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Celebrating Youth Art Month

MARCH 2022

The Bluest of Blues.jpg
Foxcroft School
Claude Thompson Elementary and
Middleburg Community Charter School

All across the nation, Youth Art Month is celebrated in March. This year, the students of Foxcroft School in Middleburg, Virginia, under the direction of their teacher, Julie Fisher, mentored students from  two local elementary schools, Claude Thompson Elementary and Middleburg Community Charter Schools. They borrowed a theme and gleaned inspiration from Fionna Robinson's children's book, The Bluest of Blues, which pays homage to the first female artist to publish a book of photography.

Julie from Foxcroft at Claude Thomplson.JPG

The Foxcroft students visited the local elementary schools and taught the cyanotype process to the young students. They helped the students prepare the specially treated paper, decide which objects to use and to set up the story they wanted to tell. The students learned which objects created sharp lines and soft lines. They learned how those lines and shadows affected the color development.

The cyanotype process utilizes specially treated paper that when exposed to light, turns blue or cyan. The process is just like with photography but uses only one color. Any object that blocks the light leaves behind a sharp white outline or varying shades of blue. The paper has to sit under a light and then soaked in a special solution to 'develop' the picture.

Cyanotype Process.JPG

We take pride in every single student and artist we work with. Everyone is capable of creating beautiful works of art and we love every chance we get to show them off! The student's work will be on exhibit at our gallery in Middleburg, Virginia from March 25th to April 3rd.                   to read the Middleburg Life article featuring The Bluest of Blues and the student exhibit.

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