Breezy Day on the Coast” is painted with a palette knife to create thick textures throughout. Using a palette knife for the grasses enabled me to create strong directional flow while also maintaining a lightness and breeziness. The sky was painted more subtly enabling cloud colors to emerge within the haziness. Breezy Day on the Coast Oil 8 x 10 $400 Jennifer Tallarico

Tallarico, Jennifer-Before the Flood (002)

“Before the Flood” is painted using lots of greens and blues to depict the lushness of the river valley. The current flows over the rocks that can be seen throughout. The background is comprised of mist intermingled in the trees creating a sense of dew and dampness from the rains on the distant trees. Before the Flood Oil 8 x 10 $400 Jennifer Tallarico

Thompson, Dana Lee-Sympathy

This hound looked like he wanted some sympathy. Sympathy Oil 9.5 x 8 $500 Dana Lee Thompson

Tighe, Angel-Edgar Allen and Poe (002)

Edgar Allen Poe Acrylic and Mixed Media 24 x 48 $390 Angel Tighe

Tordoff, Michelle-Tulips in Chinoiserie

My favorite flowers are tulips plucked fresh from the garden and popped into a vase. I like to see them every day. Why limit them to a wall in your house? Art should be showcased on your front door and shared. That is what Tulips in Chinoiserie for. Tulips in Chinoiserie Acrylic and Epoxy Resin 22 x 19 $100 Michelle Tordoff

Ulanowsky, Philip-Paul Ulanowsky's violin (002)

Paul Ulanowsky's Violin Photography 11x14 $135 Philip Ulanowsky

Ulanowsky, Philip-Pears June 2023

Pears, 2023 Photography 8 x 10 $95 Philip Ulanowsky

Victory_Josefina_Sunflowers (002)

There is nothing better for a child than to live in connection with nature. Sunflowers Acrylic on Canvas 12 x 12 $360 Josefina Victory

Wallace, Ann-Just Add Water

Just Add Water Oil 11 x 14 $500 Ann Wallace

Wallace, Ann-Tranquility

Tranquility Oil 12 x 15 $500 Ann Wallace

Wallach, Ginger, Stuart Street

Stuart Street Characters Oil 11 x 14 $450 Ginger Wallach

Wallach, Ginger, Late May Pasture

Late May Pasture Oil 11 x 14 $450 Ginger Wallach

Wallach, Ginger-Let's Go

Let's Go! Oil 11 x 14 $450 Ginger Wallach

Webber, Kathleen-Goldfinches in Coneflowers

Late this summer I noticed many goldfinches feeding on spent coneflowers planted near my mailbox. The vivid coloring of the birds and flowers really caught my eye and was the catalyst for this painting. I printed the rice paper with acrylics and adhered it to surface with matte medium. Goldfinches in Coneflowers Collage 12 x 12 $175 Kathleen Webber

Webber, Kathleen-July Captured

All the flowers were blooming madly in my garden this summer. The double orange daylilies were first discovered in a pasture many years ago. I devised the dragon vase design from an old one purchased at a country action. July Captured Acrylic 12 x 24 $195 Kathleen Webber

Webber, Kathleen-Patience

A friend’s many photos of a fox (she named her “Helen”) who regularly hunted in her lush suburban backyard inspired this painting. Helen is silently waiting among the rhododendrons and other foliage. She is hoping for a very distracted squirrel. Patience Acrylic 12 x 12 $175 Kathleen Webber

Weed, Peggy-Dark Eyed Junco

Dark Eyed Junco Oil 7 x 5 $260 Peggy Weed

Weed, Peggy-Cows in the Creek

Cows in the Creek Oil 8 x 10 $400 Peggy Weed

Weed, Peggy-Winter Branches

Winter Branches Oil 8 x 10 $400 Peggy Weed

Wilson, Barbara-And the Owl Said to the Mouse...

“And the owl said to the little mouse . . . .” Clay 5 x 10 x 5 $275 Barbara Wilson


Beach Bummin’ Pastel 12 x 18 $250 Allison Wiesse

Zhou, Vicky-Virginia Countryside (002)[33]

Virginia Countryside Watercolor 11 x 14 $450 Vicky Zhou

Zhou, Vicky-Shining Through (002)[29]

Backlit trees near the church in Paris, Virginia. Shining Through Watercolor 8 x 10 $350 Vicky Zhou

Zhou, Vicky-Window Sill (002)[62]

Windowsill Watercolor 8 x 11 $350 Vicky Zhou

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