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Claude Thompson Elementary School
Visiting Artists 

In an effort to fulfill our mission of championing creativity in the visual arts for all, we have partnered with artists to bring unique art styles and perspectives to local elementary schools, notably Claude Thompson.  Students have learned a wide variety of cultural art techniques, from the arctic of Alaska to the deserts of New Mexico. We also brought in a visiting scientist who uses chemistry and pH to create his own pigments for watercolor art.  

If you are interested in teaching a class at Claude Thompson, please contact us to get started!

To read more about the work we are doing with Claude Thompson Elementary School, please click the link to the Country Zest & Style article: Link to article

Science and Art

Visiting scientist Nicholas Anderson Taught students how to use chemistry to create watercolor pigments out of cabbage juice.


Students learned about pH and added lemon juice and baking soda to cabbage juice to create pink, purple, and blue pigments to paint with.

Sand Painting

Visiting artist and researcher Christina Nelson talked about her work in New Mexico and showed students the art styles and geology in the Southwest.


Students created Navajo inspired sand art using sand colors inspired by the array of colors found in minerals found across the desert landsape.

Soap Carving

Students learned about Inuit art, including soapstone, antler and mammoth ivory carving. Students were able to touch and see real moose antler, woolly mammoth tusk and Inuit carvings!

Each student created an arctic animal carving out of soap

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