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Blue: More than a Color Exhibit

June 15 - July 14, 2024

Exhibition Juror:

Marci Nadler

Moffat_Sarita_Caribbean Dream_Oil_30x30 - Sarita Moffat

Best in Show Caribbean Dream Oil 30 x 30 $1250 Sarita Moffat

Fink, Leanne_The Sparkling Melody of Great Falls - Leanne Fink

Second Place Great Falls delights all the senses - flowing water, humid air, misty spray, and the magnificent sight of the falls. I paint with a lot of blue, first drawing with paint brush in indigo. Then, layer upon layer to build texture, my blue skews to purple and teal. The Sparkling Melody of Great Falls Oil & Cold Wax on Linen 36"x24" $3450 Leanne Fink

Reid, Anne_Morning Walk

Third Place Morning Walk Oil on Canvas 11x14 $650 Anne Reid

Bridgman, Cindy_Grecian Blue - Cindy Bridgman

Honorable Mention The iconic view of Oia in Santorini as told in paint with the iconic color blue of Greece. Grecian Blue Oil on linen panel 10 x 20 $485 Cindy Bridgman

Bysshe,Stan Singing the Blues - Stanley Bysshe

Honorable Mention Indigo Bunting at sunrise in a sunflower field. Singing the Blues Photograph 15x10 $190 Stan Bysshe

Gring, Susan_Applause

Honorable Mention Surrounded in a cloud of white and blue amid a background of gold, this young dancer takes her well-earned bow. Applause Acrylic 9 x 12 $425 Susan Gring

Hopkins,Laura_Summer Night - Laura Hopkins

Honorable Mention The deep blues of the night sky infuse the shadows of this group of trees. Summer Night Oil 8x10 $425 Laura Hopkins

Kirk, Brian_Celebration

Honorable Mention Forged metal heated red hot and bent into vertical form welded to a sphere with metal drill point, can be displayed outdoors Celebration welded and forged steel powder coated 38" x 12" x 10" $4000 Brian Kirk

Mann, Amy_Blue Irises - Amy Mann

Honorable Mention Blue Irises, more violet than blue. I had a cloth that matched and chose a yellow backdrop as a complementary color Blue Irises oils 24 x18 $900 Amy Mann

Wallace, Ann_Blue Eyed Girl

Honorable Mention Blue Eyed Girl Pastel 14x11 $700 Ann Wallace

Bateman_Karen_Spring Serenity in Blue_12x16_oil  - K Bateman

Gorgeous Virginia bluebells line the shores of local rivers for just a few weeks each Spring. There is nothing like them! Spring Serenity in Blue Oil 12x16 $950 Karen Bateman

Bateman_Karen_Glass Study with Marble_8x6_oil - K Bateman

This colored glass study reminds of summers hunting for sea glass. You may remember that the blue sea glass was especially prized, second only to the red! Glass Study with Marble Oil 8x6 $275 Karen Bateman

Baumgartner, Betty_Melancholy_edited

Not being able to climb out of the blue darkness of depression towards the light of a bright blue sky. Melancholy Blue acrylic 16 x 8 $295 Betty Baumgartner

Boc, Ray_Leaning Tree

This is a tree that I have photographed many times. Infrared light is reflected by photosynthesis hence the bright grass and leaves as opposed to dark nonreflective components of the image such as the tree bark, gravel, dry grass and sky. This combination of blue and brown worked best to bring out the character of Leaning Tree. Leaning Tree Photograph Fine Art Paper 13x19 $4000 Ray Boc

Boc, Ray_Blue Pontiac

This is a straight-forward image of a Pontiac from the late 30’s, early 40’s that I took in a parking lot. I am almost certain that this beautiful blue is not the original color. I could not locate the owner to get any details. Blue Pontiac Photograph Fine Art Paper 13x19 $400 Ray Boc

Bannan,David_Out of the Blue Chevy_z08__0117 - David Bannan

Shot a car show. This Chevy Nova's deep blue color and this unique perspective popped out at me. Out of the Blue Chevy Photography glossy 11x14 $185 David Bannan

Brabant, jill -After the Storm

After the Storm Oil 8 x 10 $350 Jill Brabant

PotomacNights_JBrabant - Jill Brabant

An impressionistic painting portraying a night scene by the Watergate and the Kennedy Center. A blend of cool and warm tones to depict reflections of city lights on the surface of the water, creating a shimmering effect. The blurred, somewhat abstract style emphasizes the movement and flickering nature of the lights, giving the piece a lively, dynamic quality. Potomac Nights Oil 18 x 18 $750 Jill Brabant

Hydrangea 8 x 8JBrabant - Jill Brabant

Blue Hydrangea Watercolor 8 x 8 $275 Jill Brabant

Bridgman, Cindy_Deep Sea Blue - Cindy Bridgman

The deep blue water of the ocean complements the beautiful colors of the sun at daybreak Deep Sea Blue oil on linen panel 8 x 16 $350 Cindy Bridgman

Bridgman, Cindy_When I Get Big - Cindy Bridgman

A little boy standing at water's edge, hands in his blue jeans pockets...I could feel his yearning to be on that red boat with the big boys...thinking "when I get big..." When I Get Big said Little Boy Blue oil on linen panel 18 x 14 $385 Cindy Bridgman

Bysshe, Stan  Nova - Stanley Bysshe

Macro image of a Water lily just opening at sunrise. Nova Photograph 12x12 $190 Stan Bysshe

Bysshe, Stan  Blue bird - Stanley Bysshe

Eastern Bluebird on an old Apple tree in my backyard Blue Bird Photograph 10x15 $190 Stan Bysshe

Chaloux,Sandra,The Blue Ray - Sandra Chaloux_edited

The Blue Ray is the second ray of light. It holds the purest vibration of love. The blue ray is integrated with spiritual wisdom and enlightenment. This is a contemporary flow art painting that was channeled by Sandra and is imbued with the vibration of Divine love and light. The Blue Ray Acrylic on Canvas 20" x 24" $1440 Sandra Chaloux

Chaloux,Sandra, Courage Inspired by ArchangelMichael - Sandra Chaloux_edited

This acrylic flow art contemporary painting on canvas was inspired by Archangel Michael who is often depicted in Blue and stands for protection, personal power, purification initiative, and strength. His message in this painting is to have Courage to live your light. Courage Inspired by Archangel Michael Acrylic on Canvas 16" x 20" $1111 Sandra Chaloux

Conrad, Marcia_Mountain Mystique

The Canadian Rockies command the landscape and remain the focus of attention constantly. This painting is done in both wet on wet and palette knife. Mountain Mystique acrylic on canvas 18x24 $400 Marcia Conrad

Conrad, Marcia_Potomac Dawn

The dawn mist washes the Potomac and distant shores in blue. Layers of blue/gray were used to recreate the atmosphere. Potomac Dawn acrylic 18x24 $300 Marcia Conrad

Conrad, Marcia_Blue Dahlia

Blue Dahlia is done with palette knife using 4 shades of blue, yellow, and white with an accent of gold metallic Blue Dahlia acrylic 18x24 $400 Marcia Conrad

Donn.Dobkin_Edge.of.the.World - Donn Dobkin Photography

There are no solid objects here. And yet, the light, air, and water feel nuanced and complex. It feels magical. Here, my pulse and breathing become slow and easy. This is the Pacific Ocean in late afternoon, as seen from a cliff in Caspar, CA near Mendocino. The Edge of the World. Photographic print on canvas 20” x 30” $565 Donn Dobkin

Ferri, Michele_Melancholy

Melancholy Oil 14x11 NFS Michele Ferri

Ferri, MIchele_Where Blue Sky Meets Sea

Where Blue Sky Meets Sea. Oil on Panel 16x20 $800 Michele Ferri

Fink, Leanne_Twilight Lullaby - Leanne Fink

A garden at twilight comes alive with special sights and sounds. Once your eyes adjust to the growing darkness, colors illuminate in a different way than in daylight. So much more blue to describe. This work depicts Mrs. Mellon's walled garden as night begins. Oak Spring Garden, Upperville, Virginia. Twilight Lullaby Oil & Cold Wax on Linen 6"x8" $300 Leanne Fink

Fink, Leanne_Dockside - Leanne Fink

Painted en plein air, the slow tide and the old barge's reflection in the water were my inspiration. Cold wax medium mixed with oils creates interesting texture. Applied with palette knife, there is a visceral feel to the way I can push the paint around, directing the flow of water. Dockside Oil & Cold Wax on Linen 9"x6" $270 Leanne Fink

Foster_M_Towards the Lost Pier - Michelle Foster_edited

Growing up, we had a beach home and a ritual of walking to the pier each morning. The pier has been lost to storm, but we still walk there as if it remains. Towards the Lost Pier Oil on paper 8x10 $375 Michelle Foster

Foster_M_The Last Boats at Dusk - Michelle Foster_edited

At dusk, the last fishermen go out with nets for their final catch of the day. The Last Boats at Dusk Oil on Linen Panel 16x20 $550 Michelle Foster

Freeman, Cheryl_Jumbled Calmness - Cheryl Freeman

While walking on a beach in the Outer Banks NC the morning after a storm, I came upon a pile of broken shells, tumbled rocks and debris resting in the sand. The jumbled calmness inspired this painting. Painted on 100% cotton cold pressed paper. Jumbled Calmness Watercolor 10x8 $200 Cheryl Freeman

Freeman, Cheryl_A Sassy Blue Jay - Cheryl Freeman

Sitting on my mom's porch feeding the birds and taking pictures when this Blue Jay landed on the railing looking for a treat and posed for me. I just had to capture the sassy Blue Jay in watercolor. Painted on 100% cotton cold pressed paper. A Sassy Blue Jay Watercolor 7.5x10 $150 Cheryl Freeman

Blue Moon - Rosemary Gallick

Blue Moon is an acrylic painting by Rosemary Gallick that was inspired by the solar eclipse. After the eclipse, I started examining photographs that contained other hidden jewels of the sky. Blue Moon Acrylic 20"x16" $175 Rosemary Gallick

Garcia, Nancy_Ebb Tide_edited

EBB TIDE Colored Pencil 19x26 $800 Nancy Garcia

Garcia, Nancy_Fishing Trio_edited

FISHING TRIO Colored Pencil 16x20 $400 Nancy Garcia

 Garcia, Nancy_I Love The Tide_edited

I LOVE THE SURF Colored Pencil 9x12 $250 Nancy Garcia

Geiger, Mark_Sitting under the Cherry Trees_edited

Blooming cherry trees decorate a suburban street. Sitting Under the Cherry Trees Watercolor 10.5 x 13.5 $249 Mark Geiger

Geiger, Mark_Rainy night in Old town_edited

The rain drives away the crowds, but leaving shimmering reflections of light. Rainy Night in Old Town (Alexandria, VA) pen and ink 11 x 8 $240 Mark Geiger

Giraldi, Angela_Blues on the Beach

Beach scene Blues on the Beach Watercolor 11" x 14" $300 Angela Giraldi

Gordon, Nadya_Turtle

Dive into an underwater paradise with this captivating original acrylic painting. Adorned with a whimsical turtle swimming amidst vibrant corals, it brings a touch of aquatic charm to any space. Tranquil Turtle Acrylic 12x12 $225 Nadya Gordon

Gordon, Nadya_Sandpipers

Bring the serene beauty of the beach into your home with this original acrylic painting of sandpipers on a sandy shore. This piece evokes the calming essence of a beach scene. Sandpipers on the Beach Acrylic 11x14 $250 Nadya Gordon

Gradison, Heather_Bluebird_edited

One of our plentiful and colorful song birds. Their population has been growing in recent years due to the increase of birdhouses for their nesting. Bluebird Watercolor 8x10 $125 Heather Gradison

Gring, Susan_Bedford Beauty

The blue roof framed by the Peaks of Otter in Bedford VA and nestled in the fields caught my eye as the train rolled by this picturesque setting. Bedford Beauty Acrylic 18 x 14 $425 Susan Gring

Susan Gring_Beached and Blue

An old rusting beached boat by a deteriorating stone building with a blue roof on the isle of Tobermory made me stop to enjoy and appreciate In our world of the newest and best of everything it was refreshing to see something old still have a place. Beached and Blue Acrylic 18 x 14 x 2 $295 Susan Gring

Helentjaris, Diane_Blue Skies in Winchester

Walking in Winchester, Virginia on a totally clear day, I found this industrial building. Humble, yet making a bold abstract statement, like an adobe in Arizona only of concrete and cheap paint matching the sky. It makes me smile. Blue Skies in Winchester Photography 36 x 24 $225 Diane Helentjaris

Herman, Lorrie__EveningIceCream

While at a ice cream stand, the setting sun lit up the farm field across the street and grabbed my eye. Evening Ice Cream Oil 11x14 $650 Lorrie Herman

Herman, Lorrie__BubblesView

Great view of the Bubbles Mountains in Acadia National Park. Bubbles View Oil 11x14 $650 Lorrie Herman

Hopkins,Laura_Evening Light - Laura Hopkins

This painting is inspired by the blue green tones of evening in the work of historic Tonalist Franklin De Haven. Evening Light Oil 8x10 $425 Laura Hopkins

Hopkins,Laura_Stars Shining So Quiet and Bright - Laura Hopkins

The title of this painting is a fragment of “Leaves of Grass” by Walt Whitman, first released in 1855. Whitman’s unique poetry is a constant source of inspiration. Stars Shining So Quiet and Bright Oil 8x10 $450 Laura Hopkins

Ilhan, Emel_Blue

Blue is more than just a depiction of a sunny winter day on the beach—it is a visual poem that speaks to the complexity of human experience and the timeless allure of the natural world. Through the interplay of light, color, and emotion, it invites viewers to pause, contemplate, and find solace in the beauty that surrounds us. Blue Photography 15x25 $650 Emel ILHAN

Kelsen, Judy_Wildflowers

Wild flower is was a chance to use bolder colors and brush strokes and to add some movement to the painting Wildflowers Oil on Linen Canvas 24 x 18 $450 Judy Kelsen

Kelsen, Judy_Tea Spot

Tea Spot is a plein air painting of an inviting blue bistro set that is in my garden. Tea Spot Oil on Linen Panel 5 x 7 $125 Judy Kelsen

Kirk, Brian_BlueDinosaur1

Steel plate, cut out to resemble a running dinosaur. Blue Dino Welded Steel Powder Coated 18"x 28" x 10" $750 Brian Kirk

Kirk, Brian_Aqua Man1

Vertical welded steel image of a face powder coated for outdoor use Aqua Man welded steel powder coated 38" x 10" x 10" $1250 Brian Kirk

Lancaster Roger Virginia Bluebells - Roger Lancaster

Virginia bluebells are only blooming for a short period of time. Blossom may also be white or pink, ut blue is the primary color. The photo for this piece was taken very close to my home in Waterford, VA. Virginia Bluebells Digital Art 12x18 $145 Roger Lancaster

Lancaster Roger Blue Morning In Shenandoah National Park - Roger Lancaster

Catching the morning sunrise that features a blue sky which reflects off the rocks. While blue can be a somewhat distressing color, the blues in this photo give promise of a bright day! Blue Morning in Shenandoah National Park Photography 12x18 $145 Roger Lancaster

Lancastter Roger Blue Ridge Mountains at Sunset - Roger Lancaster

Now you know why they call these Virginia Mountains the Blue Ridge! Taken at sunset the combination of the glow from the setting sun, the trees and flora on the sides of the mountains, and the different shades of blue with each distant mountain give the distinctive blue color. Blue Ridge Mountains at Sunset Photography 11x17 $145 Roger Lancaster

Lewis,Tamara_Royal Blue - Tamara Lewis

This Kingfisher is taking a short break before his next fishing expedition. I really enjoyed playing with the complimentary colors of vibrant blues and oranges and experimenting with varying textures using brushes and palette knife. Royal Blue Oil 11.5 x 9.5 $300 Tamara Lewis

Lewis,Tamara_The Lookout - Tamara Lewis
Mann, Amy_Bluebells at Bull Run - Amy Mann

Bluebells are very early spring bloomers, before the trees leaf out. Bull Run Park has the largest stand of bluebells on the East Coast, and they light up the floor of the forest with a blue haze Bluebells at Bull Run oils 12x9 $300 Amy Mann

Mann, Amy_Glasses and phone - Amy Mann

This was an exercise in painting in dark values. My glasses and cell phone on a black marble counter. Close observation showed the blue, a reflection of the daylight filtering in through the nearby window. Glasses and Phone oils 8 x 8 $225 Amy Mann

Matau, Faatasiga_PASEFIKA

"Pasefika" is what the Polynesians call "The Pacific" referring to the blue Pacific Ocean that surrounds the Polynesian islands. Some say that they can get lost on the ocean, but for the Polynesians, mother nature has always guided the voyagers on her vast blue ocean as they navigate their Polynesian ships to their destination, by the constellation in the azurite blue sky. PASEFIKA WATERCOLOR AND INK PEN 9X12 $430 Faatasiga Matau

Matau, Faatasiga_MOONLIGHT WAVE

The ocean has always shown its beautiful blue colors in the daytime, but also during a full moon when the tides are high; the waves roar as the moonlight shines through the grey rain clouds after pouring more water into the deep blue ocean. MOONLIGHT WAVES WATERCOLOR AND INK PEN 9X12 $250 Faatasiga Matau

McKinley, Eva_Wonder in Zion - Laura Fulton

Wonder in Zion National Park is inspired by the road trip our family took two years ago. The tranquility in the rocks and still creek is a moment I will never forget. I hope this painting gives you a glimpse of the same beauty. Wonder in Zion National Park Watercolor 11 by 14 $450 Eva Mckinley

Mckinley, Eva_Crater Lake

This painting was inspired by our roadtrip through the National Parks. The beauty I witnessed in Crater Lake was unforgettable. I hope you see a glimpse of what I saw then. Whispering pines at Crater Lake Watercolor 11 x 14 $375 Eva Mckinley

Minarchi, Tamara_In the Wind_edited

Weeping Willows always give me a melancholy feeling. The yellowed blue background in this painting signifies a feeling of sadness. This willow is inspired by a tree I see from my kitchen windows. It was planted when my children were young. I can still see them running and playing in our yard. Hear their laughter… now they’re grown, the swing set is gone. Just the willow in the wind remains… In the Wind Oil 8x10 $350 Tamara Minarchi

Minarchi,Tamara_Caught in the Storm_edited

This painting is inspired by the willows and cypress trees that set their roots beside shifting waters. There’s always a sort of melancholy, blue feeling that surrounds them. Mysteries and memories hidden in their branches blowing languidly in the winds. Caught in the Storm Oil 9x12 $395 Tamara Minarchi

Minarchi, Tamara_The Stand_edited

“The Stand” is inspired by the beautiful trees that raise their branches to blue skies and thrive in the environments in which they are planted. The painting serves as a metaphor to flourish and grow wherever you may find yourself. The landscape is darker and somewhat barren, but the tree is engulfed in the illuminated blue of the sky, and that image is meant to serve as powerful message of hope. The Stand Oil 18x24 $525 Tamara Minarchi

Moffat_Sarita_Blueberries_Oil_12x9 - Sarita Moffat

Blueberries Oil 12 x 9 $525 Sarita Moffat

Morrow, Deborah _CarrieU_edited

Acrylic painting, a persona of country music singer, Carrie Underwood CarrieU, Country Music Mares Series 16x20 $325 Deborah Morrow

Morrow, Deb_LittleBigTown _edited

Acrylic painting, persona of country music group, Little Big Town. Country Music Mares and Mates, Little Big Town Acrylic 16x20 $325 Deborah Morrow

Morrow, Deborah_LaurenA_edited

Print of an acrylic painting, persona of country music singer, Lauren Alaina. Lauren A, Country Music Mares Series 9 1/2 x 11 ½ $125 Deborah Morrow

Nicely,Elise_Rhode Island Retreat - Elise Nicely

Blue can be the color of serenity and solitude. Rhode Island Retreat Acrylic on canvas 20 x 16 $845 Elise Nicely

Nicely,Elise_Bodega Headland - Elise Nicely

Blue can be the color of constant energetic motion. Bodega Headland Acrylic on canvas 15 x 30 $1400 Elise Nicely

Parent, Terri_ Carolina Blue - Terri Parent

My daughter is a Tar Heel and as a parent I know any blue sky is Carolina Blue. Carolina Blue Digital Photography 11 x 14 $250 Terri Parent

Parent, Terri_The Blue Hour - Terri Parent

The blue hour is simply the time of day before sunrise and after sunset when the atmosphere has a deep, dark blue color. The intensity of blue is determined by latitude, time of year and weather conditions. Blue Hour before Sunrise. The Blue Hour Digital Photography 11 x 14 $250 Terri Parent

Parent, Terri_Farm Gate - Terri Parent

Farms are full of charm, vintage, and surprise. My eye was drawn to the electric blue and rust on this farm gate in Loudoun County. Farm Gate Digital Photography 14 x 11 $250 Terri Parent

Patterson, Leslie_Waters Edge

What an enjoyable experience as the tide rolls in on your toes and feet. Waters Edge acrylic mixed media 16 x 20 $450 Leslie Patterson

Petrecca, Regina-Water Lilies - Regina Petrecca

A contemporary homage to Monet. Water Lilies Acrylic 24x30 $400 Regina Petrecca

Reid, Anne_Morning Walk

Morning Walk Oil on Canvas 11x14 $650 Anne Reid

Reid, Anne_Turned Out

Turnout Oil on Canvas 16x20 $795 Anne Reid

Richards_Kim_Ephemeral Elegance_oil - Kim Richards

The magic of cherry trees is that they are only in bloom for a very short time, forcing you to stop and take notice. Ephemeral Elegance Oil 24 x 36 $2100 Kim Richards

Richards_Kim_ Morning Sun_oil - Kim Richards

I love the way sunflowers look in a blue glass vase, and they never fail to brighten any room they are in. Morning Sun Oil 12 x 9 $400 Kim Richards

Scala,Amy_Grand Bleu - Amy Scala

Beautiful blue planter surrounded by tulips at Hillwood Gardens. Grand Bleu Acrylic 8x10 $275 Amy Scala

Scala,Amy_Blue Planter - Amy Scala

Lovely blue planter. Blue Planter Acrylic 7x5 $125 Amy Scala

Schneider, Deb_Dreaming Van Gogh

I learned by copying Van Gogh’s paintings, his marks and brush strokes. Dreaming Van Gogh Oil 12 x 9 $285 Deborah Schneider

Schneider, Deb_Great Falls

A studio painting from a Plein Air sketch. Great Falls Oil 14 x11 $600 Deborah Schneider

Schneider, Deb_Cool Spring Day

To celebrate the outdoors. Cool Spring Day Oil 24 x 24 $1200 Deborah Schneider

ShakirovaRamziya_BlueHydrangeas - Ramziya Shakirova

Blue Hydrangeas Oil 10x8 $700 Ramziya Shakirova

ShakirovaRamziya_AutumnFlowersInASpanishVase - Ramziya Shakirova

Autumn Flowers in a Spanish Vase Oil 14x11 $1000 Ramziya Shakirova

Stevens, Libby_Riverbank Blues

Every year I eagerly look forward to Virginia’s bluebells springing up beside the Shenandoah River…I have my own special spot where I can pull up and paint “en plein air”. Riverbank Blues pastel 9x12 $775 Libby Stevens

Stevens, Libby_Bouquet in Blue

I am enamored with peonies so when we moved to our new house I planted a wide variety…there is nothing more satisfying than gathering a gorgeous bouquet and arranging them in a special blue vase my brother gave me, and painting them. Bouquet in Blue pastel 11x14 $575 Libby Stevens

Stevens, Libby_Sunny Delight

The blue glass vase stands in stark contrast to the yellow of the sunflowers.I wanted to paint a neutral background to further set them apart. Sunny Delight Oil 11x14 $700 Libby Stevens

StewartM_Guidinglights_oilcoldwax_12x16 - Margaret Stewart

I see dusk and night time in blue. I captured the super moon over the channel on Rockhold Creek in Maryland while the navigation marks lit the way from the water. Guiding Lights Oil and Cold Wax 16x12 $625 Margaret Stewart

StewartM_duskonthesaint-Laurent_oil_11x14 - Margaret Stewart

We were visiting Quebec over Thanksgiving and day ends extra early that far north. I was captivated by the long, blue shadows on the river and the orange-yellow glow of the city in the distance as our train crossed the Saint Lawrence River. Dusk on the Saint-Laurent Oil 11x14 $590 Margaret Stewart

StewartM_Placenciasunset_oil_9x12 - Margaret Stewart

If I looked to the right from the end of the dock where I was staying in Placencia, I could see the remains of an old dock, a bar on the next dock down, and some amazing light at the end of the day. Dusk still casts blue shadows on already blue water in the tropics. Placencia Sunset Oil 9x12 $490 Margaret Stewart

Torruella, Kristyne, Blue Tranquility, small sculpture, Alabaster - Kristyne Torruella_edi

For me, this evokes memories of walking along the sea shore, feeling the cool ocean breeze and smelling the salty air, meandering amongst the tidepools and always finding mysterious treasures. Blue Tranquility Alabaster and sea glass 10 x 10 x 2 $695 Kristyne Torruella

Treyz. Fritz _ Elderly Lady Sewing - F Treyz

Sewing mends the soul. It is a way to quiet the mind. Elderly Lady Sewing Oil 12 x 9 $650 Fritz Treyz

Treyz, Fritz _Blue Surf - F Treyz

Let the blue sky meet the blue sea and all is blue for a time. Blue Surf Oil 8x16 $500 Fritz Treyz

Victory, Josefina_Anna

Anna Acrylic 24 x 18 $450 Josefina Victory

Wallace, Ann_Little Boy Blue

Little Boy Blue Pastel 14"x11" $700 Ann Wallace

Wallace, Ann_A Sad Farewell

Sad Farewell Pastel 11"x14" $700 Ann Wallace

Watson, Sam_Crushed Prime_edited

A more modern version of Andy Warhol’s Cambell’s soup cans inspired by one of teen’s favorite drinks today. Crushed Prime Watercolor 18x12 $115 Samantha Watson

Weed, Peggy_High Meadow - Laura Fulton

High Meadow Oil 9x12 $425 Peggy Weed

Weed, Peggy_Indigo Bunting - Laura Fulton

Indigo Bunting Oil 8x8 $300 Peggy Weed

Weed, Peggy_White Daffodils - Laura Fulton

White Daffodils in the Blue Jug Oil 12x12 $450 Peggy Weed

Wiese, Allison_Onwards_edited

This lighthearted piece was inspired by a photo taken while driving on Ft. Lauderdale’s A1A “Onwards” pastel 20”x16” $650 Allison Wiese

Wiese. Allison_Robbies Pelican1

Robbie’s Marina is a must-see destination in the Florida Keys overflowing with pelicans and tarpon. “Robbie’s Pelican #1” pastel 20”x16” $625 Allison Wiese

Weise, Allison_Robbies Pelica2

Pelicans are endlessly endearing and fun to depict. This one offered the opportunity to further play with big shapes and blue shadows. “Robbie’s Pelican #2” pastel 20”x16” $625 Allison Wiese

Wine, Linda_Blue Footed Booby

The blue footed booby inhabits the Southern California coast down through Venezuela. Its periwinkle blue feet, googly eyes and long beak make it look like a cartoon character. Blue footed Booby Acrylic 16 x 12 $400 Linda Wine

Zidek, Bryan _Blue Kimono

The focal point is a figure, draped in a serene blue kimono, her back turned towards the viewer, her posture a delicate balance between surrender and collapse. She descends into the chair’s embrace as if gravity itself conspires with the weight of her emotions. The chair becomes the silent witness to a shared narrative between artist and muse, not mirror images precisely, but of past sorrow and pain. Blue Kimono Oil 16x20 $16,500 Bryan Zidek

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