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(As told to Sylvia Scherer)




Let me introduce myself before you read my story
I’m known as Flossy The Fox and I’m a model
The name, a bit ironic for flossing I cannot
A taxidermist, despite my being omnivorous

Left my dentures in his old tool box

Despite a loose paw on which I uncomfortably stand
Despite some not so seamless stitches
Or perhaps because of that, I was reduced in price
From $825 to $500, the offer appeared to all online
Hiding my flaws in packing foam, eventually I left home

But Life has a way of making good on things
I was bought by AIM, a gallery for artists of all types
From inside my large box I heard “Here’s the fox!!”
The excitement in their voices made me pause
For I was strapped and could not lick and pretty my fur

None other than Goksin Carey, sculptor of well deserved fame
Was the first to pick me up and give me a welcoming embrace
It was really nice but I felt her inquisitive eyes look me over
There was no hair spared and she noticed everything
Everything that I had brought and what was left in the old tool box

Two students posed me, as I came pre-screwed to be placed on a log
A special round table with a frightening view was readied for me
I found myself surrounded by horses of all kinds hanging on the wall
Normally I stay as far as I can from the equine crowd
Yet, I could only stare, as for me it was impossible to move    

Sometimes we fear more than we should and are proven wrong
The horses posing there never bothered to look my way
Just one across of me, hanging on a mirrored wall gave me the eye
Spirited brushstrokes fitted well his Troublemaker name
His namesake is my middle name, so we bonded right away

What was to come the days that followed was for me another world
Much activity, commentary, instructions and care was to take place
A 6ft armature of pipe, foam, wire and tape rested on a perfect base
It stood there mid-room not knowing that it would resemble ME
The first time the fuzz was about me and I did not have to run away

With a toast of wine, shrimp and something called Wacky Molly
Good wishes were exchanged; the instructor strategy explained
Boxes of plasticine from far away Italy by assistants were opened
Each bar sliced, placed inside warmers for hands to ready the clay
To grand acclaim, the first piece on the armature was placed

I was touched and measured everywhere, yes….even there!
With great enthusiasm, a willing and active participant I became
Energy was in the air; hard work became the order of the day
Slowly but surely my alter ego from the armature began to emerge

At first I thought she might be a large black rabbit
The right speed and size she had but the ears she had not
Carrots not her forte, other daily treats for her were brought
“Kiki”, neither a rabbit nor a hound, with the Great Goksin came
Daily she spent kissing, loving and being kissed and loved in return
Not bothering to measure me, my affection grew for her

Secrets are to be kept, so only her initials (CFC) I’ll tell
In time with great fanfare she shall be officially named
  With all the Town of Middleburg out in force to celebrate
We hope you will join us on that special day
When the Monumental Fox shall be permanently placed
There was another perfect fox of clay with the desired pose
My legs straight and stiff (taxiarthritis), I could not model that way
Again and again measurements were made with no part spared
Sometimes we rolled our eyes but for the sake of art we stayed
In this shared grand adventure, Sassy and I became fast friends

The Gallery’s door was always open, welcoming all
From my position of strength and an open eyewink I invited them in Looking inside from the outside, their curiosity would not satisfy
So in they filed with children, without and some using a cane
A nice fan came in to show me his distinguished socks

“Look mom a REAL Fox!  May I pet it?”
Gently the girls did just that
Their brother was intent on pulling my tail
His quick mom gave him a look that paralyzed him in place
Many took videos and pictures and wrote in our book  Some with words so expressive as in “Oh, WOW!” and “So COOL!”

“Team Work Makes The Dream Work” became our motto
Even T-Shirts were made but, mine too long, I could not wear
“Wear gloves!”, “Use your tools to push the clay firmly in place!”
Expert advice for it sometimes became volcanic hot
If not using a tool, a cut wire would pierce fingers and collect DNA
If you’ve ever had surgery hopefully you were sound asleep
The monumental Fox (CFC) went through the ordeal fully awake
When the Master works, she extends her hand expecting results
“Caliper!”, “Wire Cutter!”, “Bang! Bang!” (technically a Mallet)
“Drill!” and of course “Scalpel!” to correct an assistant’s work    
Sculpting is a fascinating but demanding process
And a full upper body workout with sweat takes place
Count the times you bend, if done wrong, a crack will be heard
One student uses sculpting as overdue aggression therapy as well

Late one night when there was only stillness and quiet
I heard the front door open and my heart skipped a non-beat
Since I now sleep with my eyes wide open, it was easy to see it all
In walks Goksin Carey, lights the place up and warms some clay
Of what we witnessed thereafter, Sassy and I were left in awe of her
   Critical eye, full concentration, deep knowledge in head and hands
Far from being mere appendages of digits hers can truly dance
What seemed ”not quite there” she brought to life
Corrections, adjustments, the right tool, the right pressure
Without interruption the beautiful dance continued thru the night
Several nights she thus welcomed the morning as if a natural thing
Either her daytime is too short or she is a creature of the night
The density of her fingers’ nerve endings must exceed those of most
We witnessed perfect harmony between tactile feedback and the eye
Time, of the essence, she just calmly sculpted with all her heart

Let me tell you of another nocturnal visitor who faithfully came
Erju Ackman, of architectural fame, designer of the dream work base
A powerful team both sculptor and designer architect made
They rectified structural armature problems of serious import
These two top surgeons shortening and lengthening, active in the ER
Saved the Monumental Fox from accidents that had occurred

(AIM) ARTISTS IN MIDDLEBURG is a great and welcoming place!
Sandy Danielson, Executive Director, also became my friend
She checked on everyone and me, making sure we were okay
The Team’s hydration and nutrition also became her concern
On top of everything else what for AIM she does all day
You’ll enjoy stopping by and visiting with her even if I’m not there

Details! Details! Details! It’s actually more than a day’s work
The equivalent of finishing touches as artists like to say
“The devil is in the detail”, not that I have met him I’d like to clarify
Hours will be spent going over the whole body, yes….even there!
Vaseline and Zippo fluid will be part of the hands on final game
Then, all prettied up, CFC to the Foundry will go
Her departure from the Gallery will be a huge show
300lbs, possibly more - she looks sensational to me!
A hot super adventure for her is coming as she gets cast in bronze
Sylvia, my friend and confidante, surely that story will tell

Goodbyes in Life are always difficult to say
Even though we practice from the day we are born
As we grow, everyday is a goodbye of sorts
For with the passing of Time there is no “au revoir”
Grateful I’ll always be for the adventure that I have lived at AIM    

My mission in Life had not been defined to me
Once I got to AIM it became as crystal clear as a polished star
Having contributed to bringing My Kind to center stage
In no other place than the beautiful Town of Middleburg
For all to see, an accomplishment that makes me hugely proud

For me this has been an experience of a Foxtime!
The creativity and energy I’ll miss; my new friends more so
The Great Goksin, wonderful Sandy and the Dream Team
Their warm welcome, their embrace and how I kept them in awe
Sassy, Troublemaker my buddies; of course CFC who’ll shortly leave
So, soon I’ll satisfy my curiosity of what it is
Then on my way to new adventures I’ll go…



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