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Matt Pavone Graze.JPG
AiM 4th July-63.jpg

Matt Pavone,

Graze, Flag Series

Acrylic and oil

June-July 2019

AiM 4th July-71.jpg

Matt Pavone, artist and employee of the Department of Agriculture, is supporting the Artists in Middleburg (AiM) through the promotion of his new painting, Graze, and print editions of this painting.

He has “been laying the groundwork to establish an annual art-driven fundraising effort through the USDA gift store” where he sells prints of his work and the profits go to charities. Last year he raised over $1,500 for the American Cancer Society through the sale of the prints.  This year, he wants his efforts to support our efforts to encourage arts in childhood education, therefore AiM was his chosen charity.

He has released 50 limited edition prints (high resolution, numbered and signed) to be sold at the Department of Agriculture and AiM.

The painting was on display at USDA earlier this year.  It is now at AiM and will be exhibited for one month. 

The painting is now for sale and all proceeds will go to AiM to support arts education for children.



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