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Art Does Matter!


That’s why Artists in Middleburg exists – to share our passion for art with you, our community and our children.

We need your tax-deductible contributions to expand our outreach to students.

You’ve visited or displayed your work at our Gallery and share the passion and talent of our local artists.   Just as you have benefited from the vibrancy brought by the visual arts, so must our children.  You know more than anyone, that art improves creativity and critical thinking – a skill often missing in our crazy world.

Did you know that kids who study art are four times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement?

Your gift will put us on the path to reach more children in our local schools, particularly kids in schools hit with recent budget cuts.

Donate now, it is easy to do so!

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Donate by PayPal (below), call us or print donation form and send payment to:

The Artists in Middleburg
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