Current Exhibition:

All Things Considered

January 11 - March 1, 2020

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This new year brings s we bring in a new year, we have plans for we begin a new new art by talented local artists! 

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The exciting work at AiM continues in 2020!

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Our Current Exhibition:

All Things Considered

January 11th - March 1, 2020

Spotlight on Artist

Laura Hopkins

Laura Hopkins paints expressive, atmospheric landscapes in oil. Her work captures the enduring beauty of hill, field, stream and marsh, and the reflection of expansive skies in water. The golden moments of twilight, dawn, autumn and winter serve as favorite motifs. 

Laura finds inspiration in the moody landscapes of the 19th century American Tonalists, whose subtle color harmonies and pastoral subjects evoke her childhood roaming the fields and woods of southeastern Connecticut.  She now resides in rural northern Virginia, a land of rolling hills, open country, and ancient stone walls that evokes the New England of the Tonalists.


Laura is largely self-taught, having come to painting late in life. She studied for one year with contemporary Tonalist Deborah Paris and for two years with contemporary Tonalist Dennis Sheehan.  An inveterate learner, Laura continues to explore the work of the historic Tonalists and to study with contemporary painters. 


Art Matters

“The mission of Artists in Middleburg is to nurture, develop, and provide arts educational opportunities for all, especially the youth, in our area utilizing our rich resource of local artists to teach and share their art.  In so doing, AiM will support and strengthen the local arts community in Middleburg and the surrounding Piedmont area by increasing the vitality, awareness, and appreciation of the arts.” 


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