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The Horse, Dog/Hound and
Fox in Art Exhibit

May 11 - June 9, 2024

Exhibition Juror:

Adele Buytenhuys

Weed, Peggy_The New Foal

Best in Show The New Foal Oil 9 x 12 $500 Peggy Weed

Rosner, Robin_Love

Second Place These two bulldogs captured my heart, when one kissed the other. Love (bulldogs) Oil 16x20 $800 Robin Rosner

Lasko, Patty_Horse and hound 6 - Patty Lasko

Third Place The old horse and old hound recognize each other after many years as part of organized fox hunting/chasing. Old Friends Bronze Sculpture 12" by 6" $4,000 Patty Lasko

Bysshe, Stan_Foxy Lady

Honorable Mention A vixen takes a break from her den for a little R-n-R. Foxy Lady Photography 16 x20 $190 Stanley Bysshe

Connole, Heather_Foxy

Honorable Mention Foxy Oil 20 x 20 $450 Heather Connole

Holz, Patricia_Gotcha

Honorable Mention Fox fishing in the marshes. Based on photo by Jay Fleming. Gotcha! Watercolor & acrylics on archival paper 32.5"x26.5" $2000 Patricia Taylor Holz

Victory, Josefina_Silence

Honorable Mention Silence Acrylic 18 x 12 $450 Josefina Victory

S.Arndt.FoxOnWall - Bine _ Co_edited

A combination of slab and sculpture; texture; underglazes; transparent overglaze; fired to cone 6. Sculptural vase. Fox on the Wall Ceramic 7x9 $200 Sabine Arndt

Arndt, Sabine_Fox Jar

Coiled vessel with sculpted fox on lid; hand built; fired to cone 6; food safe. Fox Jar Ceramic 10.5x6 $250 Sabine Arndt

Arndt, Sabine_WildHorses_edited

Coiled vessel; can be used as vase or light fixture/w candle; fired to cone 6. Wild Horses Ceramic 9x7 $180 Sabine Arndt

Baker, MIchelle_Where Do I Go

Where Do I Go is a mixed media piece. The name came from what I felt this fox would be thinking. Eyes are the window to the soul. Where Do I Go Mixed 12x10 $250 Michelle Baker

Baker, Michell_Waiting.jpg

Much of a dog's life is spent waiting. He waits for his master, his food or to go for a walk. This photo shares that look of waiting. Waiting Photography 8x10 $225 Michelle Baker

Barker, Heather_Ember In Winter

I had fun mixing rich browns and bright oranges, highlighting snowflakes in white pen, to make this curious fellow pop off the page. Ember in Winter Colored pencil 6x8 $215 Heather Barker

Barker, Heather_Sapped

This little guy has had a full day of snowy scampering and is ready for a nap among the pines. Sapped Colored pencil 7x5 $200 Heather Barker

Barker, Heather_Sleephead

A gentle morning sunlight falls upon the forest glen, as if calling out for all creatures great and small to awake and greet the day, including this little kit. Sleepyhead Colored pencil 6x6 $210 Heather Barker

Boc, Raymond-Alone in the Fog

This image was taken with my infrared converted camera and printed in monochrome. Fog allowed me to isolate the subject yet leave enough detail in the background to give context and tell a story. The infrared spectrum brightens photosynthetic elements such as grass and leaves providing further contrast between the horse and its surroundings. Woodville, VA. Alone in the Fog infrared photograph on fine art paper 13x19 $400 Ray Boc

Boc, Raylond_Spring Afternoon

This image was taken with my infrared converted camera with color manipulation. It is a combination of vegetation in grayish-peach tones and everything else in bluish-grey or a blend of the two resulting in image with a unique perspective. Rather than a color image where all is obvious to the eye, we have an image that requires thoughtful exploration to appreciate the story in the image. Woodville, VA. Spring Afternoon infrared photograph on fine art paper 13x19 $400 Ray Boc

Brabant, Jill_Red Fox_edited

A portrait of a red fox in pastel in a circular black frame. Red Fox Pastel 8 x 8 $325 Jill Brabant

Buytenhuys, Adele-Night Check

Charcoal Pencil on black pastel mat. Reference photo taken by Sheldon Buytenhuys when he did the nightly check of the horses. Night Check Charcoal Pencil 9 x 12 $300 Adele Buytenhuys

Buytenhuys, Adele-On the Trail

Reference - Wen Photos. There was something about the eyes that captured my attention. They were soft yet alert. On the Trail Charcoal Pencil 9x12 $275 Adele Buytenhuys

Bysshe, Stan_Show Jumper

Two athletes working in perfect unison is a wonderful sight. Show Jumper Photography 16 x 30 $190 Stanley Bysshe

Bysshe, Stan_Point to Point

A brisk early spring morning in the Virginia foothills, makes a perfect setting for Point-to-Point races. Point to Point Photography 16 x 20 $190 Stanley Bysshe

Connole, Heather_Autumn Fox

Autumn Oil 20 x 20 $450 Heather Connole

Connole, Heather_Love

Love Oil 10 x 24 $450 Heather Connole

Douglas, J_Becoming Gray

Exploring mixing my representationalism art style with the chaos of abstraction. I wanted to have my painting to emerge from the painting to come into you world. Paintings should touch your soul. Careful, this one is coming for you. Becoming Gray Oil on Canvas 20 x16 $2,000 J Douglas

Ford, Gayle_Heading Out

My first memories are loving horses and art. I have always enjoyed drawing and painting them. After all these years, it remains the same. Heading Out Oil 18x24 $2250 Gayle Ford

Garcia, Nancy_Sultan the Malinois_edited

SULTAN THE MALINOIS Colored Pencil 13 x 16 $185 Nancy Garcia

Garcia, Nancy_I Worked for Target_edited

I WORKED FOR TARGET Colored Pencil 10 x 14 $150 Nancy Garcia

Garcia, Nancy_Siesta Time_edited

SIESTA TIME Colored Pencil 8 x 10 $185 Nancy Garcia


This polo pony and rider composed themselves perfectly for this painting. This was a beautiful afternoon in Morven Park (Leesburg). "Focused" Pastel 14x11 $825 Lori Goll

Goll,Lori_Beach Pony

This is an elegant Mustang enjoying the afternoon on the beach at Assateague. I used some gold pastel to suggest the sun glistening off of the warm water. "Beach Pony" Pastel 13 x 22.5 $1,100 Lori Goll

Gordon, Nadya_Rustic Sunset Serenade

Capture the essence of rural charm with this stunning original acrylic painting on stretched canvas. A majestic horse gracefully roams the tranquil countryside, framed by the warm hues of a radiant sunset. In the distance, a charming red barn adds a touch of rustic beauty to the serene landscape. This evocative artwork invites you to immerse yourself in the timeless allure of nature's harmony and the graceful presence of equine companions. Rustic Sunset Serenade Acrylic 12x16 $250 Nadya Gordon

Gordon,Nadya_Riding The Bluebells Trail

Riding the Bluebells Trail Acrylic 12x16 $250 Nadya Gordon

Gordon, Nadya_Foxes Mama and Baby

Capture the endearing bond between a fox mama and her baby with this heartwarming original acrylic painting. Expertly crafted on stretched canvas, this artwork brings the playful spirit and tender moments shared between the duo to life. The vibrant colors and detailed brushwork make it a captivating addition to any space, whether it's a nursery, living room, or office. Each stroke of the brush tells a story of love and connection in the wild. Foxes Mama and Baby Acrylic 12x16 $250 Nadya Gordon

Holdridge,Sherri_Meeting of the Minds_edited

This Photo is a Giclee Canvas Print with a Gallery Wrap. As a photographer I am always looking for moments to capture and this is one of them. These two hunt horses were on top of the Hill with nothing but sky behind them, which made for the perfect backdrop. I choose to edit it in Black and White to add both simplicity and boldness. Sometimes being a photographer is about being at the right place at the right time. Meeting of the Minds Photography 16 x 24 $350 Sherri Holdridge

Holdridge, Sherri_FireandIce_edited

Fire and Ice Photography 16 x 26 $350 Sherri Holdridge

Holdridge,Sherri_On A Scent_edited

On A Scent Photography with Acrylic Layers 18 x 24 $420 Sherri Holdridge

Holz, Patricia_Russell and Friends

Nantucket Treweryn Club beagling at Farnley Farm Winter 2023 Russell & Friends Oil on canvas 48x24 $2200 Patricia Taylor Holz

Holz, Patricia_Catch me if you can

White hound hunting & rabbit leaping Catch me if you can Acrylics, copper leaf, oxidized iron, bronze & copper on framed diptych (2) 8"x10" canvases $700 Patricia Taylor Holz

Lasko, Patty_ Horse boy 1 - Patty Lasko

The Horse Boy is a portrait of the moment two strangers meet and connect with each other. The Horse Boy Bronze Sculpture 12" x 6" $4,000 Patty Lasko

Lewis,Tamara_Toe To Toe

It's too close to call as these two friends race to the finish line in an all-out sprint. I enjoy experimenting with shapes, gesture, color, and composition. This piece gave me the opportunity to push the subjects toe-to-toe with the edge of the canvas. Toe-To-Toe Oil 9 x 11 $275.00 Tamara Lewis

Lewis,Tamara_Just Another Lazy Spring Day

There's just nothing better than feeling the sun on your back on a warm Spring day with your best buddy nearby. This piece gave me the opportunity to push color, which I do love. Color is a big inspiration, and I generally follow wherever it takes me. Just Another Lazy Spring Day Oil 10 x 13 $335.00 Tamara Lewis

Lewis,Tamara_Did You Hear That

These two mischievous foxes are always up to something. Something has piqued their interest, but they can’t seem to pinpoint what exactly it is. This piece allowed me to explore color and composition—playing with the juxtaposition of horizontal and vertical shapes. Did You Hear That? Mixed Media 13.5 x 17.5 $445.00 Tamara Lewis

Lind, Wendy_Zorro

Zorro Bronze 7 x 8 $8,500 Wendy Lind

Lindholm, Susan_Welcome to Middleburg

Welcome to Middleburg Acrylic 9 x 9 $175 Susan Lindholm

Lyman, Sue_High Performace Hunter_edited

A braided horse in jumping form. High Performance Hunter Bronze Sculpture 16" height 5'" width 12" length $7,500 Sue Lyman

Macy, Suzan_NewFriends

Some friends are just meant to be! New Friends Oil 9 x 12 $600 Suzan Macy

Macy, Suzan_The Messenger

The Messenger Oil 11 x 14 $600 Suzan Macy

Macy, Suzan_Hello Butterfly

Hello Butterfly Oil 12 x 16 $650 Suzan Macy

Mickel, Dawn_Crimson Spirit Horse

Brightly colored "spirit" horse made of Paper mache clay and strands of individually curled wire. Crimson Spirit Horse Papier Mache Clay, Copper Wire and Acrylics 14 x 15 x 5 $600 Dawn Mickel

Mickel, Dawn_Vermillion Fox

A dapper fox, out standing in his field. Vermillion Fox Papier Mache Clay, Copper Wire and Acrylics 12 x 17 x 5 $550 Dawn Mickel

Mickel, Dawn_Fennec Fox

The unexpected Fennec Fox, found in Africa. Fennec Fox Stoneware Clay 9 x 8 x 7 $400 Dawn Mickel

Montis, Dee_Lady of the Night

I love capturing movement in my subjects and this lady posed at just the right moment. Lady of the Night Oil 8x10 $400 Doreen Montis

Morrow, Deborah_First Snow_edited

Colored pencil drawing of a foal in the snow. First Snow Colored Pencil 26 1/2 x 20 1/2 $875 Deborah Morrow

Morrow, Deborah_The Cool Down_edited

Cooling down a horse behind the Keeneland Racetrack The Cool Down Photograph 14 1/2x12 $225 Deborah Morrow

Morrow, Deborah_Ritamorka and Marcus Smiling

Ritamorka and her son Marcus looking out of the stall door smiling. Ritamorka and Marcus Smiling Photograph 18x14 1/2 $325 Deborah Morrow

Patterson, Leslie_Cooper and Todd

I love animals and especially their texture. I really enjoyed the story "The Fox and the Hound" they were such friends when they were a pup and kit. Adorable! Cooper and Todd Pastel 14" x 16" $400 Leslie Patterson

Patterson, Leslie_Winter Fox

To watch the fox play in the snow is just so adorable. And their fur looks so soft in winter. Winter Fox Pastel 14" x16" $415 Leslie Patterson

Pistochini, Deidra_Wild Ponies of Assateague

Wild Ponies of Assateague Watercolor 23” H x 29” L $1,000 Deidre Pistochini

Robins, Michele_Foxhound

The Foxhound is 8 x 8 Acrylic that I painted from a photograph I took of the Middleburg Hunt at the Huntland kennels. When I saw this face and eyes I knew I had to paint it. I don’t know his name but that morning it had rained and this hound had jumped up on the cement side of the door and was watching the other hounds and people there, observing probably wondering if he was going to see the huntsman. The Foxhound Acrylic 8 x 8 $425 Michelle Robbins

Rosner, Robin_Being Golden

A retriever sitting under a tree with golden specs of sunlight. Being Golden Oil 24x32 $900 Robin Rosner

Scherer, Sylvia_Shadow.jpg - Sylvia Scherer

Shadow is painted on canvas and 500lb Arches watercolor paper. The background is the result of several glaze applications of reds gold metallics and black until it harmonized. The paper is varnished and marbleized, The stallion has multiple layers of blues and black acrylic making the discerning eye pop out. SHADOW Acrylic on Canvas & 500lb Arches Paper 30x24 $2,900 Sylvia Scherer

Smith_ Laura, Lego

Lego in Loxahatchee Oil on Canvas 24 x 30 $400 Laura Smith

Stanley, Melanie_Moment of Wonder

We see the mama fox this time of year with her kits, and I was inspired to create this little piece, showing the look of wonder on the baby's face. Moment of Wonder Acrylic Paint 8 by 10 $175 Melanie Stanley

Stanley, Melanie_Curiousity

I see the fox run across the field where the horses are frequently. The horse and fox are curious animals by nature, and why not have them meet up for a minute for a nice sniff?? Framed in a floating frame, 15 by 12 final size Curiosity Mixed Media 14 by 11 $350 Melanie Stanley

Stewart, Margaret_A Good Meander

I loved exploring the texture and color in the horse and the background. Mustangs have such interesting color and texture. She (I assume its a she) seems to be having a nice relaxed meander. A Good Meander Oil and Cold Wax Medium 16x12 $650 Margaret Stewart

Stewart, Margaret_Mustang

I've been following these mustangs on Instagram. This stallion, known as Thor, has captivated me. I unfortunately learned he died in a fight with another stallion in late April, so this painting serves as an homage to him. Mustang Oil and Cold Wax Medium 16x12 $650 Margaret Stewart

Stewart, Margaret_Whatcha Doing

This is my second painting of this guy. the goal of the initial painting was to do a juicy orange and green painting that had a lot of good brushwork. I carried on with the color palette in this second painting, playing with quick, juicy marks in cold wax to push the image into a more expressive realm. Whatcha Doing? Oil and Cold Wax Medium 16x12 $650 Margaret Stewart

Thompson, Dana_hound portrait

Back to my roots on this one. I started painting in watercolor and gouache and switched to oils many years later. I enjoyed it and hope to do more. Hound Portrait Gouache 8x10 $475 Dana Thompson

Thompson, Dana_lipizzaner

I saw these beautiful horses performing in Florida which inspired this painting. Lipizzaner Oil 16x12 $700 Dana Thompson

Thompson, Dana_Before the Start

Horse and rider warming up before the start. Before The Start Oil 11x14 Dana Thompson

Victory, Josefina_Quiet moment

Quiet Moment Acrylic on Canvas 24 x 20 $450 Josefina Victory

Victory, Josefina_Best friends

Best Friends Acrylic 18 x 12 $450 Josefina Victory

Viscardi, Linda_Mr_Fox

Another neighborhood fox. Mr. Fox Pastel on Paper 19 X 13 $350 Linda Viscardi


Our neighborhood fox!! Ms. Fox Pastel on Board 12X15 $350 Linda Viscardi

Wallace, Ann_Sitting Pretty

I am drawn to the pose of this fox and its lovely coat. Sitting Pretty Pastel 14"x11" $475 Ann Wallace

Wallace, Ann_Emma

My intent here was to capture the sweetness of this English Cream Golden Retriever. Emma Pastel 14"x11" $475 Ann Wallace

Wallace, Ann_Zola

This beauty of this Siberian Husky with its black and white coat and light blue eyes caught my attention. Zola Pastel 14"x11" $475 Ann Wallace

Weed, Peggy_The Hound

The Hound Oil 11 x 14 $625 Peggy Weed

Weed, Peggy_Border Collie

Border Collie Oil 9 x 12 $350 Peggy Weed

Wiese, Allison_Coveted Carrot

Playing with color and lines but capturing playful whimsy between two friends. “Coveted Carrot” Pastel 20”x30” $675 Allison Wiese

Wiese, Allison_Show Offs

Putting horses on surfboards never gets old…I like the challenge of capturing the gesture of the wave and the horses’ balancing stances. “Show Offs” Pastel 18”x24” $725 Allison Wiese

Willis, Kirk-Lucy

This painting is left floating one inch over an open back so that it much like Lucy can blend feel at home in any room. Settling in and matching the environment while standing out as a good dog. This painting was made based on a sweet pup named Lucy’s photo that I sketched out as a reference to size and then painted onto the glass with enamel acrylic paint. Lucy Acrylic on Glass 13” x 10” $150 Kirk Willis

Willis, Kirk_Spring Cups

These cups are hand painted to celebrate Middleburg’s history with simple but fun images. Each cup is unique but fits together nicely with the set. Spring Cups Acrylic on Glasses $40/Set Kirk Willis

Wilson, Barbara_Hard Day on the Hunt

Stoneware. Japanese Transfers Hard Day On The Hunt Sculpture 4”x6” $225 Barbara Wilson

Wison, Barbara_AI Bronco

Stoneware, Japanese Transfers, Hand Painting, Sculpture Wire A.I. Bronco Sculpture 10”x12” $450 Barbara Wilson

Wison, Barbara_Twilight

Black Clay, Twilight Glaze, 24k Metallic Gold Twilight Sculpture 7”x 8” $395 Barbara Wilson

Wilson, Sandy_All Tuckered Out

Our sweet girl is a rescue from the streets of Pakistan. She has boundless energy, but when she's out -- she's out. All Tuckered Out Oil on Canvas 12"x16" $285 Sandy Wilson

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