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Trees Please! Exhibit

August 26 - September 24, 2023

Exhibition Juror:

Stuart Hindle

Boc, Raymond-Peace, Prosperity and Longevity

Best in Show Peace, Prosperity, and Longevity Digital Infrared Archival Print on Fine Art Paper 13 x 19 $400 Raymond Boc

Scherer, Sylvia- Trees Please-gilded painting-A Moment In Time. 52X30-jpg (002)

Second Place Gold and color metal sheets (0.5microns) are gilded to the design on the prepared canvas. Only very small areas are worked on at a time in this complicated design. The delicate weeping branches require 5 gilded applications. A meticulous process throughout, demanding countless hours of work. A MOMENT IN TIME Gilding 30 x 52 $7500 Sylvia Scherer

Ford, Gayle Isabelle-Morning Sunlight

Third Place I truly love trees!!! Especially in the fall! My favorite time of the year! And, these trees caught my attention while letting my horses out for the day. Did I mention how much I love trees? Morning Sunlight Oil 30 x 20 $2,295 Gayle Ford

Bysshe, Stan-First Snow

Honorable Mention The weather can change in an instant in the Grand Tetons, Wyoming. While photographing the Fall foliage the season’s first snowstorm came barreling in. First Snow Photography 10 x 15 $180 Stanley Bysshe

Harleman, Melinda-Late Summer on the Pond

Honorable Mention During covid, I spent many hours taking walks around my neighborhood. A large pond that is across the street from my house has always been one of my favorite places for finding inspiration. Late Summer on the Pond Oil 18 x 24 $600 Melinda Harleman

Moffat_Sarita_Specimen Trees at Oatlands_Oil_16x12 (002)

Honorable Metnin I was captivated by the notion of dogwood blossoms determined to show themselves peeping out from behind some specimen trees at Oatlands. Specimen Trees at Oatlands Oil 16 x 12 $800 Sarita Moffat

Weed, Peggy-Sheep Under the Hemlock Tree

Honorable Mention Sheep Under the Hemlock Tree Oil 14 x 11 $600 Peggy Weed

Adams, Virginia-The Open Maw

Inspired by a photograph, this hidden spot in a forest seemed like a lovely place to read a book while enjoying the music of the birds and brook. So, I took it home with me in a painting. The Open Maw Acrylic 11 x 14 $175 Virginia Adams

Baker, Michelle-Fall at Blue Valley

Blue Valley Winery in Delaplane is beautiful in all seasons but on this day the colors and moon made me stop in my tracks. This photo on canvas shows the beauty of the vineyard and the trees that nestle her. Fall at Blue Valley Photograph on Canvas 24 x 16 $360 Michelle Baker

Baker, Michelle-Down by the River

Down by the River is a mixed media collage featuring the beautiful bark of the sycamore tree. I saved the paper like bark from a tree that had to be removed from my Mom's property in Tennessee. The paper like texture was worth an extra piece of luggage on my flight back last month. Down by the River Acrylic on Canvas w/ Sycamore Bark Trees 14 x 18 $440 Michelle Baker

Baumgartner, Betty-Without Folliage

We see the true design and beauty of trees without the leaves and still admire nature. Without Foliage Calligraphy Pen and Watercolor 6 x 9 $195 Betty Baumgartner


Sunny Afternoon Oil on Linen 8 x 10 $325 Anne Block

Block, Anne Aunt Kathleens 1

Aunt Kathleen's #1 Oil on Linen 11 x 14 $375 Anne Block

Boc, Raymond-Into the Storm

Into the Storm Digital Infrared Archival Print on Fine Art Paper 17 x 22 $500 Raymond Boc

Boc, Raymond-Reflections of Life and After

Reflections on Life and After Life Digital Infrared Archival Print on Fine Art Paper 17 x 22 $500 Raymond Boc

Brabant, Jill-AutumnGold

A crisp fall day at Signal Hill Park . . .the fall the colors were glorious set off by the mist of the morning. There is a touch of gold leaf underneath the tree branches to add a touch of glisten. The Autumn Gold Oil and Gold Leaf 14 x 11 $495 Jill Brabant

Brabant, Jill-SpringArboretum

I love to visit the Azalea Collection at the U.S. National Arboretum in spring. The colors and light are magical! Spring at the Arboretum Oil 10 x 8 $395 Jill Brabant

Brabant, Jill-BloomFlower Farm

Bloom Flower Farm has old growth trees in the distance enhancing the beauty of the flower fields. Picking flowers and enjoying the scenery is a wonderful way to spend a summer afternoon. Bloom Flower Farm Oil 10 x 8 $395 Jill Brabant

Bridgman-Burnished by the Sun

Along a scenic highway nearby, I drove past this gorgeous tree lit by the late afternoon autumn sun. I had to stop at the side of the road and capture that image...and I had to paint it. Burnished by the Sun Oil on Linen Panel 20 x 20 $1250 Cindy Bridgman

Bridgman, Cindy-Une Promenade en Gris

An iconic tree line reflected in a favorite river in France...when I walk along its shore, I feel such peace. Une Promenade en Gris Oil on Linen Panel 11 x 14 $450 Cindy Bridgman

Bridgman, CIndy-Long Gone

Long gone...the tree has fallen and the ferry has stopped running. This highlights the historical significance of artists who are capturing iconic landscapes all around them. We record the past in paint and with love. Long Gone Oil on Linen Panel 9 x 12 $285 Cindy Bridgman

Bysshe, Stan-Lake Moultrie

Lake Moultrie, Georgia, on a very calm overcast evening; Cypress reflections. Lake Moultrie Photography 10 x 15 $180 Stanley Bysshe

Bysshe, Stan-Fox Trails

A heavy snow in the Hayden Valley, Yellowstone N.P. left a blank canvas. A fox slept out the storm under a single tree and left in the morning. Fox Trail Photography 10 x 15 $180 Stanley Bysshe

Conrad, Marcia-Red Rules

Memories of the Great North Woods in the summer and the anticipation of the coming autumnal blaze of color played in my mind as I painted this third in a series of red reflections in the lake. Hints of the green of the summer trees peek from behind the trees and can be seen at the top and bottom corner. Red Rules Acrylic 11 x 14 $300 Marcia Conrad

Conrad, Marcia-Blue Silence

The coastal lowlands at night, the magic of moonlight, and the dominance of the trees over the understory inspired this rather mysterious view of trees. Blue Silence Acrylic 18 x 24 $350 Marcia Conrad

Covington, Buzz-The Road Less Traveled (002)

Captured on Highway 1 in Northern California, this photograph has always caused me to think of life's journey, decisions, and hints of what lies ahead. The Road Less Travelled Photography Limited edition print, 6 of 25 Fine art print of Kodak metallic paper 12 x 18 $399 Buzz Covington

Covington, Buzz-Tuscan Storm Approaching (002)

Other visitors were scrambling for their cars when the first drops of rain began to hit. I thought the mood was beautiful and considered myself lucky to experience and capture the dramatic scene. Tuscan Storm, Approaching Photography Limited edition print, 3 of 25 Giclee Fine Art Pigment Print on acid free cotton rag 10 x 20 $499 Buzz Covington

Covington, Buzz-Perfect Little Hill (002)

I can't properly explain with words how much this scene from Tuscany makes me feel happy. Hopefully, the shapes, textures and colors makes you happy as well. Perfect Little Hill Metallic Print 12 x 12 $299 Buzz Covington

Emmling, Charles-Sunset

Sunset Oil 17 x 13 $285 Charles Emmling

FiorellaMaria_AraguaneyEnFlor (002)

This gorgeous tree - known as "araguaney" or "flor amarillo" - is a favorite in South America due to the intensity of its yellow flowers. I chose to paint it when I found an old photograph which depicted the tree at its most beautiful stage. Araguaney en Flor Oil 8 x 10 $149 Maria Fiorella

FiorellaMaria_PinkAndYellow149 (002)

I found the combination of a pink sky, pink flowers and a yellow tree a most interesting combination of colors, even though they are not complimentary colors. This was the view I had on a late afternoon looking towards the west in Virginia. Yellow and Pink Oil 8 x 10 $149 Maria Fiorella

Foster, Michelle-Glory

After a long, cold winter, suddenly the days are long and, for a brief instant, trees erupt in glorious bloom. Glory Oil on Belgian Linen Panel 20 x 20 $575 Michelle Foster

Foster, Michelle-Reflections 2 (002)

Reflections Oil on Linen Panel 11 x 14 $425 Michelle Foster

Garcia, Nancy-My Beautiful Trunk

MY BEAUTIFUL TRUNK Colored Pencil 18 x 24 $800 Nancy Garcia

Garity, Jill-Against The Glowing Sky (002)

Inspired by May evenings watching the sunset over the Blueridge. Against the Glowing Sky Oil 6 x 8 $425 Jill Garity

Garity, Jill-Cherry Blossoms (002)

A memory from childhood days growing up outside of Washington, DC. We would take guests to visit the magnificent display at the Tidal Basin. Cherry Blossoms Oil 10 x 20 $765 Jill Garity

Garity, Jill-Winter's Rest (002)

This idea emerged from a recent class studying mood in the landscape. Winter's Rest Oil 6 x 8 $385 Jill Garity

Geiger, Mark-Autumn on the Lake

Autumn on the Lake Watercolor 10 x 15 $600 Mark Geiger

Giraldi, Angela-Birchglow Forest

Glowing birches in a fantasy forest. Birchglow Forest Watercolor and Ink 18 x 22 $250 Angela Giraldi

Gordon, Nadya-Hammock by the Lake

Hammock by the Lake invites you to relax in the shade of the trees on a sunny day. Hammock by the Lake Acrylic 12 x 16 $195 Nadya Gordon

Gordon, Nadya-Sunny Forest Path

Take a walk on a trail in the forest on a sunny day. Sunny Forest Path Acrylic 12 x 16 $195 Nadya Gordon

Gordon, Nadya-Foliage by the Lake

Not long till we see brilliant fall colors. This painting shows the beauty of the fall foliage. Foliage by the Lake Acrylic 12 x 16 $195 Nadya Gordon

Gradison, Heather-Roosevelt Island

Roosevelt Island is a quiet surprise for walking trails beneath shade trees. I enjoy the peace being there brings me. Roosevelt Island Acrylic 30 x 24 $125 Heather Gradison

Gring Susan-Backlit Birches (002)

Living in northern Minnesota, birch trees were everywhere. They were absolutely stunning whether in spring with their new green leaves emerging or in fall when they wore their yellow jackets. But it was in winter when the stark bare branched trees were backlit by the setting sun that was absolutely an awesome sight. Backlit Birches Acrylic 12 x 12 $175 Susan Gring

Harleman, Melinda-Birch Tree

I was inspired by the peeling bark on one of the birch trees next to our neighborhood pond. It was certainly a challenge to paint it! Birch Tree on the Pond Oil 24 x 24 $625 Melinda Harleman

Harmon, Joyce-Winter Trees (002)

Every time I drove by this fence line and the Sycamores inside it I wanted to photograph it. I made a project of driving by in all seasons, and the winter was my favorite. Winter Trees Photography on Aluminum 19 x 30 $1195 Joyce Harman

Harmon, Joyce-Fall Canopy (002)

Looking up through the trees is one of my favorite pastimes. This particular day the colors came together to give me the feeling of fall while I laid on my back enjoying the view. Fall Canopy Photography on Aluminum 26x40 $1395 Joyce Harman

Haycraft, Ane- The Lonely Sycamore 2 (002)

Tree trunks are beautiful in my eyes. The random branches make it an adventure to paint. They provide the tree a soul. The Lonely Sycamore Watercolor 18 x 24 $350 Ane Haycraft

Haycraft, Ane-Lone Tree

Inspired by the light on the horizon, with a dark sky, the tree was just a needed object to make the picture gel. Lone Tree Oil 24 x 30 $650 Ane Haycraft

Heenan, Michael-The Trees

Here I convey a place of imagination--starkly contrasting a cool, completely blank vista with a warm, dense line of trees. The virtually colorless vista is eternal; the intensely colored foliage is seasonal. All in all, a life metaphor. The Trees Acrylics 36 x 24 $695 Michael Heenan

Herman, Lorrie-Over See-er

Grand tree watching over the golden fields. Over See-er Oil 18 x 24 $800 Lorrie Herman

Hindle, Stuart-Beeches Just Turning

I snapped the reference photo for this painting as I was walking up a rise and saw the light through the trees. I tried to capture the light brightening the turning leaves on this early autumn morning. Beeches Just Turning Oil on Canvas 16 x 12 $525 Stuart Hindle

Hindle, Sturat-Birches and Pines (002)

I lived in the Czech Republic and hiked many a trail in the autumn. The leaves of the birch trees were unusually bright with a range of colors against the dark pines. In the studio, I pushed the range of warm colors and bright yellows to develop a striking contrast with the dark background. Pines and Birches Oil on Canvas 20 x 16 $695 Stuart Hindle

Hindle, Sturat-Birches in Spring sml (002)

On this cool morning in the woods, the sun had not yet burned off the mist. It made for an atmospheric hike amongst the birch trees and the young pines. I used a cool palette to capture the dewy morning. Birches in Spring Oil on Canvas 24 x 18 $1295 Stuart Hindle

Holdridge, Sherri-Magical Bamboo Forest, Kyoto, Japan 2023

Hiking through the Bamboo Forest magical. Surrounded by the wonderful light poking through their branches and the beautiful shades of Greens and tans. Magical Bamboo Forest, Kyoto, Japan 2023 Photography on Canvas 14 x 20 $310 Sherri Holdridge

Holdridge, Sherri-Oaks, Cows, and Rolling Hills

Driving over the Hills of Central California is always a sight. What caught my eye is the golden hues of the hills with the striking blacks of the cows and the beautiful oak trees. Oaks, Cows and Rolling Hills Photography on Canvas 24 x 18 $390 Sherri Holdridge

Hopkins, Laura-Storm

As I painted this scene from my imagination, I tried to capture the feeling and the mood of a stormy September afternoon. I paint in the tradition of the American Tonalists of the 19th century whose contemplative and poetic works were thought to provide solace and respite from a war torn and increasingly industrial world. It is my hope that viewers of my work find a place where they can rest a moment. September Storm Oil on Canvas 16 x 20 $950 Laura Hopkins

Hopkins, Laura-Winds of Autumn

This painting is a result of my ongoing studies of the dramatic and expressive work of the historic American Tonalist Franklin De Haven. Winds of Autumn Oil on Linen Wrapped Panel 8 x 10 $425 Laura Hopkins

Hopkins, Laura-A Yound Tree in Early Autumn

This painting is from imagination and memory, as most of my paintings are. I think that each viewer has a unique experience with a painting entirely separate from my experience painting it. As you look at the painting from across the room and at the various passages from a closer view, you bring your own memories and experiences to bear on what you take in and what resonates with you. This idea, that a painting can mean different things to different people is what keeps me coming back to the eas

Howsare, Kathleen-In the Grove

Every year I go for a visit to the Virginia Arboretum to see the gorgeous ginkgos. Surrounded by gold, it is always a glorious experience! In the Grove Acrylic 20 x 30 $1950 Kathleen Howsare

Howsare, Kathleen-Burning Off

I’m so attracted to back lit subjects especially trees! This morning the sun broke through the fog and sends it’s glowing light through the fall foliage. Burning Off Acrylic 11 x 14 $475 Kathleen Howsare

Inra, Ligia-Coconut Palm Tree

Years ago, when it was very popular to make a reproduction or Giclee, I thought I would try it with one of my abstract paintings. The result was very disappointing, and I ended up putting it in storage for many years. Something strange happened when I saw it again. All I could see was the palm tree and the coconuts. The entire palm tree was painted using the background to my advantage. Coconut Palm Tree Acrylic on Recycled Giclée 30 x 40 $650 Ligia Inra

Javier, Lizzy-Delightful

It was one of those days when you wake up with a smile on your face and you hope the day goes well. That wonderful feeling continued through the morning thanks to the beauty of this trees. Delightful Acrylic 11 x 14 $250 Lizzy Javier

Jenkins, Doris_FirstSignsOfSpring_Oil (002)

Redbud trees always make me feel the real sign of Spring. These beautiful purple redbuds were along the Blue Ridge mountain range in Bedford, Virginia. The glorious sunset threw a beautiful glow on the trees. First Signs of Spring Oil on Canvas 8 x 6 $185 Doris Jenkins

Jenkins, Doris_CherryBlossomTime_Oil (002)

I was driving some back roads in Aldie and took this picture. I wanted to capture this beautiful cherry tree that caught my eye. I loved the contrast of the fence and shadows in the photo and hope I captured them in the painting. Cherry Blossom Time Oil on Canvas 10 x 8 $400 Doris Jenkins

Kopec, Laurie-Sycamore

This painting was done from the many sycamores surrounding my home. I love the white bark in the sun and used pallet knife and large brushes with fresh color to attain the light on the trees. Sycamore Oil 14 x 11 $450 Laurie Kopec

Kopec, Laurie-The Sun on the Hill

During a walk, I saw this scene and it inspired the beautiful halo on the sun with the shadow from the trees in the late morning. I used pallet knife and large brushes to get thick paint for pure color. The Sun on the Hill Oil 24 x 30 $750 Laurie Kopec

Kopec, Laurie-Springtime

This was inspired by my love of cherry trees in the spring. I used large brushes to put on pure color for the pinks on the trees. Springtime Oil 11 x 14 $450 Laurie Kopec

Kray, Dorothy-Douceur

Douceur Photography 12 x 9 $150 Dorothy Kray

Lancaster, Roger-Maple at Great Country

Maple at Great Country Photography 13 x 19 $125 Roger Lancaster

Lancaster, Roger-Marching Up the Hill

Marching up the Hill Photography 11 x 27 $125 Roger Lancaster

Lancaster, Roger-Sentry on Rokeby Road

Sentry on Rokeby Road Photography 12 x 18 $125 Roger Lancaster

Lehman, Margo-Way Opens II

This image of being alone in the woods at night, but not being afraid is a childhood memory that revisits me often. It shows up in my work in many ways and many mediums. No matter how dark, the light is always there for us to follow. Way Opens II Oil 40 x 30 $3,000 Margo Lehman

Lehman, Margo-Finding the Way (002)

Working this familiar image in a new medium was both challenging and exhilarating, juxtaposing the cool blue light of night in the woods with the warmth and comfort of wool. While color blending in wool can be difficult, the sculptural capacity extends the creative capacity of the medium. Finding the Way Felted Wool 36 x 28 $3,600 Margo Lehman

Lehman, Margo-Moonlight in the Beech Forest (002)

Painting something so ancient and enormous in miniature requires not just the skill to wield tiny paint brushes, but also a sense of intimacy with your subject. I wandered many local forested areas in search of Beech trees with their intricate root structure and smooth bark. They're painted here without the ubiquitous graffiti one usually finds carved in their bark. Moonlight in the Beech Forest Oil 4 x 3 $250 Margo Lehman

Mann, Amy-Shady Lane at Blandy (002)

A warm day, a shady spot. This beautiful tree-lined gravel drive was the perfect place to paint. I like looking out into bright sunshine from deep shade, and seeing the shadow patterns made by the trees. Shady Lane at Blandly Oil 9 x 12 $350 Amy Mann

Mann, Amy-Pines by the Sea (002)

On a brisk, breezy day in early November 2022 on the coast of Maine, sheltered beside a house, I painted these dancing pine trees beside the sea. I can't think of a more pleasant place to paint! Pines by the Sea Oil 14 x18 $725 Amy Mann

MiyamotoMarilyn_DocksideReflectionsoiljpeg (002)

Painted at a beautiful river in Southern VA in the Spring. Dockside Reflections Oil 8 x 10 $265 Marilyn Miyamoto

Miyamoto, Marilyn_Trees (002)

Painted at Historic Huntley Park Trees Oil 8 x 10 $265 Marilyn Miyamoto

Moffat_Sarita_View to the East from Parsons Lane_Oil_16x20 (002)

Every now and then an early morning walk rewards one with an interesting tableau. View to the East from Parsons Lane Oil 16 x20 $950 Sarita Moffat

Moffat_Sarita_Autumn Waning_Oil_12x16 (002)

Each season brings its own delights in nature. Waning Autumn Oil 12 x 16 $800 Sarita Moffat

Muncy, Abigail-Peonies by the Meadow

Pink and white peonies and other flowers fill a flower bed along a wooden fence. Beyond the fence, a tree line meadow is filled with sunlight. This was painted in my studio in 2023 from references and sketched done on location. Peonies by the Meadow Oil 8 x 10 $250 Abigail Muncy


This painting depicts the bluebells that carpet the woods around Bull Run Battlefield. This scene was near the Old Stone Bridge, Bull Run, Manassas in spring 2023. Bluebells Near the Old Stone Bridge Oil 9 x 12 $300 Abigail Muncy

Newell, Renee-GrowOldWithMe (002)

I stumbled upon this grouping of trees at a park in Arlington, VA where my children play. I was inspired by both their interconnectedness and the tension between the trunks. I imagined them as an old couple, rooted together yet constantly bickering. Grow Old with Me Oil 36 x 36 $2,000 Renee Newell


Maine Survivor Oil 16 x 12 $350 Renee Newell

Nicely, Elise-The Edge of Spring

This was the view one cool rainy spring. My art group was painting on location. I found this view, took photos and started working on the painting. Back in the studio I added the blooming spring trees to add a focal point. The painting needed some color. The Edge of Spring Acrylic on Canvas 16 x 20 $550 Elise Nicely

Oliver, Karen-Moonlit Tree

This collage includes materials from wasp nest and an insect wing as well as various exotic papers and aluminum leaf. Moonlit Tree Collage 10 × 8 $300 Karen Oliver

Oliver, Karen-Old Shed in the Woods

This old shed was surrounded by overgrown plants and trees reminding me of the persistence of nature. Look for the moth wings in the grass and on the tree. Old Shed in the Woods Collage 14 × 11 $350 Karen Oliver

Parent, Terri-Klimt's Muse

This wonderful composition of trees on a cloudy day in winter was without color. A blank canvas waiting for color. I love the colors of Klimt which provided the inspiration for this artistic rendering. Klimt's Muse Digital Photography 8 x 10 $165 Terri Parent

Parent, Terri-Golden Hour

Trees are one of my favorite subjects to photograph. This image was captured on a foggy morning as the sun struggled to break through the fog. The artistic enhancements are my imaginings of the trees in the morning golden hour. Golden Hour Digital Photography 10 x 8 $165 Terri Parent

Petrecca, Regina-Bonsai

The Chinese began the art form of Bonsai over 2,000 years ago, creating miniature landscapes. Around 700 years ago, the Japanese copied the art form, developing their own style, growing only individual trees. It is traditionally known for bringing good luck and success and is often given as a gift. Bonsai Acrylic on Canvas 12 x 24 $300 Regina Petrecca

Pistochini, Deidre-Crazy for Coconuts

Based on a coconut tree that was on our property in Hawaii, I painted this on Yupo paper. Starting with an acrylic pour, I lifted out my whites with alcohol; saved the acrylic mid-tones, then used watercolor to achieve the dark tones. Crazy for Coconuts Acrylic with Watercolor 11 x 11 $300 Deidre Pistochini

Pistochini, Deidre-Mango Bounty

This painting was inspired by a beautiful mango tree that grew on our property in Hawaii. It always provided a bountiful amount of fruit and the afternoon light would always hit the fruit just right. This painting was done on Yupo paper utilizing an initial acrylic pour. I lifted the whites out with alcohol; saved the acrylic mid-tones and used watercolor to achieve the dark tones. Mango Bounty Acrylic pour with Watercolor 18 x 16 $850 Deidre Pistochini

Reid, Anne-Golden Hour

Golden Hour Pastel 12 x 12 $500 Anne Reid

Reid, Anne-Cliff Mills Road

Cliff Mills Rd. Pastel 11x14 $500 Anne Reid

Scala, Amy-Fall Medley (002)

One of my plein air paintings at Black Oak Farm in Purcellville. Beautiful variety of trees and spectacular view in the fall. Fall Medley Acrylic 10 x 13 $395 Amy Scala

Scherer, Sylvia-Trees Please-acrylic-gold leaf-Bride ofThe Forest

Coming upon this tree deep in the Black Forest I had the impression that the delicate canopy with clear and golden hues resembled a bride’s veil. The majestic tree appeared as the mist revealed its form and the strength of its roots. Acrylic and gold leaf on canvas. BRIDE OF THE FOREST - diptych Acrylic and Gold Leaf 12 x 36 each $1200 Sylvia Scherer

Schneider, Deb-Golden Days

Plein-air not far from home. Golden Days Oil 9 x 12 $285 Deb Schneider

Schneider, Deb-Along the Path

Plein-air at Frying Pan Park. If you follow the path it will take you to the far side of the park, beyond the fence are the grazing fields. Along the Path Oil 9 x 12 $285 Deb Schneider

Schroeder, Francie-OldRedMaple[62]

I pulled under this old tree for rest and shade one summer day. Old Red Maple Photography 17.5 x 11.25 $395 Francie Schroeder

Schroeder, Francie-Witness to History[19]

These old trees have been around for a lot of changes, some do not affect them at all but the recent change in our climate certainly does and will going forward. Witness to History Photography 17.25 x 11 $395 Francie Schroeder

Schroeder, Francie-From the Ancient Forest[72]

I wandered in awe for several hours immersed in this Ancient Forest. From the Ancient Forest Photography 17.25 x 11 $395 Francie Schroeder

Shervin, Cheri-Winter Walnut[88]

Where would we be without trees? I absolutely love photographing them regardless of the season. This walnut tree stands majestically on the farm and while it offers heavenly shade in the summer, it is a sight to see in the wintertime too. Winter Walnut Photography 16 x 20 $250 Cheri Shervin

Snyder, Beatrice-Warm Light, Cool Day[41]

The warm morning light on the cool snow was exciting to witness. Warm Light, Cool Day Oil 16 x 20 $525 Bea Snyder

Snyder, Beatrice-Path to the Barn[14]

I was inspired by a visit with a friend who shared the joyful experience of seeing her horse on this beautiful farm. Path to the Barn Oil 16 x 20 $535 Bea Snyder

Stevens, Libby-Down by the River[98]

Springtime means plein air painting, which for me always includes a session painting the bluebells. This was done on the banks of the Shenandoah River in Brunswick, Md. I love how the trees meet the water’s edge with bluebells. Down by the River Oil 8 x 10 $500 Libby Stevens

Stevens, Libby Into the Grove

I enjoyed setting up my easel in the quiet grove of young saplings just breaking out in spring foliage. Into the Grove Pastel 7 x 9 $250 Libby Stevens

Stevens, Libby-Dappled Sunlight[40]

My inspiration for this was trees in the woods were lining this section of Goose Creek, with the sun filtering down to make the ground dappled with light. Dappled Sunlight Pastel 19 x 26 $850 Libby Stevens

StewartMargaret_NoPaparazzi-HollywoodJuniper_oil_6x8 (002)

This Hollywood Juniper at Blandy Experimental Farm was just wild and begged to be painted. It's branches had so much energy. I had to find a great title that went with the designated name of Hollywood juniper. No Paparazzi, Please! (Hollywood Juniper) Oil 6 x 8 $295 Margaret Stewart

StewartMargaret_DiscoHair-pinusstrobus_oil_10x8 (002)

This tree from Blandy Experimental Farm stands tall at the end of the walk at the quarters. Pinus Strobus is so named because it's needles fan out like little strobe lights, hence the title Disco Hair. It was a great tree, all limbs reaching out to all sides in interesting combinations. Disco Hair (Pinus Strobus) Oil 10 x 8 $340 Margaret Stewart

StewartMargaret_Moonrise_oil_8x8 (002)

These trees stand at the edge of the field at Jones Point Park, and just kind of do their thing. Moonrise Oil 8 x 8 $310 Margaret Stewart

Thompson, Dana Lee-Owl on a Branch in a Tree

Owl on a Branch in a Tree Oil 8 x 4 3/4 $375 Dana Lee Thompson

Torruella, Kristyne-Day Stars

I have always loved the contrast of the yellows and reds of fall leaves against the azure blue sky. When I started to paint this, I couldn't help myself. I had to make those colors sparkle somehow! Once I did it, they looked like stars to me. I realized I loved looking up at the leaves in the sky just as much as looking up at the stars at night. And thus was born the idea: Day Stars. Day Stars Oil 11 x 14 $299 Kristyne Torruella

Turner, Kathryn-why can't we be friends

A whimsical piece about living in harmony with Creation. I love nature, especially the details and points of view that are often overlooked. The Gnome is inspired by the work of Heinrich Schlitt, Oskar Herrfurth, and Heinz Geilfus, German artists who captured the magic of the Black Forest. Why Can't We Be Friends Pastel 13 x 19 $365 Kat Turner

Turner, Kathryn-tree of life

Copper Tree of Life Patinated Copper 8 x 8 $125 Kat Turner

Veit, Krista-Pink Palms

I have chosen to bring a colorful perspective to these swaying summer palms. Pink Palms Acrylic 5 x 7 $99 Krista Veit

Veit, Krista-Summer Blue

Letting the sky become a sparkle in between the colorful palms. Summer Blue Acrylic 5x7 $99 Krista Veit

Victory_Josefina_PineTrees_acrylic (002)

Pine Trees Acrylic 16 x 20 $450 Josefina Victory

Victory_Josefina_Peace_acrylic (002)

Peace Acrylic 16 x 20 $450 Josefina Victory

Wallace, Ann-Reaching for the Sky

Reaching for the Sky Pastel 11 x 14 $560 Ann Wallace

Wallace, Ann-Influenced by the Wind

Influenced by the Wind Pastel 11 x 14 $560 Ann Wallace

Wallace, Ann-Standing Tall

Standing Tall Pastel 11 x 14 $560 Ann Wallace

Wassell, Elizabeth-Your Majesty

Plein Air painting done at Oatlands Plantation in Virginia of 240-year-old White Oak. This Majestic oak is documented to be the oldest tree there. It seemed to me the most important view to paint as it commanded attention. Your Majesty Oil 24 x 30 $600 Elizabeth Wassel

Wassell, Elizabeth-Helping Friends

Helping Friends is an ode to the fires in California and the crews that protected the trees. Watching the devastation, knowing the utter destruction, I tried to put my hope onto canvas. Human, tree, fire, and earth are connected. And the cycle repeats. I was amazed that the flimsy space blanket (?) in my car glovebox was being wrapped around massive trees to protect them from the heat! How helpless we are. Helping Friends Oil with Mylar 36 x 24 $500 Elizabeth Wassel

Weed, Peggy-Under the Trees

Under the Trees Oil 10 x 20 $750 Peggy Weed

Weed, Peggy-The Broken Fence

The Broken Fence Oil 10 x 20 $685 Peggy Weed

Weed, Peggy-Sheep Under the Hemlock Tree

Sheep Under the Hemlock Tree Oil 14 x 11 $600 Peggy Weed

Weiss, Jill-Fall Fusion (002)

Walking around each fall, I always find myself in awe of nature’s palette. Something about the overlapping colors of the trees simultaneously inspires and calms me. This piece is meant to encapsulate the beauty of the season and inspire those emotions throughout the year. Fall Fusion Copper Wire and Gemstones (Carnelian, Citrine, Orange Quartz, African Jade, Fancy Jasper, Red Tiger’s Eye & Red Coral) 14 x 5 x 11 $460 Jill Weiss

Weiss, Jill-Autumn Medley (002)

Fall has always been my favorite season. I watch the daily changes with amazement and anticipation as they gradually, or sometimes overnight, become vibrant shades of red, orange, and yellow. The naturally stunning colors of Autumn fill me with awe every year. Autumn Medley Copper Wire and Gemstones (Citrine, Orange Quartz & Red Coral) 14 x 5 x 7.5 $260 Jill Weiss

Weiss, Jill-Rooted in Tranquility (002)

In many cultures, trees symbolize life and strength. Rainbows frequently represent faith, hope, chakras, pride and even luck. This tree reminds me how tranquil life can be, in all its forms and colors, but only when rooted firmly on a solid foundation to give it support. Rooted in Tranquility Copper Wire and Gemstones (Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, Citrine, Carnelian, Aventurine, Red Coral & Quartz) 7 x 5 x 8 $75 Jill Weiss

West, Sharon-Magical_Woodland_Acrylic (002)

"Magical Woodland" envelops you in tranquility, unveiling a dreamy forest amidst russet orange and peach leaves, with distant blue mountains. The impasto technique creates texture and depth. Warm oranges, yellows, and blues infuse a serene, dreamlike atmosphere, offering a feeling of peacefulness within the composition. Magical Woodland Acrylic 40 x 30 x 1.5 $1,800 Sharon West

West, Sharon-Silver_Serenade_Acrylic (002)

As the artist behind "Silver Serenade," I wanted to create a painting that captures the serene beauty of a peaceful forest scene. The textured knifestrokes are achieved using a palette knife, bring a sense of life and depth to the artwork. The thick layers of paint invite you to imagine the touch of the white bark and the gentle breeze that surrounds the stately trees. Silver Serenade Acrylic 12 x 36 x 1.5 $650 Sharon West

Wilson, Jessica-Mimosa_2296 (002)

I live near this tree able to watch it throughout the seasons. Its foliage and form are remarkable due to the fact that it has had no competition for space. Instead, it has grown in a perfect 360 degree symmetry, making it all the more magnificent while in summer bloom. Mimosa Oil 24 x 18 $650 Jessica Wilson

Wilson, Jessica-Gnarly_Tree (002)

Like many gnarled trees, this one is festooned with the quintessential characteristics of bumps, cracks, and undulations. It’s a subject that is pure fun to draw for all of the organic forms. Gnarly Tree Charcoal on linen Panel 11 X 14 $225 Jessica Wilson

Wilson Sandy Winter Willow Oil on Board (002)

I'm always drawn to weeping willows in full leaf but a winter theme allowed me explore this willow's intriguing structure. Winter Willow Oil on Board 16 x 20 $395 Sandy Wilson

Wilson Sandy View Through the Birches Oil on Board (002)

These birch trees perfectly framed the serene view of a Maine tidal flat with distant cottage. View Through The Birches Oil on Board 14 x 18 $350 Sandy Wilson

Wine, Linda-Spring Awakening

"You know why trees smell the way they do?..." "Sap? Chlorophyll?..." "Stars. Trees breathe in starlight year after year....Ancient starlight that took millions of years to reach earth." Where I'd Like to Be Frances O'Roark Dowell Spring Awakening Acrylic 20 x 20 x 2 $300 Linda Wine

Wine, Linda-Awoke (2)

Trees are a rich source of metaphors. For me they are a symbol of hope. Awoke Acrylic 24 x 18 x 2 $300 Linda Wine

Zhou, Vicky-Into the Woods (002)

Into the Woods Watercolor 12 x 16 $550 Vicky Zhou

Zhou, Vicky-Walk through a Quiet Street (002)

Walk Through a Quiet Street Watercolor 11 x 14 $500 Vicky Zhou

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